Install Magento 2 Xampp

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When you finished 10 steps to install Magento 2 localhost with XAMPP, though having a successful notification, you still have a chance to face some errors, especially the layout crashing. According to our experiment, 70% Windows PCs can take the risk of encountering this error but mainly focus on Windows 10. The previous Windows versions such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 has a slightly chance to have layout crashing but it still worth to consider the solution.

Watch this video or read the tutorial below to fix this common error when installing Magento 2 on localhost.

Magento is a popular eCommerce cms for developing standard e-commerce site. Magento 2.3.3 is released in October 2019. To start working with this CMS you have to install it in your web server properly. This tutorial will help you to install Magento 2.3.3 in XAMPP server. Magento Installation steps: 1. Download the Magento zip file from the. We assume that you have already installed Xampp on your local system. We assume that you have already installed Xampp on your local system. Step 1: At first you need to download Magento 2. So go to download page of Magento and download the latest version i.e. You can select “Full Release with Sample Data”. Create a “magento” (or whatever name you prefer) database in MySQL from phpMyAdmin, installed already on XAMPP: localhost/phpmyadmin Run the Magento 2 setup from localhost/magento (replace the “magento” part of the URL with whatever name you have chosen to host Magento). 6 Steps to Install Magento 2 on XAMPP Windows Using Composer Step 1: Install Xampp and Composer Step 2: Install elasticsearch on windows Step 3: Config php.ini Step 4: Create database for Magento 2 website Step 5: Install Magento 2 Step 6: Install sample data for Magento 2.4.


It seems to look normal but it’s not

Magento logo is missing in backend interface

The menu slide bar is not responding

The problem is due to unsuccessful symlink process when Magento 2 cannot use symlink to connect its modules and make them work. You can find more documents about the error by google these keywords “symbolic symlink in magento 2” or “Magento 2 cannot create symlink”.

These are 5 simple steps from Magestore to fix it. Hope this will help you!

Magento 2.3 installInstall

Step 1 Download and install Notepad++ (Click here to download)

Step 2 Go to your Xampp folder > htdocs > mageto2 > app > etc and find “di.xml” file

access C:xampphtdocsmagento2appetc and find di.xml


Step 3 Click right mouse button at “di.xml” file and choose “edit with notepad++

Step 4 On Notepad++ window, scroll to the line “584” :

<item name='view_preprocessed'xsi:type='object'>MagentoFrameworkAppViewAssetMaterializationStrategySymlink</item>

Ist in utc. On the line 584, modify the word “Symlink” into “Copy” and save the file

Install Magento 2 Using Xampp

Step 5 Restart Apache and MySQL on XAMPP then access your localhost of Magento 2 website again and problem will be solved.