Failed My Midterm

Failed my econ 41 midterm, anyone taken Danis's class has tips on how I can better prepare for the final? What if I failed the class, will it go on. I took my first chem midterm (and first midterm as a college student) a few days ago, and failed it. While my entire class did not fare much better than I, I have passed feeling sorry for myself and am now determined to start changing my study habits so that this won't happen again. For the last midterm, I had put in a lot of effort and hours.

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  2. Failed My Midterm
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Usually, students drag their feet when it is time to do something that is out of the their comfort zone. The start the semester with high hopes and then, all of a sudden they realize something is wrong: they are having a great deal of troubles dealing with their stats homework. They just don't understand what the instructor says. But the hopes are still high, they think that somehow everything will be alright. They get a C in the first two homework assignments, but hey, they think it is a fluke. Until they fail their midterm, and they realize: I really need some help with my stats.

A little bit too late. Well, not really, but signs were there. Maybe reacting earlier would have made everything easier. But that is ok. It is human nature to be in denial sometimes. I get it: you can get your head around the idea that you are not doing good at a math (stats) class.

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You were told in high school that were good at math. All teachers you had thought you were good at math. So what is happening now? It can be many things, but the only thing that is clear is that you need to take action and take it quick, because if you do nothing, likely the next midterm will come and you will fail again. Math classes, including stats, have this thing that if you get lost at some point, you will get progressively more lost in time if you don't do something about. Things build up upon previous material.

Take action as soon as you realize you are lost.

Now you have accepted that you need help, you will have to evaluate your options. What is that works for you? Have you thought about joining a study group? That is one option. Try find other people who are equally lost as you are and maybe together you will find the answer. It may work, but I'm personally not too optimistic about that approach. It is like being lost in the jungle and getting happy because you find other people who are equally lost as you. It could give you some comfort, but it does not take out of the problem necessarily.

Another alternative you have to retain a statistics homework help service. They can definitely help you to catch with the contents, they can help you do your stats homework, they can show you how to effectively solve problems that are likely to be included in midterms and exams. In summary, they can give you all their expertise, and help you use it on your favor. Now, obviously your mileage varies: some services are great, and others not so much.

Get your team ready for when you need it

Finding stats help via tutors, statistics chat room, or online stats services are only a few of the possibilities you have. Make sure you explore and find what suits you best. Have your options close to you and make sure you can access them quick, when you needed.

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I Just Failed My Midterm

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Failed My Midterm

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I Failed My Midterm

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I Failed My Math Midterm

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Failed My Midterm Reddit

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