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Jiffy Lube Application Online – Print Job Employment Form

Do you enjoy working on your vehicle in the garage, all covered in grease, while holding a spanner in one hand? Do you like the challenge of trying to figure out why the car won’t start, or why the engine sputters? If you do, then perhaps you may be interested in starting a career with Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube® Employment Application. This application takes 5-10 minutes to complete. If information is not applicable, please leave blank. Please select the Jiffy Lube location where you are applying for work. McMinnville - 1854 NE Highway 99W. Portland - 14305 SE Division St. Newberg - 3440 Portland Rd. Portland - 2525 SE 82nd Ave (82nd & Division). Jiffy Lube University has earned the distinction as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Accredited Training Provider. If you’re interested in pursuing a unique and rewarding experience with a Jiffy Lube® service center, we encourage you to contact a Jiffy Lube®.

Being one of the biggest names in the automotive services industry today, the company serves millions of customers each year. If you have the skills, your career in the automotive services business could just be a Jiffy Lube application away.

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Applying for a Job Online

The company believes in developing people by providing them with opportunities to learn valuable customer service and technical skills. If you are ready for a job that challenges you to exceed expectations every time customers trust you with their vehicles, visit the nearest service center, fill out a Jiffy Lube employment form, and apply in person.

At the moment, there is no direct way to apply for a job in the company online. You can, however, visit the official website and use the handy store locator tool to find out where the nearest Jiffy Lube service center is.

You can go to the site by clicking this link.

Business Hours

Most service centers are open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays, and between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Saturdays. They are usually closed on Sundays. To find out the exact hours of operation for your local Jiffy Lube service center, use the “Find A Location” tool at the top of every page.

Minimum Age Requirement

Jiffy Lube enforces a minimum age requirement for all available positions. You need to be at least 16 years old by the time you get hired in order to obtain legal employment, although in some states the legal working age is 18. Additionally, you will not be allowed to drive vehicles in and out of the service center unless you are at least 18 years old.

About the Company

In 1971, Ed Washburn pioneered the concept of a speedy oil change when he opened a number of service centers in Utah. He named the business “Jiffy Lube” as a nod to the concept of changing a vehicle’s oil in a short amount of time, or in a jiffy.

Eight years later, Western Maryland College football coach James Hindman bought out Washburn’s seven franchises and founded Jiffy Lube International. Throughout most of its history, the company acknowledges the year Hindman bought the business from Washburn as its founding date.

By 1989, the company had already become a struggling publicly traded business that had more than 1000 franchises. In order to pull its head above water and keep the business going, Jiffy Lube struck a deal with American oil company Pennzoil and became one of its subsidiaries in 1991.

After Pennzoil merged with Quaker State in 1998, 581 Q Lube service centers became Jiffy Lube shops, bringing the total number of service centers to 1,541. In 2002, the business was acquired by Shell Oil.

In 2011, the company introduced a new program called Oil Change Schedule, or OCS. The program allowed customers to choose how often they would have their oil changed based on a number of variables, such as vehicle manufacturer recommendations, driving habits, and road conditions.

Today, the company has more than 2200 franchised service centers throughout North America and Canada. All Jiffy Lube service centers are franchised, independently owned and operated by more than 252 franchise groups. The company’s headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

Services Offered

Aside from the company’s signature oil change service, Jiffy Lube also offers other automotive services such as brake service and repair, cooling system service, engine services, tire rotation, air conditioning services, drivetrain services, fuel system services, transmission services, air filtration services, electrical system services, state inspections and emissions testing, and windshield wiper replacement.

Employment at the Company

Many past and present employees attest that working at Jiffy Lube is a fun and challenging experience. The company recognizes the potential in people, and is quick to reward them for the hard work that they do.

A job at one of the biggest and most widely recognized automotive services companies also has its perks. Aside from a fairly decent salary, flexible work arrangements, and exceptional benefits, employees of the company are also given plenty of opportunities for growth. Hand in your Jiffy Lube application and start a successful auto service career with the company.

Current Job Openings

As Jiffy Lube continues to expand its business and experience commercial growth, more promising careers with Jiffy Lube are becoming available to qualified individuals who are looking to hone their skills and learn more about the industry.

The company is currently in need of applicants who can fill a variety of full time and part time positions. If you want to start a career with the company, you could apply for positions such as Lube Technician and as Customer Service Advisor.

Jiffy Lube Technicians are in charge of performing the company’s signature oil change service. It is their job to make sure that the company lives up to its name by providing outstanding service to their customers. Other responsibilities include maintaining inventory and keeping the shop clean.

Previous experience is not required for this position. As long as you are physically fit and capable of standing and walking for up to four hours a day, you can be considered for the job. Should you get hired as a Lube Technician, you stand to earn around $9 to $15 an hour.

If you get hired as a Customer Service Advisor, your list of responsibilities will include greeting and assisting customers, mastering the computer system, and answering customer inquiries in person or over the phone. You will also be given the proper training to ensure that you have a strong working knowledge of all Jiffy Lube services and products.

Customer Service Advisors are also required to complete a computer-based training module in accordance with the company’s hiring and recruitment policies. Should you qualify and get hired for the position, you can make around $10 to $15 an hour.

More experienced individuals can also apply for positions on the company’s management team. Jiffy Lube is currently in need of Service Managers who can help drive sales figures by providing customers with the best experience possible. Prior management experience is required, and you need to have a valid driver’s license in order to be considered for the position.

As second in command to the Store Manager, Service Managers must set an example as a leader and build team engagement by focusing on the development of team members. If you get hired for the job, you can make around $19,000 to $21,000 in annual salaries.

Jitsi private meeting. If you want to search for the nearest Jiffy Lube location where you can personally hand in your application, use the store locator on the company’s official website.

Direct Competitors

If you feel passionate about automobile repair, and have an extensive knowledge about cars and their many different parts, then a job at Advance Auto Parts might be the perfect job for you. The company is known for its vast selection of aftermarket products and accessories.

On the other hand, you might also want to consider practical reasons before you make the decision on whether to apply for a job with a company or not. For instance, AutoZone has more than 5000 locations, which means a rewarding career could just be a short commute away from becoming a reality.

Job Application Tips

After the company goes over resume and deems you qualified for the position that you want, you will be sent to your interview. Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may need to go through more than one interview.

Make sure you come to your interviews on time dressed in proper attire in order to make a positive first impression. This will go a long way towards increasing your chances of getting hired for the job.

Many of the questions that you might get asked during the interview will be about you and your previous work experiences. Some could also be questions that were designed to see how you would react to certain situations. Examples of commonly asked interview questions are:

  • “How did you learn about the job opening?”
  • “Why do you want to work at Jiffy Lube?”
  • “Where do you see yourself five to ten years from now?”
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses as a professional?”

It is important that you answer all questions as truthfully and as confidently as you can. Should you make it past the interviews, you will be on your way to starting a long and rewarding career with the company.

Employee Benefits

The company knows how important it is to reward its people for the hard work that they do. On top of a fairly competitive salary, career development opportunities, and flexible work schedules, Jiffy Lube employees are given great benefits such as discounts on Jiffy Lube services, medical and dental plans, 401(k) savings plan, and disability insurance.

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