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120mm naval guns on the chassis of Japanese Chi-Ha tanks were supposed to hit the landing American troops with direct fire. The mobile coastal artillery was to be the last-chance weapon to save Japan from the Allied invasion. Type 97 Chi-Ha Long Gun, SPG, Japan, II rank. 游戏视频:「战争雷霆」=AKINA=Billboard g91ys击杀集锦(国服录像回放). フィアット G.91Y 用途 : 戦闘爆撃機 設計者 : ジュゼッペ・ガブリエッリ 製造者 : フィアット 、 アエリタリア 運用者 : イタリア ( イタリア空軍 ) 初飛行 : 1966年 12月27日 生産数 :67機 表示 フィアット G.91Y ( Fiat G.91Y )は、 1966年 に初飛行を行った イタリア の 地上攻撃機 / 偵察機 で. Italy: arietepso / otomatic / G55s (4300 GE) / G91YS / ro57quadriarma i use middleman service so no worry (YAK3 1600GE) F2G-1 'Super Corsair' coupon.

  • Flight Handbook for the G91 dated 1958. This is likely to be the first manual for the aircraft applicable to the prototypes. In English with approx 140 pages.
  • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the G91-T3, GAF TO 1-G91(T3)-1 dated 1-1-66, approx 310 pages. In English.

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  • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the G91-R3, GAF TO 1-G91(R3)-1 dated 1-3-64, approx 198 pages. In English.
  • NATO Flight Manual for the G-91-R4, in English, T.O. NATO 1RF-G91-R4 dated 20-5-61 revised to 20-7-61, with approx 146 pages. This is the only “NATO” flight manual we have ever seen. The manual is in English and the aircraft on the cover photo are in Portuguese Air Force markings.

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  • Italian air force (Aeronautica Militare) flight manual for the G91R/1. “Istruzioni E Norme Per Il Pilotaggio”, CA.11-G91R/1-1 dated 15-7-62, with approx 215 pages, in Italian.
  • Italian air force (Aeronautica Militare) flight manual for the G91Y. “Istruzioni E Norme Per Il Pilotaggio”, AA.1F-G91Y-1 dated 1970, with approx 277 pages, in Italian.
  • Manufacturer’s detailed technical proposal document titled “G91Y Weapon System” dated May 1966 with approx 75 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s colour brochure on the G91Y, undated with approx 39 pages.
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Politoys AZ airplane serie (1:200 scale)

G91YS I Hate These Guns.mp4

Serie sold in 1972 and 1973. The models was sold at 300 Lire.

About G91 YS - Fighters - War Thunder - Official Forum
  • AZ 1 Phantom F4K
  • AZ 2 F104 Starfighter
  • AZ 3 Mirage 4A
  • AZ 4 Mig 21C
  • AZ 5 Thunderchief F105
  • AZ 6 Hustler B58
  • AZ 7 Hawker Harrier
  • AZ 8 Northrop F5A
  • AZ 9 Fiat G91YS
  • AZ10 Saab 37 Viggen
  • AZ11 Skyhawk
  • AZ12 Mig 23

Polistil CA tank serie (1:50 scala)

Six tanks produced near 1975.

  • CA101 Russian T-62
  • CA102 Chieftain Mark III
  • CA103 Tigre II Konigstiger

I Just Unlocked The G.91 YS, Why Is This Thing 10.0 ..

Politoys APS plastic tanks (without serie identifier)

This plastic tank serie has been produced near 1955 in 1:160 scale, in very poor quality. Under the tank there was only the triangular simbol with the APS letters. The name and the country of the tank was written on the upper side. The random color of the plastic was not uniform.

The Only Way Is Up - G.91 YS Commentary [War Thunder]

  • U.R.S.S. – Stalin
  • U.S.A. – Patton
  • U.S.A. – Sherman
  • Germany – Pantner
  • Germany – Mark M (5?)
  • U.S.A. – Pershing
  • Germany- T65 (?)
  • Italy – Fiat 1935
  • U.R.S.S. – T34
  • Locomotiva con vagone