Java Windowbuilder Eclipse

Step 1: Create a new Java Application

Java-eclipse-windowbuilder控件简述(1) 虽然貌似是更倾向于软件开发那边的东西。但最近有所接触,做一下笔记对自己还是很有帮助的。. To force Eclipse to open the class with WindowBuilder, do the following: Make sure that the class has no compile errors and is saved, then close the editor tab for that class. Right-click the class in the Package. 1.Install the latest WindowBuilder Pro build into Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 or 3.6. 2.Create a new project using the appropriate project wizard. 3.Use a class wizard to create your first GUI.

In Eclipse select File > New > Java Project:

Jre Version History

Step 2: Create a new Frame

In Eclipse, right click the ‘src’ folder and select New > Other.

In the wizard dialog that appears select WindowBuilder > Swing Designer > JFrame:

Click Next. Give your JFrame a name:

Click Finish.

Note how the following code for gets generated:

Java Gui Eclipse Windowbuilder

Step 3: Build and fix compiler warnings

Note also when building the project we get the one warning:


“The serializable class gui does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long /WindowsApp/src line 9 Java Problem”

Click your mouse pointer over by the warning symbol and allow Eclipse to correct it:

On building and running the project we have our bare minimum Windows application as shown:

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