Ishqiya Serial

GenreFamily Drama
Romantic drama
Created byARY
Written byMohsin Ali Shah
Directed byBadar Mehmood
Theme music composerAsim Azhar
Opening theme'Ishqiya' by Asim Azhar
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes28
ProducersFahad Mustafa
Dr. Ali Kazmi
Camera setupMulti-camera setup
Running time38–85 minutes
Production companyBig Bang Entertainment
DistributorARY Television Network
Original networkARY Digital
Audio formatStereo
Original release3 February –
10 August 2020
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Ishqiya (Urdu: عشقيہ‎; transl. Passionate) is a 2020 Pakistani television series premiered on ARY Digital on 3 February 2020.[1][2] It is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment.[3] It is a story of love, trust and betrayal which revolves around two sisters, Roomi and Hamna, played by Hania Amir and Ramsha Khan, respectively. They have different personalities and pay a heavy price due to misunderstandings created in their life.[4]

Amazon drive iphone photos. It will also air in Arab World on MBC Bollywood in Ramadan 2021.[5] Serial won 8 awards out of 17 nominations at ARY People Choice Award 2020.

Drama serial Ishqiya was on the receiving end of quite polarizing reactions during its entire run. On one hand, the rather flimsy premise of the drama and the characters’ frustrating reaction to the situations had the audience criticizing the drama for being unrealistic and absurd. Ishqiya pulled off a double episode this week in light of finally bringing the drama to an end! And that is where the absurdity of Ishiqya’s ending lies. However, a few scenes surely stood out! But Rumi wants a divorce from Hamza. Drama serial Ishqiya was on the receiving end of.

Ishqiya is still trending on YouTube and twitter. People believes that both Hamza and Hamna were equally responsible and they both must be held accountable. A sad ending is a thing not appreciated a lot by our audience but we have seen that our writers are now more inclineded towards changing the trend from Meray Pass Tum Ho to Yeh Dil Mera.



Hamna (Ramsha Khan) and Rumaisa (Hania Aamir) are sisters raised by overprotective parents. Hamna is quiet, peaceful and reserved while Rumi is carefree, outgoing and talkative, but both love their father dearly. Hamna and her college classmate, Hamza (Feroze Khan) are dating since 4 years and are madly in love with each other. Hamza is shown to be quite possesive about her as well. Hamna is hesitant to tell her father that she is in love as he doesn't believe in love marriages. Due to her father's sickness and fear of him losing his respect, Hamna agrees to marry her father's friend's son Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) leaving Hamza heartbroken. He out of anger and heartbreak meets a car accident and is severely injured.

Romaisa (Hania Amir) plays a leading role with Hamna as her sister, an open actor with a free mind in this drama serial as a lump of this triangle love story in Ishqiya. Hamza blindly fell in love with Hamna but on another side, Hamna feels fearful about her love story, even she afraid to tell her sister Romaisa about her affair. Download ARY Digital App:ARY ZAP APP:is the story of two people madly in love with each other.

After gaining consciousness, Hamza vows to take revenge from Hamna for her disloyalty. Hence, he reaches Hamna's house with his parents to ask for Rumi's hand for marriage. Hamna is shocked by this and is strictly against this marriage. She tries to stop everyone but fails as Hamza blackmails her and threatens her that if she will expose his intentions, he will leak all Hamna's messages and videos in which she is expressing her love for him. As soon as they get married, Hamza calls Hamna every night. Sometimes making her feel guilty of what she did, or scaring her by saying that he will mistreat Rumi. Due to continuous calls and Hamna's strange and lost behaviour, Azeem began to feel suspicious but does not question Hamna about it. Due to Rumi's carefree and lively nature, Hamza unknowingly start to fall for her but does not realize it and still feels that he is faking it. Also, with Rumi being possessive of him, he begins to realize personality differences in his and Hamna's nature (as he used to be possessive of Hamna) and taunts Hamna about the same.

On Rumi insistence, Hamnza joins his father's business. As a part of revenge, Hamza gifts Azeem and Hamna honeymoon tickets and both the couples go on their honeymoon together. There Hamza continues to blackmail Hamna and beats a man for staring at her. Siddique Sahab (Hamna and Rumi's father) falls ill and is admitted to hospital but no one is aware of it except their mother. Alisha, daughter of Saman(Hamza mother) business partner still feels for Hamza, somedays back she begins to notice Hamza staring at Hamna and digs up in his past and reaches their university to collect proofs. As Rumi is more attached to her father, she immediately realizes something is wrong and asks Hamza to return. As they reach home and came to know about her father's illness, she becomes angry at her mother for not letting know her about her father.

Siddiqui Sahab passes away and Rumi is shattered and feels betrayed for not being able to help him. Azeem continues to behave cold with Hamna but does not reveal to anyone about her past and truth. When Hamza comforts Rumi after her father's death, she confirms him whether he loves her to which he nods, Rumi asks him not to give her any false hope and remember that she also loves him because if she breaks down now then she would not be able to cope up again. Rumi being unaware of his motive behind marrying her, advises Hamza not to become selfish in love and value others love as well, Hamza hugs her and his senses become overshadowed by her. He confesses same to his confidant, Shariq, that Rumi's tears make him uneasy and her happiness and care matters to him. Shariq tells him that he has fallen in love with her to which Hamza denies that he has no place for love in his heart. Shariq tells him that Allah's power is greater than his power of revenge and Allah has supported Rumi's love. He advises him to give up on his revenge and he is defeated (as he is in love with Rumaisa).

Azeem warns Hamza of coming near to Hamna and consequences of his doings. Hamza asks Hamna to stay out of his and Rumi's matter after being threatened by Azeem about revealing his true colors in front of Rumi and to free her from his clutches. Hamza asks Hamna to end this game and that he has deleted all her messages. Hamna tells him that he has already lost war, Hamza reveals that he is in love with Rumi. Hamna does not believe him and asks him to tell truth to Rumi if he really loves her, to which he agrees. Azeem seeing them together again warns Hamza to stay away from his wife, which Hamza accepts but puts one condition that Azeem also stay away from his wife (Rumi). Rumi gets pregnant and shares the news with Hamza. Hamza requests Azeem to not reveal truth to Rumi because of her pregnancy. Azeem orders Hamna to do same. The ladies have a get-together and Alishba tells her about Hamza and Hamna past and Hamza's accident because of Hamna. Rumi slaps her but still has doubt in her mind.

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Next day, she reaches Hamna's house and asks her from when she knows Hamza and Hamna tells her the truth. Rumi goes back to her in-laws house and starts packing. Hamza who has plan of spending time with Rumi asks her where is she going. Rumi confronts him that she was only her revenge and that there relation was only lie. Hamza tries to explain but Rumi slaps him and asks him not to touch her. She goes back to her mother's house and is again devastated being betrayed. Hamna tells her that Hamza was blackmailing her. Rumi tells whole truth to her in-laws and her mother also came to know about it.Hamza's family is ashamed and angry at his actions.Hamza tries to tell Rumi that he loves her but she tells him that he only loves himself.Rumi asks him to blackmail her and show her love messages to everyone not caring that she is his wife. Because he didn't care that Hamna is someone's sister, daughter and a wife. Due to weakness she suffers miscarriage.Azeem and Rumi forgives Hamna and Rumi files for Khula.At the end Hamna gets pregnant, Rumi is shown living happy independent life with her mother and Hamza is alone in depression regretting over his past with Hamna and Rumi.


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Feroze KhanHamza KhalidRumaisa's ex-husband. Marries Rumi to get revenge from Hamna but later falls in love with her
Hania AmirRumaisa Siddique(Rumi)/Rumaisa HamzaHamza's ex-wife, Hamna's sister. Lively, cheerful, and protective of her relations
Ramsha KhanHamna AzeemAzeem's wife and Rumi's sister.Has reserved nature.
Gohar RasheedAzeem KashifHamna's husband. Simple and devoted husband. Supports Hamna after her past, too.
Khalid AnamKhalidFun-loving businessman who likes jamming and is very frank with his family.
Seemi PashaSaman KhalidFashion designer. Willing to do anything for her children
Shabbir JanAwais SiddiqueOverprotective father, against love marriages despite loving his daughters.
Kinza MalikMrs. SiddiqueSimple house wife who loves her family
Maha HassanZoya KhalidHamza's sister. Funny and lively, despises Alishba
MehrunnisaAlishba KhawarSaman's business
Rizwan BaigShariqHamza's Friend


Soundtrack album by
Released7 February 2020
GenreTelevision soundtrack
LabelARY Digital
Music video
'OST: Ishqiya' on YouTube

The original soundtrack is sung and composed by Asim Azhar. Lyrics were written by Azhar himself along with Hassan Ali and Raamis. It received more than 11 million views on YouTube. The female version which is played within episodes and sometimes at the end is sung by Kaiynat John.[6]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Date of CeremonyAwardCategoryRecipient(s) and nominee(s)Result
March 2021ARY People's Choice AwardsFavorite Drama Serial- Regular FormatIshqiyaWon
Favorite OstWon
Favorite DirectorBadar MehmoodWon
Favorite WriterMohsin AliNominated
Favorite ActorFeroze KhanWon
Favorite ActressHania AamirNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of BahuNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of BhabhiNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of BehenWon
Maha HassanNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of HusbandGohar RasheedNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of DamadWon
Favorite Actor in a role of WifeRamsha KhanNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of SaasSeemi PashaWon
Favorite Actor in a role of SasurKhalid AnumWon
Favorite Actor in a role of BaapShabbir JanNominated
Favorite Actor in a role of Behtreen DostRizwan BaigNominated
Favorite JodiFeroze Khan and Hania AamirNominated

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