How to make money with Ebooks

How to make money with Ebooks

How to make money with ebooks and make high

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to make money from ebooks,a market so big that most people have no idea of its potential.

It’s quite likely that you’ve heard of ebooks,but haven’t realized the true potential this market has, and believe me, as I’ll show you in this article, it’s simply huge.

In the digital business universe, ebooks are one of the most interesting alternatives for those who want to make money online.

Experience has shown us that ebooks are one of the most used ways to make money online, precisely because they have a gigantic distribution network and are very easy to do.

Just so you can get an idea, the American digital book market is already many times larger than the physical market. Is this the end of the physical book? No, it’s just a new trend.

So if you’re affected by that eternal question about how to make money on the Internet, one of the digital business options might be creating an ebook.

Success cases is what is not lacking in this area, as I will show below, so if you want to make money online as a business or as a way to earn an extra income on the Internet, this is one of the alternatives.

I know that probably now you must be wondering how to make money with ebooks? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this article.

To make this article more didactic, I divided it among the following topics:

Let’s see then how to make money with ebooks and start building your own online business right away.

The complete guide on making money with ebooks

Below are all the tips for those who want to know how to make money with ebooks and do not know where to start. You’ll see it’s a lot easier than you think.

1 – What are the advantages of making money with ebooks

As I said earlier, ebooks are currently one of the most used ways to make money online because they are easy to produce and the tools for it are available to any mortal.

Of course there are several other extremely lucrative forms of online business, but my question is this: How to make money on the Internet with what do you know currently?

That’s right, i’m going to get Most online businesses require you to learn a number of techniques and tools to then start making some money. In the case of the ebook no. All you have to do is write about what you really know and that’s it.

Another great advantage that I usually point to those who are interested in knowing how to make money with ebooks is the very low investment. You will basically need your knowledge and a computer to create your ebook.

If you simply know how to type and are familiar with Microsoft Word, you already master at least 50% of the tools you need to make money with an ebook. It’s a matter of getting organized and getting started.

2 – Who can and should write an ebook

Digital books have caused a real revolution in the digital market. In the old days, to write a book you needed a number of services and suppliers, which, for the sake of truth, took much of your profit.

With the new technologies, this has become much simpler and to make money with ebooks you only need some online tools and of course, good content for your book.

Who can write an ebook? Anyone, as long as they have a good knowledge of a particular subject and preferably, is a person in love with it.

It doesn’t matter what it is. There is a market for everyone. If you master a particular craft technique, have special recipes, like to write poetry, tell stories or are an expert on a particular subject, you should certainly write an ebook and make money from it.

3 – How to advertise ebooks

Doing the dissemination of ebooks in the right way is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for those who want to set up a business in this area, but it is also no seven-headed animal, just know the right way.

The best way to make this disclosure is undoubtedly the Internet. Therefore you should take into account some alternatives:

  • Creating a Blog – This is a very interesting way for this, because with a well-structured blog you place yourself as a reference in your area and at the same time create a great sales platform;
  • Social Networks – Disseminating your ebook through Instagram, Facebook and other social networks is a strategy that can not be lacking in your planning, because they are tremendously efficient in this area;
  • Specialized Sites – The sites and blogs specialized in the topic that your ebook addresses are another source of dissemination that you also can not leave behind, since they speak directly to the target audience you want to reach.

Because making money from ebooks is a business like any other, you need to get organized in order for it to really work.

So while you’re writing your ebook, go thinking and researching this issue of dissemination and all your digital marketing, because it will be essential.

4 – How to sell ebooks online

Now that you have some early notions about making money with ebooks, let’s go to one of the most important parts, like selling your ebook on the Internet.

Well, this is a step that also does not have much secrecy and will not require from you a great investment, because there are quite interesting alternatives.

If you choose to set up a blog, you can sell your ebook through this platform. To do this, if the blog has been created with WordPress, just install a plugin called WooCommerce.

The installation is very simple and to be able to receive payments, by slips and credit cards, just have an account in PagSeguro, for example, and connect this account to WooCommerce.

Another option is to sell your ebook through affiliate platforms,an option that in addition to helping you sell, will also help you spread your book.

The infoproduct market for ebooks is gigantic and by joining an affiliate program, you will have a gigantic platform of selling and dissemination for your digital book, which is extremely practical.

Among the most used affiliate platforms in Brazil, we mention:

  1. Hotmart – This is the largest affiliate platform in Brazil and there you can offer your book so that websites that are monetized through affiliate programs can advertise it, in exchange for a commission on each sale made;
  2. Monetizze – Another affiliate program platform that works with the sale of courses and ebooks in which you can distribute your book and generate sales as well, by paying commissions on each sale made by the participating sites;
  3. Eduzz – Another platform of affiliate programs in which you can sell your ebook, because as in the case of the other two already indicated, it is also specialized and educational courses and ebooks.

We are left in these three examples, because we consider these platforms, the most prominent in Brazil, but of course there are others that you should also evaluate. To learn about the best affiliate programs, click here.

As making money from ebooks also involves the breadth of your distribution network, there is also the option to work with the giant in this area, Amazon.

The only difference is that in this case you’ll need to turn your book file into the kindle format, Amazon’s digital book reader.

Don’t be scared, as this won’t be a problem either, as Amazon itself provides a complete roadmap for this, including tools, which you can access by clicking here.

5 – How making money from ebooks can change your life

Want to know how making money with ebooks can change your life? So let’s look at some successful cases of people who made a lot of money selling ebooks.

The first of these is that of writer Amanda Hocking, who became simply a millionaire, only 26 years old, with the sale of books in kindle format on Amazon, where she is considered a sales champion.

What’s her secret? Simple, a very large perception of what the public wants to know, and even more, she has developed a method for creating successful books in the giant of online bookstores.

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