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The accordion drying rack is an attractive, functional space saver for your laundry room or bathroom. When needed it extends out easily to provide 10 hanging racks; and when not in use racks collapse under an attractive top shelf that can hold supplies or decorative items. Five large coat hooks are also provided for added functionality. Dec 04, 2017 Sofas, chairs, and even bed frames eat precious space. It’s high time they pull double-duty. Here are the 15 best multi-purpose, space-saving furniture ideas and designs for every room in your small apartment, courtesy of Dolly. Click any of the links below to jump to space-saving furniture for a specific room: Space-Saving Entryway Furniture.

FACED WITH AN EVERYDAY PROBLEM OF DRYING MY LAUNDRY .. I finally decided enough is enough!
Do you live in apartments?
Do you have limited space?
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SPACE SAVER .. is an answer to all !

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I recently have been re-assessing my clothes storage techniques. You know what I mean? The way that we fold our clothes exactly the way that our mothers did it. The way that we get stuck in a pattern of doing things without realizing that there may be a better way. Well, after my reassessment, I discovered that the way that I have been doing things could stand to use some improvement, and these are the space saving ideas for clothes that I have adopted.

(This post may contain affiliate links (*). That means that I make a small commission from sales that result through these links, at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.)

Space Saving Ideas for Clothes – Drawers…

It seems like EVERYONE was has been flocking to the Marie Kondo* method for folding clothes. Well, since I was already pretty much in the habit of doing compact folding and standing – instead of laying – my clothes in a drawer, I didn’t think there would be anything that she could offer me. However, I decided to check it out anyway, because you never know until you try something.

For starters, I have now begun to fold my casual knit tops. Before, I only folded my t-shirts and sweaters. I discovered that these tops take up much less room in a drawer than they do hanging in my closet.

My drawers before were pretty organized, but as you can see, my t-shirts were still taking up too much space. This new technique for folding tops and tees is to do a small, 3 fold, rectangle. As you can see, the 4 tops in the first image (above) have been reduced to a smaller area than my current folding method. Plus, since they stand instead of laying, it is easy to see what you want – i.e. no more digging through stacks to find a top.

For my bras, I refuse to alter my methods, as I have yet to find one that I like better than what I have above. I use Victoria’s Secret storage method. Simply put, stack the cups inside each other -no folding required. Folding a bra can wear out the gore and damage the shape. This way helps them keep their shape. Not to mention, they look so pretty. ;-)

This method works for me, but I know some people’s bras do not have quite so much protrusion, and will not stand on their own. If you need something extra to help make your bras to hold their shape, the container store has this great Bra Organizer.* It is perfect for as a drawer divider for all of your bras. This bra organizer is recommended for bras up to cup size DD.
(Want more drawer organizing? Check out my dish drawer organizer).

Space Saving Ideas for Clothes – Closets…

One of the ways that I save space in my husband’s closet is to group dress shirts with jackets. It takes less space and fewer hangers. It also makes it easy for him to decide. :-) After all these years, I have a pretty good idea of what shirts he prefers with what jacket, but I do like to switch things around between wearings.

This method can also work for women suits. Although I like to see all of my shirts hanging independently, I usually group the out-of-season items in this fashion. This leaves me with more room for the in-season stuff.

Another space saving idea for clothes in a closet is to utilize specialty hangers. I like the pants’ hangers because they reduce bulky items into a compacted space.

One thing to note: When I buy specialty hangers that are intended to hold multiple items, I always by the stainless steel or wood and never the plastic. Although they initially cost a bit more, I have found that the plastic ones rarely hold up. With plastic, I usually just end up wasting my money.

This is a good example of a specialty hanger that comes in plastic. It is a good concept that works well, but only if you buy the stainless steel version.

With these, you can reduce multiple tops to a very small space. I like these for seasonal storage, as well.

Black bathroom space saver over toilet. 67-in Height White Over-the-Toilet Etageres Bathroom Space Saver Storage Cabinet with 2 Doors and Adjustable Shelf. Model #BA-HWY-7402. Compare; Find My Store. For pricing and availability. When it comes to a black bathroom space saver to hang over the toilet, the most common materials used are metal and wood. The right material for you largely depends on your situation. Wood is the more graceful and luxurious material when compared to metal. This space saver has a total of three fixed shelves of which the top two are finished in rich black durable paint and come with slatted shelves for that needed ventilation in the bathroom. The third shelf has a decorative rustic natural slate top to give that added touch. Mainstays 3-Shelf Over the Toilet Space Saver at Walmart 'This affordable unit comes in matte black, satin nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze and has three shelves, each with a 20-pound capacity.' Best with Open Shelves: UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer at Amazon.

More space saving ideas for clothes…

I like to fold dress shirts when the closets are too small to comfortably fit everything. A stack of folded shirts takes up much less space than the same amount when hung.

Just take a look at this closet. Instead of a double hanging space, the right compartment has been converted into shelving. The shirts stored on these shelves would never have fit in the same space if the had been hung. (You can find more small closet tips and tricks here).

The same concept can be applied to jeans. I like to fold them and stack them on shelves. It works in the stores, so I figure it can work in my home.

Hanging Clothes Space Saver Box

Another method for jeans is to roll them. I like this technique with kids jeans, not so much for bigger adults. Once you pass a certain size, the rolls are difficult to make and they look bulky. But, I do use this method for my leggings.

How To Hang Pants And Save Space

Final Thoughts…

There are so many different spaces saving ideas for clothes out there, and new ones seem to crop up every day. Do you have a special technique that you would like to share? Leave a comment below. I am always on the hunt for good storage methods. I’d love to hear about it!

Space Saver Clothes Hanging Rack

Hanging Clothes Space Saver

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