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Jitsi is a free open source live video conference web application. It doesn’t require an account and also has mobile apps for Apple and Android. Jitsi is a great way to quickly set up a tele-conference. Below we’ll set up a Jitsi meeting room.

Jitsi E

Jitsi Example


Here, you can download Jitsi Desktop, Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge. Use the stable builds for more consistent behaviour. Latest nightlies are also quite usable and contain all our latest and greatest additions. Want meetings in your app? Check out Jitsi as a Service. Connect the users of your website or app. Get branding & tight access controls. Have notifications, transcriptions & recordings delivered straight to your backend. The first time you run Jitsi, you may get a warning from your firewall. If you click “Cancel” Jitsi can still communicate through public servers such as Google Chat, Facebook, and Yahoo Messenger. However, clicking “Allow access” enables an advanced feature known as registrarless SIP accounts. The all-new Jitsie HT1 helmet is the first helmet in trials to have a seamless integration of the peak into the shell. Its innovative construction design allows for a super modern look of the HT1 helmet. Combined with the wide selection of colors and graphics available in the HT1 range, there will be a match for just about any gear set available on the. Jitsi is a group of free and open-source voice (VoIP), videoconferencing and instant messaging for many platforms, like the web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. The Jitsi project started with Jitsi Desktop (previously known as SIP Communicator). With the growth of WebRTC, the Jitsi team decided to focus on Jitsi Videobridge for doing web-based video calling for multiple people.

Setup a Jitsi Room

  1. Visit meet.jit.si.
  2. Type a unique meeting room name and click Start Meeting.

    You will then see the first screen as the meeting session is started. You will need to invite people to join your meeting.

  3. Navigate all the settings in the meeting:
    • Share screen
    • Raise hand
    • Open text
    • Enable Mic and Camera
    • Invite people
    • Change call quality
    • Record to Dropbox
    • Share YouTube video
    • Open shared Etherpad document
    • Speaker stats (time)

Jitsi Extension

2am utc. Embed a Jitsi room in your website using Jitsi API and documentation with our high-speed VPS Hosting.