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Video Calling becomes a most demanding feature in many social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Not only this but also there are some other applications available for providing only this feature to connect people all over the world with each other like Duo. Hence, this gives an idea to us about the importance of video calling.

While Jitsi allows for a high number of participants to go into a conference, sometimes you need an audience that exceeds the practical limits of two-way communication. Enter live streaming. You can think of it as a regular conference with a panel of speakers having a discussion in front of a large audience. Riot isn't an alternative to Jitsi so much as a complement to it. Matrix is for text chat, and Riot uses Jitsi for calls; while you can embed a Jitsi client into Riot rooms, and it auto-shares the URL, AFAIK group calls are not E2EE even if the room is. One-on-one calls through Riot are encrypted, but only if made in a one-on-one direct chat. Jitsi + Jibri + Facebook Live Has anyone managed to get livestreaming to Facebook live working? I've found some pull requests and conversation about adding generic RTMP streaming endpoints but nothing else. Apr 05, 2020 – Whatsapp, Facebook & Co Jitsi – the solution for online meetings – open source and free. We present a technically mature and easy-to-use alternative for video conferences. It is completely free and does not collect user data.


Jitsi surpasses 20 million monthly active users!
Jitsi as a Service solution is released by 8x8.


8x8 acquires the Jitsi Technology and team from Atlassian. Jitsi now powers all 8×8 Video Meetings and continues to grow in the heart of many successful initiatives


Atlassian acquires Blue Jimp, making a long-term investment in keeping Jitsi open source, community-based, and pushing the envelope of great video conferences.


Using a prototype from Philipp Hancke as a basis, the Jitsi community starts the Jitsi Meet project: a Web Conferencing application that rivals Hangouts and Skype


Jitsi’s video routing capabilities are extracted in a separate server application and Jitsi Videobridge is born. Later this year Jitsi Videobridge adds support for ICE and DTLS/SRTP, thus becoming compatible with WebRTC clients. This is a first step to its importance in today’s WebRTC ecosystem.


Jitsi adds video conferencing capabilities based on the concept of routing video streams. The client of the conference organizer acts as a video router.


SIP Communicator is renamed Jitsi (from the Bulgarian “жици”, or “wires”), since it now also supports audio and video over XMPP’s Jingle extensions and it would be silly to still call it SIP Communicator.


Emil Ivov and Yana Stamcheva found the Blue Jimp company, which employs Jitsi’s main contributors. They offer professional support and development services.


SIP Communicator gets its first end-to-end encryption through ZRTP


We get our own Wikipedia entry. Look out, world.


SIP communicator is completely rearchitected, adopting a new OSGi based design to make it easier to write plugins for the project.


Emil Ivov, a student at the University of Strasbourg, France, creates SIP Communicator. He also teaches salsa and West Coast swing.

Jitsi Meet brings remote people together to conduct effective meetings. Let’s learn how to set up this video conferencing software and explore its features


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We recently published a blog post that talks about the impact of video conferencing software on the corporate sector. However, in this article, we will cover the following points.

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A brief introduction of Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a completely free open source, secure and scalable video collaboration software. It provides several popular features such as multiparty video conferencing with full encryption, support for Etherpad, and video/audio recording. This WebRTC compatible software allows you to invite as many users as you want into a video meeting.

The rise of virtual meetings started in recent times and people believe that communication through video/audio calls is more effective and collaborative. Above all, this category of software not only works on laptops/desktops but also enables participants to attend face to face secured video meetings through their mobile phone.

How to set up Jitsi Meet?

In this section, we will get into the installation process of Jitsi Meet. First, make sure you have installed the following pre-requisite.


Once Docker is installed, download the zip file of the source code from this link.

Open the terminal and run the following command

cd docker-jitsi-meet

After that, run the following command to create a .env


cp env.example .env

Now, run the following command to create the required directories.

Acronis true image disk director. mkdir -p ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/{web/letsencrypt,transcripts,prosody/config,prosody/prosody-plugins-custom,jicofo,jvb,jigasi,jibri}

Finally, run this command to spin up the Docker image and access the application at this URL in the browser.

docker-compose up -d

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Jitsi Meet features exploration

This free video chat software offers many rich features. This is the home page that will be shown first.

Type the caption of the meeting and hit “Go” and you will land to the following video stream window.

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You can invite people into the meeting by sharing the link shown in the popup window. Moreover, you can embed the video stream anywhere by getting the code.

It gives you option to share your screen with other participants.

From the top right corner, you can see the details of your video connection.

Jitsi Meet offers integrated chat with emojis.


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In this article, we went through a stunning remote communication software and its installation process. Moreover, it is high time to opt for the best solutions to sync the business needs with evolving technologies. In the end, containerize.com has been working to extend the list of video conferencing software. Therefore, please stay connected with the video conferencing software category for regular updates.

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