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Iso 8601 To Utc


ISO8601 Date
ISO8601 Date (Extend)
ISO8601 Date (Week)
ISO8601 Date (Ordinal)

About ISO 8601 date and time

ISO 8601 is a date and time notation format defined by ISO as an international standard.

Aug 27, 2017 Using C#, How can I convert any date/time to an ISO 8601 UTC format? Saturday, August 5, 2017 2:27 PM.

Time zones in ISO 8601 are represented as local time (with the location unspecified), as UTC, or as an offset from UTC. If no UTC relation information is given with a time representation, the time is assumed to be in local time. Current time: 16:58:05 UTC. UTC is replaced with Z that is the zero UTC offset.

The date and time are connected by 'T' and written. The time zone is expressed as '+09:00' as the difference time from UTC, and in the case of UTC, it is expressed as 'Z'.

Separate seconds and milliseconds with a comma (,) or dot (.). DenCode omits milliseconds when milliseconds are 000.

Iso 8601 To Utc

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ISO 8601 comes in several formats.

For example, converting January 23, 2000 1:23:45.678 (JST; +09:00) to ISO 8601 results in the following:

FormatConversion result
Basic format20000123T012345.678+0900
Extended format2000-01-23T01:23:45.678+09:00
Week dates (year - week - day of the week)2000-W03-7T01:23:45.678+09:00
Ordinal dates (year - day of the year)2000-023T01:23:45.678+09:00


Iso 8601 To Utc Javascript

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The SQL function TO_UTC_TIMESTAMP_TZ takes an ISO 8601 date format string as the varchar input and returns an instance of SQL data type TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE. It normalizes the input to UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time, formerly Greenwich Mean Time). Unlike SQL function TO_TIMESTAMP_TZ , the new function assumes that the input string uses the ISO 8601 date format, defaulting the time zone to UTC 0.

A typical use of this function would be to provide its output to SQL function SYS_EXTRACT_UTC, obtaining a UTC time that is then passed as a SQL bind variable to SQL/JSON condition JSON_EXISTS, to perform a time-stamp range comparison.

This is the allowed syntax for dates and times:

  • Date (only): YYYY-MM-DD

  • Date with time: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.s[s[s[s[s[s]]]]][Z (+-)hh:mm]

What's The Difference Between Datetime In ISO 8601 And UTC ..


  • YYYY specifies the year, as four decimal digits.

  • MM specifies the month, as two decimal digits, 00 to 12.

  • DD specifies the day, as two decimal digits, 00 to 31.

  • hh specifies the hour, as two decimal digits, 00 to 23.

  • mm specifies the minutes, as two decimal digits, 00 to 59.

  • ss[.s[s[s[s[s]]]]] specifies the seconds, as two decimal digits, 00 to 59, optionally followed by a decimal point and 1 to 6 decimal digits (representing the fractional part of a second).

  • Z specifies UTC time (time zone 0). (It can also be specified by +00:00, but not by –00:00.)

  • (+-)hh:mm specifies the time-zone as difference from UTC. (One of + or is required.)

For a time value, the time-zone part is optional. If it is absent then UTC time is assumed.

Iso 8601 To Utca

No other ISO 8601 date-time syntax is supported. Utc 16. In particular:

  • Negative dates (dates prior to year 1 BCE), which begin with a hyphen (e.g. 2018–10–26T21:32:52), are not supported.

  • Hyphen and colon separators are required: so-called “basic” format, YYYYMMDDThhmmss, is not supported.

  • Ordinal dates (year plus day of year, calendar week plus day number) are not supported.

  • Using more than four digits for the year is not supported.

Iso 8601 To Utc Python

Supported dates and times include the following:

Datetime - ISO Time (ISO 8601) In Python - Stack Overflow

  • 2018–10–26T21:32:52

  • 2018-10-26T21:32:52+02:00

  • 2018-10-26T19:32:52Z

  • 2018-10-26T19:32:52+00:00

  • 2018-10-26T21:32:52.12679

Unsupported dates and times include the following:

  • 2018-10-26T21:32 (if a time is specified then all of its parts must be present)

  • 2018-10-26T25:32:52+02:00 (the hours part, 25, is out of range)

  • 18-10-26T21:32 (the year is not specified fully)