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Find a Jiffy Lube ® Location. Jiffy Lube ® has 43 service centers in the Philadelphia area. In fact, many locations offer a variety of services that range from oil changes and tire rotations, to brake services, transmission services, and everything in between. From oil changes to brakes, the Jiffy Lube® SoCal highly trained technicians help keep you out of the repair shop and on the road. Skip to main content. Find a Jiffy Lube ® Location. Save with Jiffy Lube ® Coupons. Find savings that suit your vehicle's needs. We are proud to offer our customers more than one way to save.

Oil changes and more while you stay in your car

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Southern California

Southern California

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Vehicle Services

Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change

This isn’t just an oil change, it’s preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle running right.


Brake Services

Slow your roll with properly stopping brakes. Inspections and repairs are done while you wait.

Tire Services

Jiffy Lube offers a full range of tire services from tire rotation to installation and inspections.

Engine Services

Check engine light on? Jiffy Lube will perform a diagnostic code retrieval and discuss repairs.

Cooling System

Jiffy Lube Socal Coupons Discounts

Keep your engine from overheating with an inspection and a coolant/antifreeze flush and fill.

Battery Services

Keep your lights shining and engine starting with Battery Maintenance and Replacement.

Jiffy Lube Socal Coupons

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