Giroflex G64 Managerial Chair

Giroflex G64

Solid wood over the toilet cabinet. Giroflex G64 Ergonomic Chairs. 2nd Hand – ORANGEBOX. From £149 plus VAT. The Giroflex G64 green Ergonomic swivel chair is a design classic; Used but in excellent condition; With a padded seat and padded back; With height adjustable wing back arms; With a height adjustable seat; Upholstered in any coloured fabric: Camira Phoenix; On a grey. Giroflex G64 High Back Manager chair (available in 5 different colours) One of the most successful task chairs in recent years, G64 has set new standards for this market sector. Its precision engineering delivers a chair of proven longevity, with 98% of its parts recyclable.

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No two workplaces are the same, and the G64 family can cater for everything from call centres to executive offices, so depending on the product specification. The G64 does set new standards for this market sector, because of the precision engineering delivering proven longevity, and with 98% of its parts being recyclable.

The Giroflex 64 swivel chair stands for noticeably correct sitting. This global million seller classic of office furnishings guarantees perfect seating comfort. Technical perfection and scientifically tested ergonomics allow the Giroflex 64 swivel chairs optimal support in every sitting position. The dual-zone seat profile is used on this chair for the first time ensures support and wellbeing.

designed by Walser Design / Paolo Fancelli

Seat: dual-zone seat profile

Giroflex g64 managerial chair parts

The rear part of the seat supports the pelvic area and prevents the occupant from sliding forward. The front part of the seat has a slight forward tilt to relieve pressure on the thighs. With the Giroflex G64 chair series, the dual-zone seat profile has established itself worldwide.

Mechanism: Organicmove

The synchronized mechanism is the power and movement centre of the chair. It coordinates backrest tilt and seat so that the joints are moved, the body stretches and overall circulation is made easier. Available with 6 locking positions or “Freefloat”.

Lumbar support: height adjustable and optionally depth adjustable

It ensures a relaxed posture and relief of the spine.

Body weight: individuality taken into account

The back tilt resistance can be adjusted to the body weight.

Basic functions

Seat and backrest height adjustment are fundamental for ergonomics in the workplace but are a matter of course for giroflex office chairs. So with the giroflex 64 swivel chair, seat depth adjustability is additionally integrated as standard.

Giroflex G64 Managerial Chairs

£165.00+ vat

Used Giroflex G64 Black Leather Managers Chair

The used Giroflex G64 manager Chair comes with fixed arms, a sliding seat, height adjustable back, gas lift height adjustment and synchro action.

About Giroflex.
Giroflex chairs meet the needs of the human anatomy. Office chairs that allow and support healthy, dynamic, mobile and active sitting. Whether swivel chairs, conference chairs, visitor’s chairs or other types of seating. This has been the focus of our energy and skill since 1872. With worldwide success.

Giroflex G64 Managerial Chair For Sale


Giroflex chairs are high quality products and make quality experienceable in every respect. In materials and workmanship, in technologies for comfort and in ease of use. Thanks to the high degree of vertical integration and its own development, Giroflex can uncompromisingly maintain its quality standards.

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