Gitlab And Sourcetree

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Gitlab allows to nest groups, e.g.:

SourceTree seems to not be able to cope with that (probably because Github does not support such nesting, and Gitlab support in SourceTree builds on top of the Github feature)


Answering my own question turns out the embedded git version 1.9.5 of SourceTree does not work with gitlab and the multiple 302 redirects one is getting when using the https scheme. Selecting a system installed git version (in my case 2.5.0) works as far as I can tell. 3) SourceTreeからGitlabに最初のソースコード一式をあげる ・SourceTreeのRepository/Project SettingsからAddを押下する ・Remote NameをOriginにする URL/PathはGitlabのプロジェクトのURLを追加する( 1)を参考).


When checking out such a project, SourceTree writes into the .git/sourcetreeconfig file this config:

When executing 'Create Pull Request' in SourceTree, it tries to open which of course does not exist and show a 404 page.

Even when modifying the .git/sourcetreeconfig config to point to the correct project path company/subgroup/subsubgroup/project (and then restarting SourceTree), it does not work, then the 'Create Pull Request' action will just do nothing. So SourceTree cannot cope with multiple group levels.

We use a self-hosted version of Gitlab, but I guess the issue should affect too.

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Gitlab And Sourcetree
Because SourceTree does not have a specific protocol defined for GitLab in it's Accounts tab, clicking Remotes and selecting from the list of known repositories will not work. You need to change your approach when cloning repositories from GitLab to the 'Clone from URL' method. Load in your browser.

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In respect to this, can you use SourceTree with GitLab?Sourcetree

There does not seem to be a way to set up a GitLab account within SourceTree, but if you just clone a remote repo it will use your SSH key correctly. Edit: After SourceTree 3.0 it is possible to add various non-Atlassian git accounts, including GitLab. Those are optional settings.

Secondly, does SourceTree work with GitHub? Download and install SourceTreeSourceTree can be found at It is preferred to Github for Windows or Visual Studio's git integration because only SourceTree gives you UI support to follow the git-flow development process.Jiffy lube pearl kai.

Beside this, does GitKraken work with GitLab?

With this new integration, GitLab users can now work more efficiently in GitKraken to manage repositories. Save time by leveraging GitKraken's integration with GitLab to do things like generate and connect SSH keys, find available remote repositories to clone, and more—all without ever leaving GitKraken.

Are Git and GitLab the same?

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Both, GitLab and GitHub are web-based Git repositories. The aim of Git is to manage software development projects and its files, as they are changing over time. A git repository is a central place where developers store, share, test and collaborate on web projects.