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With the popularity of the Internet, people are more inclined to store their data on cloudstorageplatforms because it provides them with the freedom to capture more photos and videos. Inaddition, itprovides people with the freedom to access stored data from any location at any time.Google Photos is one such platform that provides users with an ability to store photos andvideos in highand original quality. Now, how to transfer all the Google Photos to another account is adifficultprocess.

To import photos or videos from or the Facebook mobile app: Log in to or open the Facebook mobile app. Click the downward arrow in the top-right corner (web) or the three. Visit the Prime Photos splash page and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Run the app to install it and then log into your Amazon account. After signing in, you’ll be prompted to confirm which folder you wish to use as the syncing folder. Google Photos essentially does for photos what Gmail did for email. Moreover, because Photos is a cloud-based platform, you can access all of your photos on every device, everywhere you go. The editing tools on Google Photos are, indeed, pretty weak compared to pro editing tools. If you need to import a picture or two from Google Photos into a desktop image editor, it's easy to download.

Can I Transfer Google Photos to Another Account?

The answer is 'yes', you can easily move Google Photos to another account. As we all know, GooglePhotos provides users with an option to store unlimited high quality photos. In addition, itprovidesusers with many features to use, organize, manage and share photos. You can freely access GooglePhotosfrom all compatible devices.

Import google photos to pc

The biggest advantage of Google Photos is that you don't need to be tech-savvy to access it. Inaddition,you can operate your Google Photos account for as long as you want. Well, when it comes tomoving Google Photosto another account, there are many ways to achieve that. In this post, we will focus on 3 of themost practicalmethods that have been implemented and are trustworthy.

How to Transfer Google Photos to Another Account?

Solution 1: Download and Upload

Step 1. Go to GooglePhotosofficial website and log in your first account.
Step 2. Select pictures you want to transfer.
Step 3. Scroll the mouse to the end.
Step 5. Press 'Shift' and select your last pictures.
Step 6. Click 'Download' button.
Step 7. Log in your second account through Google Photos official website.
Step 8. Click 'Upload' button to upload these photos downloaded from your first account to yoursecondaccount.

This is the most common way that you could come up with to transfer Google Photos from oneaccount toanother. But it's somehow troublesome and needs much of your operation.

Solution 2: Use Shared Albums

Step 1. Log in your first Google Photos account through its official website.
Step 2. Create a new Albums and add 2000 photos into it.
Step 3. Put the pointer on this Albums, click the three dots symbol(More options) and click'Sharealbum' and type your second account to receive the invitation.
Step 4. Log in your Gmail account and click the link you have received to view these photos.
Step 5. Select all photos and click 'Add to album' icon to add them to your second account.


  • Make sure that your first account does not set to delete info when doing thisoperation.
  • Make sure that the upload quality for your second account is set to 'Original'.
  • Any edits you have done for your first account are baked into pixels when addingpictures to yoursecond account.
  • When a date/time is changed, the changed date/time is also transferred.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to download, then re-upload everything to yoursecondaccount compared to the solution 1. But again, this way takes time if you have many pictures inyour oldaccount.

Is there a faster and more convenient way that can help transfer photosfrom oneGoogle account to another directly without encountering above situations? Read the solution3 toget the answer.

Solution 3: Transfer Google Photos to Another Account with MultCloud

There is a much easier way to solve your problem, which enables you to directly transfer allGooglePhotos to another account. Yet, it needs you to rely on a third party program, a FREEprofessional and reliable cloudmanager tool, MultCloud.

MultCloud, as a free online cloud transfer service, which can not only help manage multiple cloudaccounts within one login; but also can help transfer files, documents, programs, videos, etc.from onecloud to another directly without using the traditional ways. You can follow below steps to moveGooglePhotos to another account.

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account or you can log in directly with your Google+ or Facebookaccount.

Step 2. On the main interface of this tool, move to “Add Clouds” tab and scroll down to select“GooglePhotos” in the list. Then, follow the easy guidance to finish adding task.

Note: To distinguish between these two accounts, you can name the first Google Photosaccountas Google Photos 1 and another one as Google Photos 2.

Step 3. Add another Google Photos account following the same way above.
Step 4. Go to 'Cloud Transfer' tab, select the Google Photos directory where your personalpictureslocate as the source and your own Photos account as the destination. Click 'Transfer Now' tostartmoving images from one Google Photos account to another.

If you want to sync Google Photos to another account, you can follow the operations from thisvideo


  • The 'Photos' directory can only store images, videos and other media files, but notdirectories.
  • The 'Albums' directory can only store album directories, but not media files.
  • MultCloud supports 'Schedule' feature. If you want to transfer images regularly, youcould enableit.
  • As long as your task starts, you can close the page and even shut download your PCbecauseMultCloud can run your task at the background.


You can easily transfer Google Photos to another account following any solutsions above. If thethirdsolution suits you better, you may find MultCloud has more advanced features.

As a multi-cloud drives manager, MultCloud supports most mainstram cloud drives like GoogleDrive,Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, Flickr, etc. It enables you to link all cloud drives together in oneplatformandmanage multiple cloud accounts(create,delete, copy, cut, paste, rename, etc.) just like in Windows explorer.

In addition to 'Cloud Transfer' feature, it also has 'Cloud Sync' feature. For 'Cloud Sync'feature, itcan help sync or back up files from one account to another without downloading and uploading.Forexample, if you want to sync Google Photos withOneDrive, you canmake full use of it.

Back when Picasa Web was still new and cool I decided to move my picture to that service. Back then I only had a handful of picture that I wanted to share with friends and family. As time went on my family grew and number of images exploded exponentially. Likely it was still under 100Gb and Google's 1.99$/month option was not that big of a deal. Even once I passed that mark splitting images between wife and myself helped to keep cost down. But here we're again at the edge of moving to next tier. At 9.99$/month 1TB plan makes you wonder if there's another option.

To be honest I was looking at CloudDrive for a while now. At 60$/year it is looked like pretty good option considering unlimited storage, but lack of feature and ability to share account always stopped me from jumping on board. This is where Amazon Prime Photos come in. Yes, Amazon Prime Photos just fancy version of CloudDrive but it is geared towards images and let's you add up to 5 people to the account. Sign me up!

Now I that have 3 accounts I pay for, how do I actually make it cheaper?. Move everything into Amazon of course. Turns out it is easier said than done. Moving 250+Gb of images and videos from multiple cloud accounts and physical machines proved to be rather tedious.

Import My Photos Google Photos

as it turns out there is no direct connector yet, so you need to download images from all clouds and then upload them into Amazon cloud. Some may think that with Google Takeout it would be just a matter of clicking few buttons and done. Well, yes, it is probably going to work if you have a few gigs of data, but with 140+Gb in each account it did not work as advertised.

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Once you start the process, you will learn that not all backups result in full backup. Google will let you know that some files are missing. On top of that it will split backup into 2Gb chunks and you can download each chunk only 5 times. Downloading 150+ individual files is not fun. On top of that downloads will timeout, you will have to login every 10 or 15 files, and most importantly getting down data is painfully slow.

Once get files down you will find another surprise. Once unpacked each chunk will create full tree of all albums and spread images into random folders with ton of json files on top of that. Last part is really confusing. After 5 (yes FIVE) attempts at Takeout I was wondering if there is a better way.

Turns out there is. In Google Drive you can create folder for Google Photos that will automatically put your Google Photos into a folder inside your Drive. This process is much faster than getting archive from Takeout.

On top of that you can now get Google Drive App for your operating system and download entire folder onto your machine without every touching any files. No need to unzip or collect bits and pieces either. Very nice and fast-ish.

How To Import Amazon Photos To Google Photos

Now that we have files on HDD, it is time to fire up your Amazon Drive App and watch files fly back into the cloud.