How to Set Up a Low-Money Business

How to Set Up a Low-Money Business

Want to know how to set up a business with little money and stop being an employee to be your own boss? If that’s your dream, this article comes in handy.

Setting up your own business with little money is many wish, but really is it possible? The answer is Yes!

Nowadays, there are several options of profitable small businesses that require little money from initial investment, especially those focused on the provision of services.

Want to learn how to set up your own business with little money and some ideas to take this project off the dream level and make it a reality?

How would you like to start with some important tips for investing little in your new business?

1 – Work with niche markets

To make money by investing little,one of the best techniques is to be specific. This means: fewer products to sell, fewer specialized people, differentiated service and attractive profitability.

Invest your efforts in a micro niche.

2 – Make a financial plan

Financial planning will be responsible for you spending exactly what you can. Many entrepreneurs start a business without proper planning and schedule, in the end, they perceive spending above 30% compared to what is expected.

3 – Build the necessary structure and not your dreams

The structure of your business needs to be strictly what is necessary to provide a good quality service. Put aside those purchases of highly modern equipment or products that will not even be used all functions.

4 – Search prices and suppliers

Both at the time of assembling the structure and suppliers of raw materials / products for your company, it is possible to save a lot with good research and comparisons.

5 – Company framework scheme

Many people who are interested in knowing how to set up their own business with little money are not concerned, at least at first, with the issue of the tax framework, but this is also important.

It will be enough to start billing to realize that the tax regime is of paramount importance. Carefully evaluate which is the best option for your type of business, and if possible, opt for MEI – Individual Micro Entrepreneur, is the most accessible and little bureaucratic.

6 – Small businesses can be profitable

Just because your business is small doesn’t stop you from being highly profitable. There are today, small companies with revenues in excess of R$ 30,000 net monthly.

In addition, when setting up small and low-cost businesses, it will be affordable to open new “branches” and expand their profits.

Business suggestions to ride with little money

Are you uncreative or struggling to find good cheap deals to start with? This is a common problem, so let’s leave some suggestions for you!

1 – Food cart

With less than 10 thousand reais, depending on the case, less than 5 thousand reais, you can assemble a food cart, the famous food trucks, as well as baby carts, such as the Chopp Brahma franchise.

This type of business allows you to make the schedule you want, is low cost and has percentages of gain per product sold quite high. What do you say we try it?

2 – Website creation agency

Today, gaining space with a website creation and optimization company is more crowded, but it sure is still a profitable business and requires a very low financial capital.

Another advantage of this type of business is that you can work from your own home, avoiding expenses with rent, electricity, water, among others. Not bad, don’t you think?

3 – Toy library

The toy library is a business that can be assembled with about R $ 12 thousand reais. Being able to integrate a childcare service together with the toy library can be an excellent option.

The success of this business idea is tied to the installation site. Think that your target audience will be parents who need a time away from their children to do something, often fast. That’s why it’s common to find a toy library in malls and big supermarkets.

4 – Creperie

Another good idea of cheap business in the middle of food. Creperie offers a product with a profit percentage of approximately 300%. It is possible to set up a tent on a busy street, such as avenues with great flow of promenade.

Another way to maximize profits is by working at fairs and events, but for this you will need to “rent the space”, so be careful, because it is usually expensive. With a crepes making machine you can have a great production. The cost of a creperie is less than R$ 10,000 reais.

5 – Pet Shop is a business with little money and out of crisis

The Pet sector continues to grow annually at 8%, even in times of crisis. This is because it is difficult to reduce costs when it comes to animals. Think about your case, or even a relative:

“Stop buying food? Send it to bath and cough? When you get sick, will you stop taking him to the vet?”

Consider setting up a small pet shop in your area, selling products such as rations and accessories, providing bath and tosa service. If you can’t get a veterinarian, you can partner up and get care if necessary. It is estimated that to set up a small pet shop the cost turns around R$ 16,000 reais.

6 – Furniture restoration and repair service

Another good option for those looking for a solution to the dilemma of how to set up their own business with little money is to open a furniture restoration and repair service.

Antique or used furniture can become true relics as long as they are restored. The demand for reuse is increasing and entering this market is a good option for those who want to invest little money.

Of course, you need to take a course in furniture restoration and repair, however, you can work alone or with an employee, just a suitable space and tools. It is estimated that the cost to start the business is between R$ 9,000 reais and R$ 14,000 reais.

If there’s one thing here in My Own Business we make a point of giving ample coverage it’s ways to open a business with low initial investment.

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