Google for small businesses

Google for small businesses

Google for Small Business – See tool options

Google’s tools for small businesses have never been more sought after than now in this time of crisis.

The normal reaction at such a time is precisely to intensify digital marketing actions, and for this, Google offers numerous options to help small and medium-sized businesses publicize their business.

We’ve lately turned google’s attentions to the market that really sustains its ad business, small and medium-sized businesses.

In this sense the search engine launched Google Express, a light version of Google Ads, improved Google My Business, launched the Google Portal For Small Business.

From a management standpoint, Google has also launched G Suite and developed a number of other tools to help small business owners.

Unfortunately Google’s tools for small businesses are not yet well known to most entrepreneurs. So in this article I will show you some strategies to use these tools.

Google’s top tools for small businesses

As I said earlier one of Google’s main focuses today is to help entrepreneurs take their first steps in terms of digital marketing.

For this the company has been offering simple but efficient tools to help them disseminate their products and services.

So let’s see what these tools are and how they can help your business begin the journey of discovering the digital marketing universe.

1 – Google My Business

Google’s first small business tool, and perhaps one of the most promising for local businesses, is Google My Business,which makes it possible for you to practically advertise for free on Google.

Google My Business allows companies to sign up, and after providing some basic business information, they can highlight in local searches, without having to pay anything for it.

Better yet, it allows people to make assessments of your business and interact with your business. To do this, it is enough that these people “follow” their business, as in any social network. Great, don’t you think?

To complete, you can also create product catalogs, and display them in your company profile. To learn more about Google My Business, click here.

2 – Google Ads Express

Another of Google’s tools for small businesses that deserves to be featured is Google Ads Express. This is what we can call the “light” version of Google Ads, but equally important in the process of advertising a company on Google.

Google Ads Express is the online advertising tool designed for companies to advertise their products and services on search engine response pages in the area of sponsored links.

To advertise on Google, you’ll first need to create an account in Google Ads,set payment methods, and then start creating your ads in a relatively simple way compared to the old AdWords.

This is one of Google’s tools for small businesses to return faster, because just set up the ads and in a few minutes they will already be running and generating traffic to your site.

3 – Google For Small Business

This is perhaps one of Google’s tools for more interesting SMEs for those who want to take their first steps in the world of digital marketing. The Google For Small Businessportal works as a true digital marketing consultant.

By accessing the site you will answer some questions about your business, and from your answers, the system creates a personalized digital marketing plan involving the main tools of the Google platform.

It’s google’s most basic small business marketing tools, one that a layman, and even skilled professionals, should consult, whether at least to have a first marketing plan.

Because digital marketing for small businessesusually starts with the company’s own team, it’s a great source of consultation to start organizing your business. To learn more about this tool, read the presentation by clicking here.

4 – Google G Suite

G Suite is an application suite developed by Google that allows full integration of applications into a single platform. The proposal of the package is to give agility to the administrative and managerial actions of the day to day of a company.

With cloud information storage, and complete connectivity from the entire team of employees, Google’s small business system offers a range of digital solutions such as video conferencing, standalone email, calendars, and more.

G Suite is a paid tool, but it’s worth it, because the integration it promotes makes the productivity gain far outweigh the investment made in purchasing the package license. To learn more, click here.

As you can see, Google’s tools for small businesses have helped many small and medium-sized companies make a digital immersion, whether in marketing or administrative.

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