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An Ergonomic Classic Think about the hours you spend sitting every day. Very gives you the responsive comfort you deserve, minimizing back pain and fatigue to be your most productive—no matter who you are or where you’re working. Opencart xampp. A collection of easy-to-use ergonomic controls let you personalize your comfort whenever y.


  • 2 Very Seating Very Features The Very task chair was designed with patented lumbar support, asymmetrical control, and supportive mesh to enhance comfort. Easy-to-use adjustments let each person tune the chair to fit their needs. Seat Designed with a strong core that provides comfort for your upper legs. Flexible seat pan with upholstered foam.
  • The Very Task office chair was born out of ergonomic research into the physical relationship between the user and the seating surface. Designed to react to your body's movements, the chair offers science-led support and optimal comfort.
  • The Very Task chair features all of the best ergonomic functions, allowing users to experience maximum comfort for extended periods of time. This includes our patented asymmetrical lumbar support, 4-dimensional arms, optional headrest, 20-degree chair recline, 3-point tilt, backlock, adjustable tilt tension and adjustable seat depth.
  • Refresh or Renew Need to upgrade or add to your Haworth products? These parts will add even more function to your office so you can do your best work. Arm Caps for Very Office Chair. Arm Caps for Very Office Chair. Regular price Starting at $50.00. Sale price $50.00 Sale. Unit price / per.

If you are working from the office or even at home, you will agree with me that the chair that you are using plays a significant role in your productivity. Over the years there have major developments in the kind of chairs available in the market. It is no doubt the kind of chair that you are using will not only help you in increasing your productivity but also essential in your health especially your back. That is why today we are going toreview the Haworth very task chair.

Haworth very task chair balances craft technology and clean geometry with form and comfort. It is equipped with patented asymmetrical lumbar support, and breathable suspension mesh back that corresponds with your body requirements specifically.

The Haworth very task chair is at home in your residence as it is at HQ. It’s outstanding quality, and durability make it a common item in most boardrooms, and its high-level comfort and all-time design make the very task chair the ultimate choice for a home office. Regardless of whether your Haworth very task chair is loaded fully with the 4D arms and lumbar, or it is configured with fixed arms without a lumbar for highlighting the minimal form.


  • Seat slider allows you to adjust depth so that it can accommodate users with different sizes
  • It contains the best and most adjustable lumbar support on the market
  • Mesh back make you cool
  • It can tilt forward
  • Available without arms
  • Its tilt tension adjustment is easy to use


  • 4-D arms sometimes move too easily
  • Option for forward tilt floats freely between forward tilt and full rear tilt
  • It plays a bit even when it is looked upright

Bottom Line

The Haworth Very Task chair can be used in any location. Itsfeatures make it ideal for both office and also while working at home. Although some postures may make you feel comfortable while on them, they can cause harm to your spinal health in the long run. Therefore, it is important when looking for a chair to consider a chair that can support different working postures. The Haworth Very Task chair gives you exactly that. The chair has easy-to-use adjustments that allow every user to set the chair to their needs. The chair is designed in a way that it can react with your body movements for maximum comfort. This makes the chair a better option for many people working while seated.


  • 3 Very Task Chair Features and Options
  • 4 Materials and Measurements

Haworth Very Task Chair Review – Summary

  • Seat: standard upholstered with foam
  • Back: Mesh containing an optional upholstered back jacket
  • Type of seat: standard depth with an adjustable range of 16’’ – 19’’ (406 mm – 483 mm)
  • Base: standard plastic or optional painted aluminum or painted five-star aluminum base which is optional
  • Task chair seat is adjustable at 5’’(127mm) from 16’’ – 21’’ (406mm – 533 mmm) in standard models. Low position adjusts 14’’ to 17’’ (356 – 432mm)
  • Arms: 4D, Height Adjustable arms, fixed arms having soft arm caps. Armless model is also available
  • Height adjustment: pneumatic or low-position pneumatic
  • Optional Headrest: Height is adjustable with articulating movement
  • Optional Adjustable Lumbar: 4’’ adjustment and flexible support
  • Mechanism: Balanced 3-point tilt: standard tilt tension
  • Casters: Five-star base containing casters: hard (black or two-tone – fog and gray) or soft (black)
  • A standard BACK lock
  • Headrest sent not attached
  • Made in Mississippi, USA
  • Production certification: ISO 14001
  • 12 years warranty

Very Task Chair Features and Options

It’s Fantastic

The Very Task chair is very fantastic. Whether you like colorful or classic, dark or bright, plastic or polished, the chair will make all your unique needs satisfied. You can choose your best choice from their ten fabrics, five leather and six meshes. They have endless possibilities. And you should not worry if you are not sure what to choose. You can choose top picks in our in-house designers or even make your creation with our option for ‘’Customize Your Chair’’.

Breathable Suspension Mesh

The very chair is equipped with ‘’magic’’ mesh where a lot of engineering skills have been applied. We understand that your body is not like a flat board and should never be treated in that manner. By using a propriety process, the mesh has been woven and also stretched so that it can have an adaptive surface that can fit the natural shape of the spine.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Very task chair makers had the earth in mind when making it. It is made in the United States containing over sixty percent recycled substances and is about 98 percent recyclable. When you have used the Haworth very task chair in your office for a long time, you will find that it is easy to disassemble it in about 20 minutes.

Asymmetric Lumbar Support

The very task has been outfitted with asymmetrical lumbar to make it a perfect ergonomists dream. The patented lumbar support is not just distinctive but necessary. A research done by Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University on 70 percent of users showed that most people prefer supporting one side of their spine more.

Works with Architecture


When Michael together with Czumaj-Bront started designing the Very Task, unlike their competitors, they were aiming to build a chair that aligned with architecture. Very has incorporated consistent forms of architecture making the chair appear more appealing in any setting. At its profile, the Haworth Very Task chair is as sleek and sharp as they come. The very task has a distinct look due to its sophisticated body that is dressed in one of the premium materials making it rare to find it elsewhere. Apart from having a great appearance, it is designed well and is functional and long-lasting. The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty backs very Task. It has 12 years, 24/7, multiple ship warranty.

Very task chair has won many awards. They include the GOOD Design Award, IDEA Gold award, Reddot Design Award, FX International Interior Design Award and is also certified by Greenguard Gold and BIFMA Level 3. You can customize your Very Task chair to a style that fits perfectly to your environment – regardless of its settings.


The chair has arms that promote comfort and proper support while in various working postures. You can choose from 4-D, adjustable height, or fixed arms that contain soft arm caps. The armless model also exists. The 4-D arms and are adjustable in many different ways and so you can find a position that offers comfortability and a supportive resting place.

Optional Forward Tilt

Haworth chairs manual

The Very chair is adjustable 5 degrees downward from its initial position so that it can easily support an upright, forward posture.


The Very Task chair as all the best ergonomic functions that enables users to experience high-level comfort for long periods of time. This comprises the patented asymmetrical lumbar support, 4-dimensional arms, optional headrest, 20-degree chair recline, 3-point tilt, backlock, adjustable tilt tension, and adjustable seat depth. These functions make it possible for the Very Task chair to be adjusted easily so that it can perfectly fit your body.

Materials and Measurements

Haworth Very Task Chair
  • Metal, Upholstery, and Polymer
  • Overall height 39 inch – 44 inch (991 mm – 1118 mm)
  • Overall width 27 inch / 686 mm
  • Overall depth 26 inch / 660 mm
  • Seat height 16 inch -21 inch (406 mm – 533 mm)
  • Seat width 19 inch / 483 mm



Very Task chair is sold at $661. The chair offers an excellent office sitting solutions that support each person’s comfort for a number of tasks. It contains a global perspective of design that helps unite people and spaces. It also comes in different colors. Although it is not one of the most affordable chairs in the market, it provides the comfort that your body needs due to its patented asymmetric lumbar support and breathable suspension mesh back.

Haworth Very Task Chair Lumbar Support


The Very Task chair may not be cheap by any standards. However, having it has been in the market for over 15 years, it proves how valuable it is. It easily helps solve the issue of posture and also allows users to rotate while working. The chair has been customized to cater to each person’s needs. You will agree with me that very few brands have gone to that level in order to offer such a customized solution. They have designs that can cover the different needs of people – from adults to also children. The brand has been able to compete effectively with its competitors. Its upholstery is made from recycled polyester and is cautious of environmental issues.

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With models and options to support a variety of task and collaborative needs, Very works to bring consistency throughout an organisation. Featuring chairs perfect for corner offices, conferencing, cafeterias, medical centres, classrooms —and all points in between — Very can operate in a wide range of environments. Very seating is easy on the environment. The chairs are manufactured usingrecycled content and offer a high degree of recyclability at the end of life.

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