Hyken Mesh Task Chair Warranty

  1. This is a video review of the Staples Hyken mesh technical chair. I feel that this chair is best suited for people between 5 and 5'10', who need to sit at th.
  2. Task chair is a smart addition to any office space Comes in maroon and features mesh back and seat Features adjustable seat and arm height, height- and angle-adjustable headrest, lumbar support, tilt tension, and tilt lock Overall dimensions: 45.28-49.76'H x 27.1'W x 27.2'D.
  3. Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA Standards. 7-Year Limited Warranty. Easy assembly - Easy to follow instructions with corresponding part packs to reduce confusion and assembly time. Product Instructions.
  4. Swivel-tilt with adjustable tension control for comfort. Weight rated up to 275 lbs. Assembly required. Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards. 7-year manufacturer limited warranty. Computer and desk chair is a smart addition to any office space. Red breathable mesh seat and back for comfort. This chair provides lumbar and head support.

When it comes to finding clear, unbiased product reviews, Reddit can be a phenomenal resource. Redditors are generally going to post honest firsthand experiences as they are not incentivized by affiliate commissions to post fake reviews. Here are the 10 best office chairs according to reddit.

Best Overall Pick: Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office. If you’re looking for a budget mesh ergonomic office chair, then the Staples Hyken Technical Mesh chair is something that should be on your radar.

The Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic office chair falls under the category of top tier office chairs and all for good reasons. The chair is not only known for being comfortable and durable but it is also known for being highly adjustable, allowing you to modify every aspect of the chair as per your requirement!

It is particularly designed to fully comfortably accommodate your body and workload. With that being said, this Ergonomic office chair is made to support two postures while you’re working, that is, when you’re reclining/leaning back or when leaning forward. The best part about this Aeron chair is that it encompasses a comprehensive support mechanism that overall benefits you towards positive health and posture.

Reddit user /u/JudyChopIV says:

'I was gonna come in here and talk up my Herman Miller aeron. This guy beat me to it. His testimony is 100% accurate. I’ll never buy another desk chair.'


  • Offers 4 color options and 3 size options
  • Fully adjustable
  • Allows ventilation with featured Elastomeric fabric
  • Offers the best support for posture and back


  • Expensive
  • Vinyl armrest can become sweaty under hot and humid conditions

Luxury Pick: Herman Miller Embody Chair, Charcoal Rhythm

We have another Herman Miller chair that made it onto the list but this time it falls into the category of our luxury pick. The Herman Miller Embody Chair not only features a sleek design but it also provides a perfect solution for those who spend most of their time sedentary in their office chairs.

The Embody Charcoal Rhythm Chair features a design that is made to support your body in a positive and healthy light. The back and seat surface of the chair is made to balance out your body weight evenly while the surface perfectly adjusts to your body movements. If that’s not all, the layers of support make the Embody Chair stand out even more. These support layers not only provide comfort but also make sure the ventilation and the airflow are constant.

Many reddit users are quite passionate about their Herman Miller Embody chairs:

'I have a Herman Miller Embody. Best chair in existence (in my opinion of course).'


  • Highly adjustable
  • Provides excellent tilt function
  • Supports weight up to 300 pounds
  • Features 12-year manufacturer warranty


  • Back support takes time to adjust to your movements initially
  • Expensive

Budget Pick: Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

The Alera Elusion High Back Chair is perhaps one of the best chairs out there if you’re looking for budget-friendly options. While the function of the chair in this series cannot be compared with the additional functions Herman Miller chair has to offer, we have to say with the price tag it comes under, The Alera Elusion High Back Chair gets the job done pretty well!

The Alera Elusion Series Mesh comes in a sleek and stylish design that features breathable mesh to help reduce sweating under hot and humid conditions. The chair also features adjustable back support and the waterfall seat edge to help reduce pressure, improve blood circulation, and prevent leg and joint pains.

According to Reddit user /u/vailman:

'I bought this chair. It has most of the ergonomics of an aeron but is $200. I have one at home and got work to buy me one. I like it quite a lot. You can also buy a headrest that screws on.'


  • Provides multifunctional adjustability design
  • Features breathable mesh material
  • Inexpensive, yet great quality


  • Armrest is relatively hard to adjust
  • Very heavy at 50 lbs

Ergonomic Pick: Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This pick on our list is quite a fascinating one. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair has recently risen towards popularity and for all the good reasons. The chair offers a unique built, made to cater to your health needs in the longer run. The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is basically a combination of an office chair with a twist of a balance ball as a seat. This makes it a perfect option for those who want a unique office setting with an active lifestyle, even at the office. The chair features locking wheel options which make this chair best for an office setting.

Reddit user /u/misscitymiss says,

'I totally prefer the ball chair over the super fancy pants ergonomic chair. But I have pretty good posture naturally.'


  • Adjustable Height
  • Lockable and glide-able wheels
  • Removeable yoga ball


  • No armrest or backrest

The Hon Nucleus Mesh Task Chair may seem like an ordinary chair but there’s more to it than meet the eyes! The chair is based and built on highly adjustable suspension material to provide comfort and health benefits without a compromise. The HON Nucleus office chair gives off a minimalistic look with loads of features to offer. From comfort to health benefits and from fog MESH back to innovative seat design the HON Nucleus has it all that you might be looking for!

One reddit user remarks:

The chair I have (Hon Nucleus) is $430 on Amazon and I'm happy with it. I prefer it to the Aeron I have at work for example, and it's quite comfortable for all-day sitting. I went to my local office furniture store before I bought it and tried out a couple dozen chairs, if you can do that you might find something you really like. Just make sure you find something rated for all-day sitting. I had a cheapo fake leather chair from Staples before and after ~10 months the padding was gone and I got shooting back pain from sitting for more than 2 hours, which is why I invested in a better one.


  • Easily Adjustable and comfortable
  • Breathable back support
  • Features a sturdy design


Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair Parts

  • Leans towards the expensive category

Tempur-Pedic TP9000 Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Executive Chair

This chair is specially built to be kept in office settings. The Ergonomic Mesh Executive focuses on providing comfortable seating arrangements, especially for those individuals who remain in a sedentary position for more than 8 hours.

The seat and the back automatically conform to your state and movement of the body, while the mesh back lets you remain cool throughout your tense and tiring day at the office. The chair also features easily adjustable controls to help you adjust your chair to your preference.

Hyken Mesh Task Chair Warranty Replacement

A reddit user remarks:

I bought this last year for $300. It has been great. Never even think about it when I'm working, which I take as a good sign. Very supportive and comfy.


  • Incredibly comfortable mesh back
  • Long-lasting material
  • Improves overall posture


  • Limited adjustments

Fjords Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair

If you’re on a hunt for a chair that perfectly depicts your role of an “Executive” in your office setting then the Fjords Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Reclining Chair is the one for you. This reclining office chair not only provides an exceptionally comfortable seating experience but it also provides an excellent aesthetically pleasing option for home and office décor.

One Reddit user remarks:

I've had mine for about a decade and it shows no sign of wear, aside from a very, very slight indent in the leather where it has begun to form around my normal seated position. I sit in this chair an average of 8+ hours a day over that time.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of color options
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Expensive

HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Mesh Computer Chair

The Hon Ignition 2.0 boasts a sleek yet minimalistic design. Not only is the chair sturdy in nature, but it also provides the perfect comfort level which you might require at an office setting. The Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Computer Chair features adjustable lumber which allows you to readjust the back support to your liking. Mobility is yet another feature that makes the chair stand out more. The lightweight and the swirl of the chair allows you to move freely without any hassle.

Reddit usuer u/theycallmebeezer:

I worked at a SaaS company myself and they bought us chairs from the Hon brand. A couple years later, now working from home, I went through three chairs because I didn’t dig ‘em, and finally tracked down the style of chair I had at the software company.
It’s a Hon mid or high back from their “Ignition” line. It goes for about your price range if you shop somewhere besides their direct site.


  • Affordable option
  • Warranty that lasts a lifetime
  • Supports weight up to 300 lbs

Hyken Mesh Task Chair Warranty Policy


  • Lumber support might come as a bit flimsy

Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair

The Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair is made to support you throughout your hectic day at work. It ensures to provide you with a comfortable seating arrangement while you tackle through your daily work. The Mesh back is made to regulate and prevent moisture to build up, while the lumbar support provides the prolonged comfort required to reduce the fatigue that may accumulate throughout the day.

Reddit user: /u/GoGades says:

'The Staples Hyken is hugely popular and great value. Sitting in one right now, I love it. Goes on sales regularly for less than $200. Currently on at $150.'


  • Sleek design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Flimsy headrest

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The Steelcase Gesture Chair addresses a large number of users of all sizes. The chair is one of the best-selling chairs considering its specifications and the price tag it comes under. This office chair features a strong yet sturdy built to best-fit users up to 400 lbs. Furthermore, the chair features flexible backrest support which helps you maintain the correct posture throughout the day. However, if you’re not in the favour of having a thick padded seat then this chair might upset you.

Overall, The Steelcase Gesture Chair is a top-notch chair that provides great comfort, support, adjustability, and durability.

Reddit user /u/The_Unreal says:

'With Steelcase, you get a 12 year warranty on your gas piston and casters, and a lifetime warranty on the rest. These are built like tanks.'


  • Easy and wide range of adjustable options
  • High-quality build
  • Supports up to 400 lbs


  • Might damage your clothing
  • The chair weighs 70 pounds

Tips to Pick the Best Office Chair

Without a doubt, extended work hours can take a toll on your body, especially if your chair is not comfortable enough. With that being said, spending more than 8 hours at your office in an uncomfortable seating arrangement, or perhaps chair for that matter can entirely ruin your working capabilities. Jiffy lube coupons oil change $20 off coupon. You need something totally comfortable to sit in for hours at a stretch without getting tired or having a backache. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you carefully choose your seating options.

This is a quick guide to help you choose the best office chair for your use. Here are some of the aspects that you should be mindful of while choosing the best office chair for yourself and your health.

The Seat Height, Width, and Depth

Hyken Mesh Task Chair Review

An office seat should optimally be set at a height of about 15 to 23 inches off the floor. While the standard width of the seat should be about 16 to 21 inches. The seating arrangement is the primary root which sets your posture right, therefore, this point is of utmost importance which choosing the right office chair for you.

Hyken Mesh Chair Sale

The Backrest and Armrests

Hyken Mesh Task Chair Manual

In order to find the best office chair then it must process a backrest of at least 11 to 19 inches wide. Another factor that contributes to the importance is the flexibility and ease of adjustability in the angle and height. Similarly, armrests should be comfortable and should be adjusted at the level of the user’s arm. Check out this feature carefully in the chair you choose.

Overall dimensions: 45.3-49.6'H x 27.2'W x 27.3'D. Seat dimensions: 16.7'W x 16.5'D. Back dimensions: Computer and desk chair is a smart addition to any office space.

Find top rated office supplies & save big with Staples Canada. Copyright © 2020 Chair Insights Powered by Chair Insights, Staples Hyken Chair Features and Benefits, What I Liked about the Staples Hyken Chair, What I Didn’t Like about the Staples Hyken Chair, SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair (Best Value), SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid (Budget Pick). According to a 2020 buyer’s guide from PriceItHere, the average office chair price is $100 to $400. Second - the dimensions on this thing are totally out of wack. Read reviews to learn about the top-rated Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair - Red. (I bought the same chair for my home office. That’s why, in this section, I decided to cull some of the top reviews on Amazon for the Staples Hyken chair so you can see what other people like about it. I work at a desk job, so I’m sitting all day. If you want the best that money can buy for your office chair, that has to be the Herman Miller Aeron. Our product range includes chairs not only for classical or retro offices but also for modern open-plan offices. Overall dimensions: 45.3-49.6'H x 27.2'W x 27.3'D. Seat dimensions: 16.7'W x 16.5'D. Back dimensions: 27.3'W. Width and height adjustable arms allow you to rest your forearms comfortably. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'chairinsights_com-leader-4','ezslot_12',128,'0','0']));Now I want to talk about the Staples Hyken chair, covering the features and benefits that make this office chair a favorite. Sometimes a chair can look really appealing, then you go to sit down on it and it’s like sitting on a rock. The build quality will be poor, and the materials will likely fall apart after a few weeks or months of use. Walmart Protection Plans cover the total cost of repair, or replacement, for products, as well as covering delivery charges for the exchange. As somebody else also mentioned, the 'lumbar support' is torture. Swivel-tilt with adjustable tension control for comfort. Further, Herman Miller’s PostureFit SL backrest has several pads for spine base stabilization and support. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'chairinsights_com-leader-1','ezslot_3',104,'0','0']));The final factor you need to keep in mind when shopping for an office chair is the price. Although the Staples Hyken has a high back, you won’t end your days sweating and sticking to the chair. Honestly, it is a 'budget' chair and I wouldn't expect it to perform like the $1500 ones I have at work. Keeping that in mind, the more you pay, the better the quality of your chair in many cases. The best office chairs feature a combination of materials like real leather for refinement, mesh for breathability, vinyl for quick cleaning, and fabric for comfort. 10 Best Gaming Chairs for Twitch Streamers & YouTubers, The 10 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Vibration, Armrests you can raise and lower as is comfortable for you, Swiveling for maneuverability so you don’t have to strain your body, Backrest reclining so you can differentiate between working and relaxed modes, Backrest lumbar support, which I’ll talk about momentarily, Seat tilting for ideal pelvis positioning to prevent anterior pelvis tilt, a form of bad posture, Seat depth and width settings, as a forward-facing seat can lead to pain at the back of your knees, Seat height that lets you adjust between 16 and 21 inches if not more. Recently I came up with an improved modification detailed in the next step. It would be much more comfortable! Red breathable mesh seat and back for comfort. Almost every part of the Hyken moves or shifts via a lever or button for easy adjustments anytime. Red breathable mesh seat and back for comfort. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. You can then get right to work instead of wasting 20 minutes each day adjusting the chair. This chair provides lumbar and head support. About This Item. Your email address will not be published. How weird is that? I’ll also discuss what you should look for in an office chair and if the Hyken holds up. $176.99. Red breathable mesh seat and back for comfort. Reg. Free next day delivery on all orders. 13% off. That high back cradles yours, including your entire spine. The seat should also be wide enough to accommodate your bottom half, as being squeezed too tightly into a chair is the exact opposite of comfortable. If you feel like kicking back and relaxing, reduce the tension. 1Each. The lower back support can dig into your back a bit, which can cause the pain it’s trying to prevent, at least in some people. Rather than softening the edges, the support can be flattened by wedging an object BEHIND the outside curve. Or you can recline back an uncomfortable 45 degrees.

Did you make this project? Use the tilt tension to recline effortlessly in between tasks and move the seat up and down with the pneumatic height adjustment lever. A Walmart Protection Plan can be added within 30 days of purchase. In the end, persistence pays off. Assembly required. Yet if you have to grab a file across the room or pull out a document from your printer, that often means getting up and collecting what you need. This chair provides lumbar and head support. Already purchased your product? Please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy. Finally - to top it all off the price is astronomic for what you get.

Electrode, Comp-c0042cda-48a8-4563-9f50-b800061ecc58, DC-eus2-prod-a9, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-20.0.40, SHA-41ed8468826085770503056bd2c9bc8be5b55386, CID-58d5aa50-007-1759adb647424e, Generated: Fri, 06 Nov 2020 00:01:10 GMT, Electrode, Comp-23ea7314-96ef-4c7d-b1be-ec1553412211, DC-eus2-prod-a3, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-37.11.0, SHA-c6b93957fd886d1aaef0cb94f316d079af87ec2b, CID-64ee3a69-007-1759ae46d9bd47, Generated: Fri, 06 Nov 2020 00:11:03 GMT, Error: Please enter a valid ZIP code or city and state. This chair has so much wrong with it I don't know where to begin. Read reviews to learn about the top-rated Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair - Red. I also show the back side of the headrest with the pivot points, the detents, etc. Remember that an office chair is priced between $100 and $400 on average. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. I like the way the chair feels and Red is one of my favorite colors. Although it has some flaws, the Hyken is a solid chair for the price, with lots of happy customers saying as much.

Reg. To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number: Computer and desk chair is a smart addition to any office space. The addition of a Walmart Protection Plan adds extra protection from the date of purchase. However, everything was included and no damaged parts.

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office. 25% off. If you’re looking for a budget mesh ergonomic office chair, then the Staples Hyken Technical Mesh chair is something that should be on your radar. Featuring breathable mesh and adjustable seat positioning, this Quill office chair's technical design keeps you comfortable for hours. This is ridiculous for me given that I'm 6'1' and have the chair as low as it can go. Each day when you walk into your home office, your chair should fit you like a glove. $189.99. That’s why your office chair should have adjustable ergonomic features. I made the right choice with the Hyken mesh chair. For the price, you can't go wrong. For your money, you get a chair made of recycled materials such as 8Z Pellicle, an elastometric material found in the backrest and suspension seat. You can also choose from up to three different seat sizes in the Aeron to accommodate smaller and bigger bodies alike. $236.99. What kind of features am I talking about? If you’re looking for a budget mesh ergonomic office chair, then the Staples Hyken Technical Mesh chair is something that should be on your radar. The 'bolster' that is on the leading edge of the seat pan is so strong that it cuts circulation off above the knee and causes my feet to get cold. Add to cart. The parts were packaged well enough. Walmart Protection Plan options and pricing can be found on the product page, as well as in your cart. Charcoal gray task chair. Heed my warning and look elsewhere. Bonus it breathes very well.” This Amazon reviewer further states that the chair “really helped with my back and neck pain.”, eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'chairinsights_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',121,'0','0']));A second reviewer called the Staples Hyken “a great office chair worth the price.” They said that “this chair has sufficient adjustability to accommodate most people. Today, I’ll review the Staples Hyken chair, covering each of its features. Work it in through the front underside opening little by little. 2) The mesh material stretches out resulting in loss of bottom support. As of this review, i have used the chair for over a month everyday at my work.

Hyken Mesh Task Chair Parts

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