Fv4202 War Thunder

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  1. War Thunder Fv4202 7.0
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It is possible you may be the best FV4202 player on earth and thus have the best stats in the world. But balancing based on 1 player is not the best action. The Thunderskill average.

History: The FV4202 was an experimental tank based on the Centurion medium tank. It was in development from 1956-1959, but never saw mass production. Technical improvements on this tank led to the development of the FV4201 Chieftain.

War Thunder Fv4202 7.0

Fv4202 War Thunder

Mobility: The FV4202s mobility is its main drawback, we’ll start here. The tank features a top speed of only 32 km/h, which is typical of the British mediums. Also typical of the British mediums is the awful reverse speed of only -4 km/h. This reverse speed can, and will, get you killed. But the engine features fairly good horsepower, so you will get up to that top speed on even terrain.

Armor: The armor of the FV4202 is extremely well sloped and tends to bounce a lot of shells. The turret front has an effective thickness that varies from as much as 300mm to 150mm. However, this is all extremely well sloped, meaning that most rounds at 6.7 will bounce. In an uptier, this armor does still preform, but you can’t truly rely on it. The upper plate of the the tank is only 50mm, but it is sloped back at a 70 degree angle, making it very likely to bounce shells. The lower plate, while being 75mm thick, is only sloped at a 45 degree angle, and so it is a major weak spot at it’s tier. The sides and rear of the tanks are 51mm and 31mm respectively, so the tank is venerable to SPAA if they get around you.

Fv4202 War Thunder Download

Gun: The 83.4mm 20pdr OQF Mk.1 cannon is a staple of the British 6.7 lineup, and for good reason. The stock armor-piercing ballistic capped shell has a penetration value of 215mm at 100m, and thanks to the solid-shot ammo buffs that came with the French tanks this round does a very nice amount of damage once it enters a tank. But the main event with this gun is the armor-piercing discarding sabot shot, which features a devastating 283mm of penetration at 100m. This round completely shreds armor at 6.7, and does a pretty good job in an upteir too. This gun’s pinpoint accuracy and stabilizer makes it a versatile force to be reckoned with.

Fv4202 War Thunder Light

Best ide for web developer. How to play: There are several ways to play the FV4202. The first is as a sniper: get your tank hull down, and with your -10 degrees of gun depression you can pick off enemies while being all but impervious to incoming fire. The other is a brawler: the stabilizer gives you the ability to react without needing to stop, and the armor can be quite imposing if the enemy does not know where to shoot.