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In Git, branches are commonly used in order to develop features independently from the main workflow. Git is a decentralized versioning system: as a consequence, you have local and remote branches on your repository. Gerrit Code Review vs SourceTree: What are the differences? What is Gerrit Code Review? OpenSource Git Code Review Tool. Gerrit is a self-hosted pre-commit code review tool. It serves as a Git hosting server with option to comment incoming changes. It is highly configurable and extensible with default guarding policies, webhooks, project access. You can use SourceTree to push and pull with any valid git remote. First of all set the basic settings for your Git configuration by clicking on the settings button in SourceTree and add your name, email and SSH Key. Make sure the option “SSH Client” is set to PuTTY/Plink. SourceTree + Gerrit 通过Mac 上的SourceTree向Gerrit服务推送代码. 通过sourcetree向gerrit服务推送资源时不能直接推送。因为在gerrit上需要审查代码,审查代码之后才会合并到master。 不清楚gerrit工作流程的可以查阅下面的文档 gerrit的工作流程及使用可以查阅这个文档.

Discuss code

and boost your team's code fu by talking about specifics.

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Serve Git

As an integrated experience within the larger code review flow.

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Manage workflows

with deeply integrated and delegatable access controls.

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Our latest release is:


Discuss code

Read old and new versions of files with syntax highlighting and coloreddifferences. Discuss specific sections with others to make the right changes.

Manage and serve Git repositories

Gerrit includes Git-enabled SSH and HTTPS servers compatible with allGit clients. Simplify management by hosting many Git repositoriestogether.

Navigate projects

Control access

Update branches

Mac sourcetree gerritGerrit Sourcetree

Schedule git gcover all managed repositories andreplicateto geographical mirrors for latency reduction and backup servers for hotspare redundancy.

Extensible through plugins

Gerrit Code Review can be extended and further customized by installingserver-side plugins.Source code for additional plugins can be found through theproject listing.


Members of the Gerrit community are expected to behave within the guidelines of the community’s Code Of Conduct when representing the community. Eve online make real money. We would like to praise some of the more recent accomplishements from the community.

Gerrit Source Control

Members of the community will discuss most Gerrit related things on the repo-discuss mailing list. Events such as user summits and hackathons are announced there. You can also see the events posted on our community calendar'>Calendar, or if you prefer to follow us on [email protected] For a more real-time Gerrit discussion, see our Slack channel


Please refer to the support page for more details.

Training Slides

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These have been moved to the Presentationspage under Community. More presentations are made available there as well.