How to make money selling brigadiers

How to make money selling brigadiers

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to make money selling brigadeiros, a very profitable business that requires very little initial investment.

In times of crisis, finding a low-investment and extremely profitable business like brigadeiros manufacturing brings together the main characteristics for those who open their own business, or an extra income to strengthen the budget.

If you want to know how to make money selling brigadiers this matter will certainly help you a lot, because we will talk many people found in the homemade brigadeiros, typical Brazilian sweet, a way to increase their income, conquer their financial independence and change their lives.

Some important tips on the manufacture of brigadiers, this sweet as well known, how to sell, where and how much to sell each brigadier. So let’s put our hands on the dough literally.

The secret of how to make money selling brigadiers

The big secret for those who want to make money from brigadiers is in the ingredients. Always work with quality raw material to make the basic brigadeiro, the one that everyone loves, because these first-rate ingredients will ensure your success.

These ingredients are: condensed milk, chocolate powder or chocolate, unsalted butter, chocolate sprinkles and choose beautiful molds to pack each of the brigadeiros.

Here is a recipe of Traditional Brigadier that I always do, is successful at all times and that yields an average of 40 brigadeiros:

  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate powder or chocolate
  • 1 dessert spoon of unsalted butter
  • 1 packet of chocolate granules
  • Tins

Mix in a saucepan, condensed milk, 3 tablespoons of chocolate powder and butter.
Light the low heat and stir non-stop until boiling and start to detach from the bottom of the pan.

Remove from the pan, place in a refractory cover with plastic film and refrigerate for about 3 hours, until cool and firm.

When it is cold, take a spoon so that it serves as a measure with the amount necessary to make each brigadeiro, make the balls with the palms of your hands and then pass in the granulated chocolate and put in the pans.

For the walnut brigadeiro, use the same recipe above and just add a cup of ground walnuts in the blender along with the ingredients in the pan, after cold, pass the balls in the chocolate sprinkles and place on top of each brigadeiro a piece of walnut.

I also make this recipe and everyone loves it. This recipe yields on average about 40 brigadeiros of nuts depending on the size of each.

You can also look for recipes from other types of brigadier, those that are on the rise nowadays, the gourmet brigadier.

You can also make white chocolate brigadeiro, brigadeiro with almonds, nuts and whatever else your creativity allows, so you will stand out more and more in this segment.

There are courses that teach you how to make these brigadeiros different and also you can find new recipes from brigadiers on the Internet, on search sites.

Stay focused to produce the best traditional brigadeiros, this is sure to be the big step for you to become an expert in homemade sweets and leverage your new profession and earn good money.

How much is possible to earn by selling brigadiers

A normal question you want to know how to make money selling brigadeiros is how much you can earn from this activity. I know several people who sell brigadeiros and other homemade sweets per unit and the cost of each is around R $ 2.00 to R $ 5,00.

The cost price will vary depending on the size, the different ingredients used in the recipes, such as in the gourmet brigadeiros and how it will be presented (forms, packaging).

The profit ranges from 40% to 60% and with a revenue that yields 40 brigadeiros, selling at R$ 3.00 each, you can earn R$ 120.00. If you in addition to the traditional brigadier recipe offer the gourmet brigadeiro, the R $ 5,00 each will earn R $ 200.00.

Your daily billing may be R$ 320.00. The more customers you win, the higher the amount sold and the higher your income.

Look in holiday homes, different types of formals, because the look is very important and people love differentiated packaging, but be careful not to over-take on the final product.

You can also create creative Kits in beautiful packaging showing that your product has quality. You can use boxes, there are several in the market, beautiful and that will delight the eyes of your customers.

Where to sell your brigadeiros

Another classic question of who wants to know how to make money selling brigadiers is in relation to selling. The idea would be for you to go out on the streets to show your products and sell to those who are traveling, enter shops, beauty salons, offices, take a sample so that some people can taste and so buy and indicate to friends.

Already for the second visit in these places, you can take the trays to sell per unit and also take Kits already assembled, for those who wish to take home or gift someone.

People who are walking or working always feel like eating something and there is nothing better than finding someone offering a good product, with a great taste and a lot of quality.

Another tip for those who want to know how to make money selling brigadeiros is to prepare to accept orders for parties and events, when you will have to produce at a hundred and can be sure that this will happen faster than you think. Think about how your monthly income will increase and how you can get great results.

Other alternatives

In addition to the forms mentioned above, there are also some trends that are gaining strength in the market in recent times. One of them is Food Bikes,the most economical version of Food Trucks.

For those who want to know how to make money selling brigadeiros this can be an alternative to increase your range of action, but take into account that it will be necessary to invest in a customized bike.

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