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In this tutorial, Today I will explain to how to get current GMT Date Time in Magento 2. To get Current GMT Date Time Magento provide class for that MagentoFrameworkStdlibDateTimeDateTime. You need to inject it in your construct class to get GMT Date Time.

Follow this below way to get GMT Date Time :

(Convert to Greenwich Mean Time) In the C Programming Language, the gmtime function converts a calendar time (pointed to by timer) and returns a pointer to a structure containing a UTC (or Greenwich Mean Time) value. Here, Bias is the number of minutes that are added to the local time to get GMT. In the USA Central Time Zone, this value is 360 minutes, or 6 hours. Conversion is based on the following two relationships: GMT = LocalTime + Bias LocalTime = GMT - Bias. These relationships do not reflect Daylight Savings Time, since GMT does not change with.

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First of all, I created Helloworld.php block file at app/code/RH/Helloworld/Block/ and paste the below code. In your construct you need to inject class MagentoFrameworkStdlibDateTimeDateTime. After that,gmtDate() function will return current GMT Date Time.

You can use this code in your block file or any other files. Here, getCurrentGMTDateTime() function will return current GMT Date Time. You can see output of that function.

Output : 2021-03-11 17:31:26

That’s it !!!

I hope this blog is easy to understand how to get current GMT Date Time in Magento 2.In case, I missed anything or need to add some information, always feel free to leave a comment in this blog, I’ll get back with a proper solution.

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