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ISBoxer is the best multiboxing software there is, and our web site is your portal to its awesomeness with forums, chat, guides and videos. Built upon the power of Inner Space, ISBoxer is the only multiboxing software that can fundamentally change the way you play, with the ability to mash up fully interactive views from different windows! ISBoxer delivers killer features that leave competition in the dust, like instant window swapping, and perfect mouse broadcasting that includes a cursor in every window!

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I highly recommend using ISBoxer EVE Launcher so you can force the game into DX10 mode, that saves on overhead for gpu quite a bit. On most modern gpus running DX11 EVE caps you at 23-25 clients. Beyond that the two big bottlenecks are CPU (duh) and RAM. 16GB of RAM should be able to float you roughly 20 clients assuming 2GB of system overhead. EVE Online is not for botusers and cheaters. Jump to 3:40 for Live Bannhammer!' Red Threat TV': famous for multiboxing his mining fleet with 26 accounts, usin.


Are you still alt-tabbing between windows just to heal yourself with another character? ISBoxer can send a keystroke to the other window for you! Let's get you out of the dark ages.

Isboxer Eve Online Ban

Eve level 4 mission ship. Find out more at, and sign up for your FREE 7-day trial now! ISBoxer's Quick Setup Wizard will have you multiboxing like a pro in seconds.

Isboxer Eve Online

While ISBoxer works for most of today's MMOs and other DirectX games including Diablo 3, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic and many more, ISBoxer provides special features just for World of Warcraft. By automatically creating a WoW Addon just for your team, ISBoxer sets up everything you need for your toons to follow or assist you in combat, even if you switch windows. And all you need are your existing Action Bar hotkeys. It's really that easy.