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Hisense 75P7, Plex is transcoding when I don't see why it should be. I can only speak from experience with a 75N7 but I'm sure the issue will be as per as124's post above: (whrl.pl/Re8QOj) Navigating to the file on the media app and trying to open it via DLNA crashes the TV. I got this email today from Plex: On September 30, 2020 we will be ending support for the Plex app on some older smart TVs (some Vizio, LG, and Hisense models). These devices are unable to use modern, secure connections when communicating with our services. We started Plex Labs just over two years ago to provide, among other things, a playground for new apps (both our own, as well as 3rd-party apps that struck our fancy) that build on our awesome media platform. Plex can be like a fractal—everyone has their own view of what the most important parts of the platform are, and you can zoom into any.

Not sure if this is a Plex app issue or a TV issue my money is on the plex app loaded on the TV…I have Just taken delivery of a Hisense 43 AE7400FTUK and set up and now finding that running the plex app it will keep pausing when streaming a movie stored on a NAS
the Plex settings are the same as the other TVs on the local network yet its the only TV that is having problems the other 2014 and 2018 Samsung smart TVs have no problem and i can stream to the Hisense via the NAS direct with no problem so it must be connected to the Plex app on the Hisense TV any ideas?

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My in-laws bought a Hisense 48 inch 4k smart TV yesterday. I set it up for them today and everything with the exception of the pre installed Plex app works. My in-laws live in a flat connected to our house and are on the same network. The Plex app launched and I was able to link it using the link code provided. However, when Plex is launched it doesn't connect saying that Plex tried to connect to 2 different IP addresses (one of which is the fixed IP address of the Plex server), provides a couple of links about Plex cannot find server and then the option to retry or go back.

Hisense Plasma Tv

I can connect to the Plex server using DLNA on the TV and everything works fine. Plex also works perfectly on our LG TV running webos, Windows 10 PC's & android phones. I have read quite a bit of information about Plex not working on some TV's and that the Plex app has been removed from the Opera TV store. Can someone please let me know if Plex on Opera TV is not working so I don't spend more countless hours trying to get it to work.
Thanks in Advance.