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J2M5 Raiden: War Thunder: Fighter J2M5 Raiden - Info. Sign-in to your account. Home; For friends; Tools; Forum. World of Tanks; World of. Design and development. The J2M was designed by Jiro Horikoshi, creator of the A6M Zero, to meet the 14-Shi (14th year of the Showa reign, or 1939) official specification.It was to be a strictly local-defense interceptor, intended to counter the threat of high-altitude bomber raids, and thus relied on speed, climb performance, and armament at the expense of manoeuvrability. Steam Community: War Thunder. J2M5 in AB, after countless matches dealing very few damages the 'leveling' algorithm decided it was finally time to make the cannons work at them full potential. Had only the first canon upgrade.

J2m5 War Thunder25 June 2015

SB2C-1c Helldiver

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Kirill Vostretsov, game designer

The SB2C-1C model is the first mass-produced version of the Helldiver for the United States Navy. It contains all the upgrades and improvements made to all the previous models and is equipped with cannon armaments. 778 were built. They were also built under license in Canada. The American SB2C-1Cs saw active service in all the main operations of the Pacific Ocean theater of war, starting from the spring of 1944. This included key operations, such as the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Kuzma Lykov, artist:

To some players, it might seem that this airplane is missing some parts in its tail. We've even had a bug report about this. However in fact, some pieces of the rear are in a retracted position to allow the gun mounts to function properly. Eve online abyssal.

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The J2M5 demonstrates a pinnacle in the evolution of Japanese Navy high altitude interceptors. The fifth version of the 'Raiden' had a powerful, high-altitude engine which resulted in improved characteristics, such as its speed and climb rate. As well as this, the aircraft had a powerful armament consisting of 4 x 20mm guns. The premium version of this aircraft consists of 2 x 30mm type 5 cannons, proving even more dangerous than their 20mm counterparts.

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