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With current plex prices that is like $20 once to get some starting money and than just farm about 30 minutes per day to get to farm that plex. BTW, he was able to pay back his billion isk bs within one weekend of heavy farming and managed to lose it after two weeks because he was stupid. PLEX is an in-game item that can be traded for ISK and to pay for Omega Clone state game time and character services. You can trade PLEX on the regional market directly from the PLEX Vault, or by transferring it to your inventory. ISK, PLEX, SKill Injectors - EVE Online Tradeable Currencies. ISK - InterStellar Kredits are the primary currency in EVE Online.Players can use it to trade with one another (to buy or sell items), use it on the in-game market for ISK-based transactions as well as accept contracts between other players for services, characters or other assets.

Isk For Plex

What is PLEX in Eve Online?

PLEX also known as 30 Days Concord Pilot License Extension is a combination of a time-code and a valuable and useful game item in Eve Online. A player can buy the PLEX from CCP and use it in several different ways:

- He can add 30 days to his game time

- He can sell the PLEX at a local market and this way – he’ll convert the PLEX into ISKs.

- He can use the PLEX for character transfer from one account to another

Unlike other time-cards PLEX is an in-game item and it means that you can buy it for ISKs and this way you can add the game time to your character without spending real money. It comes handy for those players who make a lot of ISKs in the game and they are able even to maintain their monthly subscription. This makes the PLEX quite unique as an in-game item among other MMO games where a skilled player can play the game for free, unlike other games where a player has to pay more to be able to level up.


Also you have to understand that like all in-game items in Eve Online PLEX depends on the current market price fluctuations and its price can change from time to time. That is important to keep in mind in case you are a trader and you’re selling PLEX. All in all PLEX is one of those things that makes Eve Online game experience unique and unforgettable adding a new game element to it’s complex and profound universe.

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If you dreamed of becoming an immortal space pilot who flies among the stars and commands a huge ship or even an entire fleet, then the universe of EVE Online is waiting for you. The site on which you are now will help new players learn more about this game and prepare for space adventures!
Starting to play in EVE Online, new pilots face difficulties related to the complexity of the game. EVE Online is really different from 99% of other online games that you can play.
On our site you will learn a lot of general information about EVE Online, read about the fundamentals of the game process required for a novice pilot. Our eve online store will help to quickly catch up with experienced players in the game and fight them on the same level. Using products from our eve online market will make your game more interesting and dynamic.
What is interesting in Eve Online?
Eve online charaters growing up without your direct involvement. Eve online skills are learning by themselves, even when you are offline. Do not need to kill enemies daily, as in other games to improve the level of your eve online character. Be engaged in what you are interested in!
This game has many game paths. It has a place not only war, but also industry, production, politics. This is a cosmic sandbox. Industry pilots who mining minerals and building ships are in demand more than military pilots;
Eve online ships has a LEGO constructor principle. You can use not only protective systems and turrets, but also a huge amount of engineering and radio electronic equipment. Equip your EVE ships for your purposes.
Eve online has an interesting, playable economy. Everything in the game is produced by the players themselves, the market and the industry are actively grow up. Production includes the extraction of resources, their transportation and processing, operations with eve blueprints and the actual manufacture of products.
PVP in EVE online is like a chess game. This is a short and brutal fights in which the loser loses everything.
The result depends not only on your damage per second, but also on other factors: the optimal distance, speed, shields and armor. The winner is the one who knows his eve ship better, and knows how to use its capabilities;
The fleet consists of many specialists, each of which has its own role. Eve frigates, interdictors, logistic ships – the victory of the fleet in battle largely depends on the actions of specialists;
The battles with the participation of hundreds and thousands of players, is an ordinary situation for this game.

Eve online Isk
The main game currency is Eve Isk. A large number of Eve isk will give you the necessary protection and powerful weapons, which can defeat even experienced players. If you are a beginner who has just finished the first game missions then you better take care of your own safety in the cruel world of Eve.
Buying isk allows you to immediately start trading, fight against enemies, or even build your great empire. You do not have to wait months and be content with small ones!
The universe of the game does not stop even for a second. Very soon a war is coming, and today you can buy isk, to be completely ready for it.
It does not matter which fate you chose for your character – to become a pirate or traders, a scientist or a lone soldier, the main thing is to go to it wisely. Each player chooses the buy eve online isk himself and starts dictating his rules or moving slowly fearful of each incoming ship. Buy Eve isk and you can experience all the splendor of the cosmic universe of the game.

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Eve Online How To Get Plex With Isk

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How to earn ISKS in EVE Online?
Eve Online missions
The passage of missions is one of the simplest options in game.
It is quite interesting and varied. There are missions for the transport of goods, asteroid mining, combat missions and production. The player chooses which missions fit him. The reward for assignments will allow you to earn very well.
Eve Online Mining
Mining ore requires the player full dedication, as well as a considerable amount of time. Many people think that this is the simplest way to make some eve money and can generally be conducted in afk-mode, but in fact it is not so easy.
On one ship, you can not get enough ore, but if you have several Eve online accounts, you can create a huge mining fleet with Rorqual command ship and Hulks mining barges.
Eve online manufacturing
Manufacturing is a simple, interesting and profitable way.
Thanks to the unique PvP system in EVE Online, when a ship is destroyed, the player loses absolutely everything. So any player constantly comes back for a new ship. Thus, there will always be sufficient demand, you will only have to produce new ships.