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Creating the Google API client for Google Calendar and YouTube integration

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  1. Log into a Google admin account.
  2. Go to Google cloud platform dashboard. https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/dashboard
  3. In the Select a Project dropdown, click New Project.
  4. Give the project a name.
  5. Proceed to the Credentials settings of the new project.
  6. In the Credentials tab of the Credentials settings, click Create Credentials and select the type OAuth client ID.
  7. Proceed with creating a Web application and add the domains (origins) on which the application will be hosted. Local development environments (http://localhost:8000 for example) can be added here.
  8. While still in the Google cloud platform dashboard, click the Library settings for the calendar project.
  9. Search for the Google Calendar API (used for calendar accessing), click its result, and enable it.
  10. Do the same for YouTube Data API v3

Creating the Microsoft app for Microsoft Outlook integration

  1. Go to https://apps.dev.microsoft.com/
  2. Proceed through the 'Add an app' flow. Once created, a page with several Graph Permissions fields should display.
  3. Under 'Platforms' add 'Web'
  4. Add a redirect URL for the Microsoft auth flow to visit once a user has confirmed authentication. Target domain if available is just 'yourdomain.com' (the deployment address) and the redirect URL is https://yourdomain.com/static/msredirect.html.
  5. Add Microsoft Graph delegated permissions, if this option is available: Calendars.Read, Calendars.ReadWrite, Calendars.Read.Shared, Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared.
  6. Check Allow Implicit Flow (and Restrict token issuing to this app if available).
  7. Save the changes.

Creating the Dropbox app for Dropbox recording integration

  1. You need a Dropbox account (If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a free account here.)
  2. Create new App as described in Getting Started Guide in App Console section.
  3. Choose
    1. 'Dropbox API - For apps that need to access files in Dropbox.'
    2. 'App folder– Access to a single folder created specifically for your app.'
    3. Fill in the name of your app
  4. You need only, the newly created App key, goes in /etc/jitsi/meet/yourdeployment.com-config.js in
  5. Add your Dropbox Redirect URIs in the Dropbox form https://yourdeployment.com/static/oauth.html
  6. Fill in Branding
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Currently, the best way to communicate and reach out to other people is through platforms that allow us to make video calls or conferences. Jitsi Meet is one of this apps and it is the favorite of many because it is free, easy to use, and it doesn’t have any limitations. In this app you can call all the people you want for all the time you want, hold large conferences with all the people you need and they don’t even need to have the app installed. It is such a powerful tool nowadays, so on this post we tell you how to download Jitsi Meet and how to start using it.

How to download Jitsi Meet?

Jitsi App Windows

Getting this app on your device is easy. You can download Jits in your smartphone through a simple process and it is a fast step by step process that you can do right now. You can do it through this post or do it directly through the app store of your device.

The first option is to tap on the download button that we leave you in this post. Then, tap on your device OS system, Android or iOS. The page will take you to the app store for you and you will be able to download Jitsi Meet from there. Just tap on the Install button, accept the terms and conditions of this app and wait until the process is completed and you get the app installed.

The second option is to open your app store and find the app by its name. The rest of the process is the basically the same. Tap on the Install button, accept the conditions and wait a couple of minutes. Once the app is installed, you are able to start using it once you create your account in it.

How to use Jitsi Meet to make calls?

Jitsi Apps

Jitsi Apps Apk

As we mentioned, through this app you can call anybody. Friends, family, coworkers, clients, everybody. They don’t need the app. You just create the conference room and you send them a link. They tap on it and it will redirect them to the room chat you created. They can talk to you in a videocall easily in this platform, and your conversation will be encrypted and private by default.


The best feature is that this app doesn’t have any limits. So, you can create a conference with all the people you need. The only limit will be your own bandwidth and speed. Also, it doesn’t have time limit, so you can talk with your people as long as you want to. This make the conversation easier, efficient and fast. This is way people love this app and they are using it to communicate with everybody. You can also do this just by downloading it.

Jitsi Apps Login

Another great feature is that you don’t even need to create an account. You just create your room, set up a password and you can start using the app immediately. Other people don’t need an account either.