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We dont have A4 series in war thunder, and the F5 isnt a dedicated CAS attacker. Its a 'no frills' Tactical Fighter bomber primarily for export sale so it could be affordable for countries with modest defense budgets Edited January 25, 2019 by RanchSauce39. War Thunder 'Ixwa Strike' - Changelog A new line of South African ground forces, the first Variable Swept Wing jet and over 30 new vehicles are joining the game! New location, tactical air-to-surface missiles and a pilot HUD along with new graphical effects, gunfire sounds for aircraft, and much more! Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example: reference to the series of the aircraft; links to approximate analogues of other nations and research trees. Official data sheet - more details about the performance. Eclipse install.

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In April 1975, South Vietnamese Air Force lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Trang bombed his presidential palace in Saigon on his F-5E, after which he flew to one of the airfields in North Vietnam. This bombing was the prologue to the victory of North Vietnam and the stampede of the Americans. The Vampire FB 5 is a rank V British jet fighter with a battle rating of 7.7 (AB/SB) and 7.3 (RB). It was introduced in Update 1.33.

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F5 War Thunder Review

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