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Before diving into the depth Haworth Zody Review, let me tell you a comfortable office chair significantly boosts your performance and focusing capabilities. War thunder upcoming vehicles. Adversely, a poor-quality office chair may deteriorate your focus and work performance. Hence, choosing the best office chair for you can prove to be an extremely daunting task.

With so many companies claiming to offer whatnot, it becomes a mammoth task to decide which one can fulfill your needs and expectations. Now, if you found yourself clutching your head hoping for a Scooby-Doo detective to show up and solve your confusions — here we are!

We may not help with all mysteries of your life, but when it comes to acquiring authentic Haworth Zody review, we can guarantee some help. An increasingly popular and in-demand chair, the Haworth Zody chair has a highly impressive catalog of features. So if you are wondering if it’s the best choice for you or not, then you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we analyze all that this product has to offer!

Haworth Zody Review: Primary Features

Have you ever had to work extra shifts and ended up staying seated on your desk? Perhaps, working on file after file, and despite the stress, couldn’t help losing focus? And after you managed to finish the work after hours, standing up felt like hard work because your backache was just so worse? Such a situation is usually a result of poor-quality chairs and the quality discomfort that comes along with them.

Creative and innovative individuals designed the Haworth Zody Task Chair. Its ergonomic and sustainable design primarily focuses on providing the consumers a level of comfort like no other.

Mostly sleek and stylish-looking chairs come at the cost of comfort, and vice versa. Either way, you usually end up compromising on those elite looks or comfort. However, in the case of the Haworth Zody Task Chair, you compromise on none!

The primary feature of this chair is comfortability. Tell you what, it delivers 10/10 to the expectations of its consumers. Mainly, the pelvic and asymmetrical lumbar support (PAL) system supports this feature. Hence, allowing you to adjust it to your comfort levels.

The asymmetrical lumbar support and lower pelvic support ensure a premium comfort level and promote a healthy posture. Ultimately, proving to be an ideal chair for people who regularly suffer from backaches and soreness in the back.

Also, this chair ensures comfortability to people who tend to sit on chairs for more than 5 hours or all day long. Hence, not only letting you maintain focus but also ensuring your physical health does not deteriorate due to poor posture problems.

Product Specifications

As the first-ever chair endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Zody chair is famous amongst consumers for obvious reasons. It has also received various awards and certifications over the years, inclusive of the Good Design Award.

Specifications of the Zody chair in essence of the structural dimensions include:

  • Back height -> 19″
  • Total height -> 16 – 21″
  • Width -> 19.25″

Other specifications regarding the high-performance utilizing innovative science for efficiency in comfort and wellness include:

  • Pelvic and asymmetrical lumbar support
  • Four-dimensional armrests
  • Adjustable seat
  • Upright backstop
  • Three-point tilt mechanism and other labeled adjustments

Furthermore, the Haworth Zody chair is an environment-friendly chair. You might be asking yourself, how so — did I read the statement correctly? If you are curious and care for nature as much as you care for your comfort, it will please you knowing that the chairs are manufactured using 51% recyclable material.

Also, as per various reviews, the Haworth Zody Chairs are produced in manufacturing facilities of Zero Waste to Landfill. Meaning, no waste from the production gets disposed of without recovering the energy. Thus, reducing pollution.

The fully adjustable Zody chair is also ninety-eight percent recyclable. It is also certified by the GreenGuard Children Schools. Hence, this chair is very user-friendly; not only does it provide comfort to the consumer but also to their environment! How cool is that?

Yay or Nay?

Investing in something and finding out later that the product is not suited for you is a major turnoff for almost everyone (unless you want your money wasted!). Therefore, comparing and weighing the pros and cons of a product is a crucial step.

Once you have gone through the product specifications and the key features it offers, you get an idea of what the product is all about. Consequently, you can decide if you want the product or not. The next step is weighing the advantages and disadvantages the product has to offer, which enables you to decide if the product is fit for you or not. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Zody chair.


To let you in on a fun fact about this chair, it is currently the ONLY chair to offer asymmetrical back support. Regular lumbar back chairs in the market today have symmetrical back support. To help understand this better, consider having two beans placed side by side. You can independently move each bean to whatever position you like. Similar is the case with asymmetrical back support chairs.

Haworth Zody Ergonomic Chair

You can adjust the back of symmetrical chairs as a single unit. However, in the case of Zody, you can independently adjust the right and left sides of the lumbar back. Moreover, the mesh back provides added comfort for prolonged sitting periods. Even more interesting, this chair also offers support to the pelvic passively through the PAL feature.

All of these are incredibly beneficial for individuals who regularly suffer from back-related issues. Apart from the improvised lumbar support, this Haworth chair still has a lot more to offer in the essence of adjustment mechanisms.

As mentioned earlier, the Zody chair has a highly innovative catalog of features. Most of these features are adjustment-related. For example, you can conveniently adjust the seat length and the height of the armrests. Some other things you can adjust include the seat height, multiple position bak-stop, pivots, and forward-tilt, etc.

Furthermore, it is cleverly engineered to suit a vast range of office environments. It can conveniently fit in the role of an office worker’s chair to the CEO’s chair – thanks to its sleek design. Being a chair that appears small and compact, the Zody chair does not occupy much space. However, it feels roomier when seated due to the versatile adjustment features to suit every individual.


When talking about the cons of this chair, the lower pelvic and lumbar support comprises plastic instead of metal like the whole chair. Although there must be supportive reasons for this specific feature, reviews tend to consider it a con. The reason why this is the case, the chair becomes susceptible to breaking or snapping if adjusted or stretched too far against the support with increased force.

Also, some people regard the chair as a pricey investment. The statement in itself is a paradox as no beneficial investment is costly. After all, the benefits are supposed to outweigh the price and how can we forget that everything comes with a price to pay? As an APTA endorsed chair, it is certified as cost-effective furniture. However, some may not be able to afford it, which is fine as there are other cheaper alternatives to turn to.

In a nutshell, the pros of the Zody Chair outweigh the cons — personal viewpoints may differ.

Things to Consider

If you are now on the last stage of purchasing the Haworth Zody Chair is ideal for you, take a notepad with you and make a list. The list will consist of all the things you must consider before finally choosing to buy it.

First of all, refer to all the pros and cons listed above. Personally, do you consider the cons to weigh heavier than the pros offered? If so, then there is one cross. However, if you think that the pros are better and you could dismiss the cons, then there is one check mark. Continue this list based on personal viewpoints. At the end of the list, if you have more check-marks than crosses, you will have deduced that the chair is best suited for you!

Some consumers had a common complaint. They reported that the lumbar support system required much work, and they would’ve enjoyed the seat much better without this feature. Others complained that the chair partially reclined even upon slight pressure exertion.


However, both of these are personal opinions because these features are a part of company’s design. The partial recline allows consumers to sway as well as slightly adjust to maximize their comfort. Therefore, preventing the chair from having a rigidly upright back.

Similarly, some features possibly may not meet your criteria of comfort. Thus, the cross and checklist may help you figure things out for yourself and the chair.

Final Words

Haworth Zody Price

By now, we’ve discussed everything about this phenomenal office chair in detail in this Haworth Zody review. I hope you would have decided whether or not to invest in the chair.

Haworth Zody Seat

I hope you have a great shopping experience!