Jitsi Asterisk

2011-06-07 13:43:55 UTC
Jitsi jigasi asterisk
I'm having an issue with all my calls going out my SIP provider. I'm using Jitsi as a softphone registering to a local Asterisk PBX.
I register as extension 4053 to asterisk server at (alias IP - real IP addr. is and dial a phone number that is routed via an Internet SIP provider.
The call is correctly established and conversation is OK. IF the Jitsi user hangs up first, the remote end is also disconnected immediately.
However, if the remote party hangs up first, the jitsi user is not immediately disconnected.
That, of course, is undesirable.
I'd like to understand why the call isn't automatically hung up and fix it.
I'm supposing that Jitsi isn't receiving a BYE as expected in a correct SIP transaction.
I don't know why though.
Here's my network setup:
Jitsi asterisk extension 4053 at
Asterisk eth0: but Jitsi registers to the alias/floating IP for failover setup
Asterisk eth1:
Asterisk default gateway:
-> Asterisk accesses Internet via eth1 ( is a DSL modem/router)
I did a tcpdump on the asterisk server while calling from Jitsi as so:
tcpdump -s0 -X -n -w jitsi_via_asterisk.cap -i eth0 host
It's here:
I also dumped the Jitsi log files here:
Any ideas/suggestions?

Jitsi Asterisk Sip

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Jitsi Asterisk Setup

  • Setup and configuration of Jigasi - Jitsi‚Äôs SIP Gateway element for connecting to SIP telephony.
  • Some SIP servers (Asterisk in particular) do not announce the MESSAGE support, despite supporting it. If you enable the account property FORCEMESSAGING, Jitsi will attempt to use MESSAGE for chats, despite your configured SIP server not explicitly announcing this support to connected clients.