Hulkageddon is an irregularly re-occuring in-game event in the space MMO EVE-online.

We blow up miners. We blow em up good. Holy Shitballs Batman. And here find ourselves again. Two weeks remain before Hulkageddon ends, and the forums are full of self-important little shits proclaiming ever so loudly that Hulkageddon does. So Hulkageddon V lead to the destruction of more mining ships than all past iterations of the even combined. Of course, it also ran more than three times as long as past events; more days means more kills. So when averaged out, Hulkageddon V appears to be shy of the rate of kills set by Hulkageddon III, with a rate of about 244 kills per day.

  • Many have hinted towards hidden meanings behind the true purpose of Hulkageddon. A popular sentiment is that Hulkageddon was created to decrease the incidence of ‘botters’ – those being players who use multiple clients operated by a plethora of simple AI control programs to work around the clock and make them ISK.
  • Hulkageddon is an irregularly re-occuring in-game event in the space MMO EVE-online. Organized by Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel the event takes the form of unprovoked terrorist suicide attacks on mining players.

Organized by Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel the event takes the form of unprovoked terrorist suicide attacks on mining players. Prizes are sometimes given out for special achievements or to the pilots aht claim the most victims.


    I understand and recognize yuo guy’s being too chicken to do the real fights.
    There is no glory in hunting miners, but the shipbuilders will have an exellent oportunity to make som isk.

    This is just toooo lame, guys.

  2. I completely agree. We all pay our monthly membership fee to be able to have some fun and play the game. For some that is doing missions, others want to mine, and some want to engage in PvP. The line has to be drawn when one person’s fun and enjoyment starts to infringe on another. This is ridiculous and discriminatory. I seriously hope that not only will you cease this extraordinary waste of everyone’s time and drop it all together.

  3. fuck you all

  4. Heh.

    As long as you keep giving fair warning that shit’s about to hit the fan as with H-II I don’t really care… I’ll just stay away from mining for a week…

    Now If i can only remember what that big lamp in the sky was called…


    PS It’s interesting that a community event like this can happen in an MMO… may not agree with it for even 50% but still good.

  5. She’s right but~

    For people like me that just joined the game it’s kinda difacult to build up a char and mine when ur constantly ganked.

    For me i just capped my learning group advanced lvl 5
    I just got to minning barges and im working on my core skills and drones.

    But like i said, no way to for me to accurately tank without the proper skills.

    That and it’s not funny when a Amar BS rolls in a belt and starts oneshotting bardges.

    I need ISK to build up my char and it’s hard when ur need expensive azz skill books and u have to replace ur ship =/

    No, i haven’t been ganked by this yet but several people minning the same belt have.

    But advice to other miners is, alighn to the station ur gona jump to when ur minning, watch for incomming ship types, have ur destinations bookmarked and open to oneclick jump, have ur drones out and watch local chat.

    If u got the skill for shield extenders etc. use em.

  6. Well I have to say Hulkageddon seems pretty amusing just from what I’ve read so far, I can only imagine what participating must feel like.

    Just one question, you guys normally go after Exhumers as I understand it, but do you ever go after mining cruisers? I’ve been Jet-can mining (i.e. not afk) until I heard about Hulkageddon, is it standard practice for participants to go after those ships? I don’t imagine I’d stand much of a chance since I can’t actually fit that well of a tank on a Scythe. Just wondering, would be great if someone could answer.

  7. My second account is a mining/industry trained pilot, and I’ve not lost a ship to the contest yet, but I’ve lost them in the past. While it sucks to lose ships, the fact that I never feel truly safe (read: complacent, bored) makes me love Eve all the more. Fly unsafe.

  8. Lol the only people that complain are miners

  9. im not saying i agree with this contest of your, nor that i think it is wrong. ‘unconsensual” pvp (borders on the definition of rape) is a part of the game, so if you dont like it, dont play. afk mining should be held to a minimum, but popping ships in ice belts is a bit messed up. you guys know that ice harvester cycles take forever, and you really cant expect ice miners to stare at thier screen for upwards of 15 minutes while the hold fills up. start a cycle, go make a sandwitch, jump an alt 12 systems for a new skillbook… yeah, i lost a retriever on an alt, while i was taking my main to get a skillbook, but you gotta leave a safe haven somewhere. and tanking a barge or exhumer as if it was in 0.0, when you arent, is pointless, since the only thing we should truly have to worry about it rats.

  10. What are you guys, 10? very childish behavior.

    But you are correct, no guarantees in EVE. But it is sad that something as good as it is can be ruined by a few malcontents with nothing better to do. I thought things would quiet down one school was back in session. Oh well.

  11. What I would rather want to know is whose interest the whole thing serves most? Ofc, people seem to be doing it for fun and prizes but I assume they’re just pawns in that game.

    My assumption would be that a few of the organziers will be making massive profits from the resulting price explosions for hulks and (maybe) raw materials.

    So please tell me, whose interest is it to keep the prices up? I’m curious abour the true background of all this.

    Njord Vanir

  12. Hi guys… i just hope that all the ganking in high-sec, will stop by midnight today.

    When the event is over and the drives of our Exhumers can start again… i as one of a few mining-chars in our corp will do regular fleet mining again.

    I´m looking forward to afk mine again while reading a good book, not getting everytime a heart-attack when 3 noob-chars with cruiser or destroyer class join local. 🙂 *makes a cup of tee*

    The true coolness of this event, is that it resonates so much through the entire game 🙂

    How about a gank the gankers event… or a “Dreadageddon I”(tm) or the evil “rookie-ship-first-undock-ageddon”(tm)… Maybe a “Frig-vs-Titan-ageddon”(tm)

    Bye… happy hunting for the last hours… (please destroy every competition-corp-ships thx!) 😀

  13. Personally, I have no heartache about people targeting afk miners…IF he afk miners are truly macros. Many times I have been mining and something comes up where I have to run into the next room to take care of a RL issue. I may be back in 10 seconds or 10 minutes. Since we all agree that Rl does (and rightly should) take precedence over EVE, perhaps that should be taken into account by those participating.

    Now, please don’t sit there and tell me I am a whiner-miner. I believe that paying the fee allows me to play the game – period. I feel that macro-miners take a LOT away from the game and those should be dealt with. If Hulkageddon is a way to do this, then so be it. I am merely saying that a little understanding is needed.

  14. Even though this was a massive pain in the backside, I have to say thanks for Hulkageddon. Instead of my normal pattern of semi afk mining during the day, I decided to do some scanning instead of getting ganked. In my current home system I found two complexes, one of them gave me several escalations which netted me about 500 mil ISK in faction loot. What can i say Hulkageddon you ROCK!!!!!!!

  15. Im a miner char and lost my covetor while “bio break”.
    Highsec ganker with a battleship and smartbombs was blowing up my barge.
    I lost about 30 million ISK. (because the Cargo Optimization rigs)
    It was my first experience about the posibility to get destroyed on highsec by suicide gankers.
    Im mining now in a Hulk an what I hate meanwhile are Macrominers.
    Reporting the Macrominers to CCP are useless. They let the Macrominers continue.
    Im thinking about to skill a second char to gank the Macrominers.

    Play Eve personal or don’t play Eve!

  16. I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

  17. Soooooo When is the III? 😉

  18. This is funny, people are flipping shit! Last time I checked EVE was just a game. The way this particular game is set up, you can do pretty much do whatever the hell you want. While my character is mission/industry toon, I’m not too worried about this event. I’ll just have to mission or do in-station shit for a week… holy fuck, how am I ever to survive!?!?!

    I’m just glad I knew abou the event. Sucks to be the poor fuckers who don’t Eclipse with jdk 8.

  19. Where the fuck were you guys? I’ve been macroing all week and did not even take a scratch. I must say i’am very disappointed with you. 😉

  20. LMAO!! Just like real life suckas, your not safe anywhere.


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HulkageddonActually, three things: 3) Anyone else got a bromance for WarGod?
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Eve Armageddon

So the past week has been me recovering from that whole mess. Been doing well, just having issues getting to sleep still. The nurses mentioned that it might take me two or so weeks to feel 100% like my surly self again so Eve will be taking a back seat until I can spare the extra mental bandwidth for it.
It did allow me to watch the final weekend of the Alliance Tournament unimpeded though, I guess that can be the ray of sunshine.