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Hello. I have non-steam accounts and non-steam launcher. I had some money at my steam wallet, so I decided to create a new alt through Steam and buy subscription. I bought 3 month subscription, game appeared at Library and Steam-launcher installed to my PC.
I opened this launcher, saw my pinned non-Steam accounts and new window appeared. At this window I need to log in through Steam to add new account.
I entered my Steam credentials, entered 2FA code for Steam and then got this message:
We are currently in the process of creating your EVE account. Please try again in a few minutes.

Click on EVE online and select 'I want to permanently remove this game from my account.' Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Once you have removed the game from your library, you can add EVE Online again. This will create a new account, a Steam EVE Online account. This should resolve the issue. Edit: If you create a user account at eveonline.com and link it with your steam account, you can still purchase products from steam and have it applied to your character, but this is not an account transfer, it just links the two accounts. This is an option that i didn't know existed when i did a transfer a year ago. EVE Online Accounts for Sale. EVE Online is a massive game with lots of content. It also has a very steep learning curve making it very hard to get to the top. Don't you wish there was a quick and easy way to be one of the game's top pilots? Well, PlayerAuctions can grant you your wish! In our marketplace, you can buy EVE account to skip the hassle of grinding. Best of all we have the best prices for an EVE Online account online!

My subscription paid ~1 hour ago, but I can’t login all that time. What I have to do? I can’t login to secure.eveonline.com, getting same error. (of course I’m trying login through Steam)

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Singularity (also known as 'Sisi') is CCP's public test server. New code, features and various tests will be held and conducted on Singularity prior to their implementation onto Tranquility. Very often it is on Singularity where players will be able to catch the first glimpses of what new expansions will bring. The test server also has every single item listed stocked on the market, except for faction items such as ammo and ships, for 100.00 ISK. This makes Singularity a great platform to test out ship set-ups without risking millions of ISK.

Players are able to log in to Singularity through the normal EVE launcher and test upcoming game changes.

Unlike Tranquility, Singularity is not continuously updated, so characters on Singularity are not identical to their counterpart on Tranquility. Characters, accounts and player owned structures are periodically mirrored over to Singularity, usually when the next major release moves into Beta. Activities done on singularity have no effect on Tranquility.

Connecting to Singularity via Steam

  • Launch EVE Online as usual through Steam
  • Once the EVE Launcher loads, it will show the current server at the bottom right:

  • Click the down arrow to the right of where it says Tranquility, and you will have a drop down server list:

  • Select Singularity, the server name at the bottom right should now have changed
  • Click the play button to the left hand side of the account that you wish to play as. This will load the snapshot of this account from when the server was last mirrored.

Important Notes:

  • You may have to add your account if this is your first time connecting to this server
  • If you have changed your password fairly recently, then the mirror might expect your OLD password
  • If you have a fairly new character, then it might not exist on Singularity if it was created after the last snapshot was taken
  • Make sure to change it back to Tranquility when you are finished testing so you don't accidentally load the wrong server, later

Major Differences

Eve Online Vs Steam

  • There are some General Rules of conduct for the public test servers found here.
  • Markets are seeded in every constellation. Nearly everything is priced at 100.00 ISK and is in bountiful amounts.
  • Stargates are sleepy. Often when traveling you will get a traffic control message delaying your jump. You will have to request your jump a second time.
  • Players living in wormholes on Tranquility will be moved to 6-CZ49. Their assets will be impounded at a station in Reblier. You can get around some of the ISK charges by using '/copyships' though assets in the item hangar and corporation hangars will have to be paid for.
    • /copyships has been disabled for regular players
  • Mass tests are often conducted by CCP and participation usually leads to bountiful rewards for use on Singularity. These rewards are often skillpoints in the millions for each participating character and can help bridge any skillpoint gaps required to test the latest content.
  • Helpful chat channels are massquestions, masstesting, and Singularity. These can be helpful organizing fleets and mass test objectives.
  • Skill injectors are not seeded in markets and orders are often placed at exorbitant prices, far higher than Tranquility.

Player Slash Commands

Unlike Tranquility, Singularity has additional slash commands for normal, non-GM characters to help facilitate player testing and the general use cases of the server. Tempur pedic tp7000 office chair. These will help you better orient yourself as well adapt to your desired situation primarily given that the database copies from Tranquility to Singularity take place at an irregular frequency. CCP has outlined the list of support commands on their support page for Singularity.

Eve Online Steam Chart

Eve steam account

Helpful Workarounds

  • While skill injectors are not seeded on the market, PLEX is. You can purchase enough PLEX to buy skill extractors and us them on yourself to 'ReSpec' your skillpoint allocations. Keep in mind PLEX bought on Sisi stays on Sisi. Furthermore anything bought on the New Eden store on Sisi also only applies to Sisi. You WILL NOT be able to redeem items bought on Sisi on Tranquility.
  • Another trick you can do to bridge skillpoint gaps is purchase or acquire a skill injector on Tranquility. Place the skill injectors on a ship and wait until after the next down time. Then on Sisi you can use the 'copyships' command once per day to copy over your purchased skill injectors.
    • /copyships has been disabled on Singularity, for players. Asset-copies happen at the next database mirror, which occur approximately every three months but are on no set schedule.
  • With PLEX being seeded you can also purchase multi character training for your remaining character slots. You can have these characters train skills for the purpose of harvesting their skillpoints and bridge training gaps that way. Alternatively you have these characters train for specific roles you are looking to test particular content without having to commit a major investment on tranquility.
  • Not Space rich? That is ok! You can safely, effectively and entertainingly conduct spaceship insurance scams. Simply purchase a ship off the market, insure it for maximum. Then undock in 6-CZ49 and someone will happily attempt to blow you up if you ask nicely. Capital ships such as the Rorqual return for around 1.5 billion ISK or more. This can also present an opportunity to familiarize yourself with what it takes to destroy said ships.

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