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Ten Best Plex Plugins You Must Try In 2020.

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FilmOn is a way of watching broadcast TV online for free. We're big fans of cord-cutting here at Lifehacker, but you still occasionally miss broadcast TV, especially sports. Nvidia Shield, Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network. With the FilmOn plugin, you can stream nearly any channel including sports, comedy, movies, etc. It offers access to almost every global content, movies, or TV shows without any demographic restriction. So, if you want to see an Indian channel in the USA or UK, FilmOn is the best plugin to install on Plex Player.

Plex plugins are deprecated. Hence, some Plex plugins may not work depending on the version of Plex.

Plex turned off support for plugins last year, but thankfully it still allows you to manually load them through WebTools. The only problem now that there is no app store, how do you find good Plex plugins? Well, I myself have used some kind of Plex plugin that allows you to stream live, automatically download subtitles, and even change the Plex interface. So let’s take a look at them.

Before we start

The way to download all Plex plugins is exactly the same. So let’s take a look at how you install plugins on Plex Media Server.

First, download the plugin zip file. You can use the links below or go to the Plex forum. After downloading the zip file, unzip it and copy the plugin_name.bundle folder to your local Plex Plugins folder. To access your local folder, right-click the Plex icon in the bottom tray and select “Open Add-ons Folder”. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the following location in the Run box and press Enter. % LOCALAPPDATA% Plex Media Server Plugins

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Once you have copied the plugin package folder, restart the Plex Server. After rebooting, you should see the plugin in the Plugins section.

For Ubuntu, macOS, or Debian visit this GitHub page to learn about the plugin installation process.

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Best Plex Accessories in 2019

1. WebTools

WebTools is an unofficial Plex app store for the Plex server. It allows you to download all of the previously listed apps directly to Plex. The WebTools App Store is a web portal that must be accessed via a separate IP address that will be displayed when you click on the plugin. The credentials for WebTools will be the same as those for Plex.

By default, Plex Media Server does not assign a password to your account. So, set a password before accessing WebTools.

Download WebTools

2. Trakt Scrobbler or Trakt Scrobbler is an incredibly popular plugin among Plex users and it was disappointing when Plex removed it from Plex channels. However, you can still download it via WebTools and it works flawlessly. In case you didn’t know, it tracks your progress on TV shows and movies you’ve watched by syncing the playlist to the track ID, and it also provides ratings for clips.

However, if multiple people are viewing the same content through the Plex server, it is difficult for them to keep in sync and can be annoying at times like this.

Visit GitHub

3. mangahere

If you read Mangas or most of your users read Manga, this is a great plugin for adding Mangas to your Plex server. mangahere redirects manga from . The plugin is present inside WebTools and you just need to install it to run it on your Plex server. The plugin provides an interface for reading the manga on Plex itself instead of visiting the manga website.

Download manga from here


IPTV is a handy plugin that tries to stream live TV to your Plex Media Server. It reads live TV broadcasts over the Internet and streams them to your Plex server. This brings more cable TV experience to your Plex users. Live broadcasts include movies, news channel and almost all categories.

Download IPTV

5. Movie en

FilmOn takes multimedia streaming to the next level by integrating free TV channels. You have channels from almost every category like sports, comedy, horror, etc. It broadcasts you channels from different countries regardless of geolocation. You will have to pay for paid content, which also includes a pay-per-view service.

You will need to register with the FilmOn website and enter your credentials on the Plex Server. War thunder new jets.

Download FilmOn

6. Tautulli

Plex already has a built-in Activity dashboard, and that might be enough if you’re working with fewer people on your server. But when you zoom in, an advanced plugin like Tautulli aka PlexPy will help you. Tautulli gives you a graphical view of watch times, current shows and other people’s bandwidth consumption. Thus, if you have multiple IP addresses that are accessed from the same IP address, it is easy to identify the bottleneck.

Download Tautulli

7. Quasi-zero

Recently, I started watching Korean dramas suggested by my other half, and I find it difficult to understand the context without subtitles. Sub-Zero is another Plex plugin that creates subtitles for your movies. Now Plex already provides a built-in subtitle generator called OpenSubtitles, but it doesn’t work in most cases. Even Sub-Zero is not perfect and has its drawbacks, but it does collect subtitles from 10 separate subtitle provider and API sites.

If the subtitles don’t work, you can also go online, find the SRT (SubRip Subtitle file) files and manually transfer them to Sub-Zero. This GitHub wiki will walk you through the entire process.

Download Sub-Zero

8. Umbi

Ombi is a plugin that you should only use if you receive frequent requests from users to upload or download content to your Plex Server. It provides a web portal to manage all movie requests. So, instead of each user contacting you directly, they can submit a request for content on the portal. As soon as you download the content, the user is notified of the download by email. Users can also report issues on a specific issue.


It is similar to PlexRequests, but has a relatively active development.

Download Ombi

9. Theater and trailers

TheaterTrailers is an interesting Python script that downloads movie trailers from YouTube for you. Best of all, trailers are automatically deleted after the release date. This is a good way to maintain interest in content on the Plex server. TheaterTrailers will require Python, YouTube-DL and TMDB installed on your Plex web server.

Download TheaterTrailers

10. Old time movie

As the name suggests, Old Movie Time lets you play old classics on a Plex server. The user interface is very simple with the listed movie genres like Action, Crime Mystery, OMT B Classic, etc. Old Movie Time allows you to stream content in FullHD with AAC audio codec. Although the collection of films is rather small, it is definitely worth a try. The classics listed are definitely a treasure to explore. You can find OMT in the WebTools store.

Download Old Movie Time

11. Ice films

If you are a Roku user, this plugin is a must on your Plex server. IceFilms receives various TV shows and movies from Roku TV on your Plex server. You have the option to set up your email ID so IceFilms can notify you when your favorite show is available. Chances are IceFilms won’t work as expected for you because the GitHub version has never been updated. You can go back to LetMeWatchThis, which is an IceFilms alternative.

Download IceFilms and LetMeWatchThis

12. openPHT

Plex Server does not have a dedicated application and I have to open a web portal every time to check the server or download content. openPHT is a third party add-on that provides an intuitive interface for the Plex media server. It is available for almost all operating systems including macOS, Debian, OpenBSD, etc. The best use case I’ve found is instead of logging into a web portal to listen to content, I prefer to open openPHT and push the content to the server.

Another similar Plex client is Transmorgify, a Google Chrome extension. It provides quick shortcuts in the Plex web client and even some useful statistics. They come in handy when your Plex server is loaded with content and users.

Download openPHT

13. Plex Export

Plex Export is a handy plugin if you want to share your media list without giving them access to the entire Plex server. It creates an HTML page with all your Plex content. Now this HTML does not require any credentials and can be accessed by anyone.

You need PHP installed on your Plex Server

Download Plex Export


Plex could point out that the number of users using Plex channels is negligible, but the availability of plugins is huge. This GitHub page has a list of some other small Plex plugins that can open TV, music channels for you. WebTools also has an extensive application repository that lets you install plugins with a single click.

For any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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