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Abysra is a leader board related to abyssal PVP. It's based on ELO rating system. The website is nearly an apps sitting on PHP/HTML/JQUERY. Killmails come from Zkillboard while killmails details. Zkillboard.com is a killboard for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) EVE-Online.

Eve Online How To Use Zkillboard

Zkillboard missing Kills!

If I shoot one suspect down, but I don’t get the killing blow, because a random person passes by, and they’ll wait for him to die, then shoot in the last moment and get the killing blow! He never posts it on the killboard, or the suspect never posts it, so therefore it would never come up on the kill board!

(I can imagine there are many who have a similar issue)


It is too bad that i cant post the kill myself. Can CCP please make it so that all kills you are on gets in the combat log so it gets posted on the killboard automatically when you linked your API to the killboard. Now is only killblow get combat log!


Something negative to add is that it’s not possible to post the kill yourself! I’ve made all the dmg and because one person shoots when he has 10% Structure back, so I don’t get the kill. It’s pretty annoying!
and it happens quite often!

In the last month i lost around 20 kills even a orca.

CCP please fix this!

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A completely different topic! I have never understood why the CCP never created their own kill board!?
Eve online is a pvp game!

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I wish greatly that you would implement an in-game killboard! It’s missing!