Eve Online Sniper Ships

Welcome to another installation of Vult’s Fitting Theory posts! Today we’re going to talk about a pretty straight forward fit for the Amarr T3 battlecruiser, the Oracle. I’ve only recently started flying these, but I’m already in love with the ship. It is one of my favorite hull designs and it can be a lethal ship in a brawl as well. Two things I look for in every ship I fly, because lets face it, Amarr fly in style. Gold is definitely my color.

Anyway when I first browsed through the Oracle’s bonuses I immediately recognized this ship as a sniper. Surprisingly I found many of the fits on Battleclinic with pulse laser “brawler” fits. I was taken aback! The ship description seems so well suited to sniping I just didn’t expect to see so many closer range fits. I find that I base most if not all of my fits around a ship’s bonuses. It makes sense, fit the ship in a way that maximizes it’s performance. The game designers don’t assign bonuses lightly, they are very carefully considered and weighed. The thing that stood out most in my mind when I looked at the Oracle (as with any T3 battlecruisers) is that it is a glass cannon. There is no way around it. The ship is just too flimsy to be an up close broadside ship. What’s one to do? Engage at range.

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What is EVE Online ships? EVE Online Ships is a comprehensive database of ships from the EVE Online MMORPG.All the four main races are covered, as well as pirates and faction ships: Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari, navy and pirate factions, even space stations, planets, ore and more. Apoc is the most common PvE ship, because range is so useful in missions, and a bigger cap lets it fit a tank more easily. With higher levels of Amarr Battleship, the Apoc can often fit pulse lasers and deal damage at beam laser range. Apoc also makes an excellent fleet sniper, able to hit hard out to 200km or so.


Before we look at the fit let’s talk briefly about how we’re planning on using this ship and what we’re looking to engage with it. Living in wormhole space, you will find yourself in a hole blockade position very frequently. Sitting on a wormhole waiting for something hostile to either jump through or return to the hole to escape your system is a daily occurrence. Interceptors are a good choice for catching covert ops cloak ships jumping between wormholes. Unfortunately they can be a little flimsy if say a cloaked Tengu comes through the hole instead.

Eve Online Sniper Ships

The sniping Oracle gives you some safety while monitoring a wormhole. Waiting 100km+ off of the hole allows you to see what you’re about to engage before you have to commit. This fit will allow you to lock frigates in a few seconds. This won’t be enough to catch vigilant covert ops pilots, but you’d be surprised how often those wormhole signatures are close enough to a ship to keep it from cloaking for a few seconds. That’s all this ship needs. Dishing out a few thousand damage per volley doesn’t hurt either. What we’re looking for here is a ship that put damage on any ship it chooses down range. For our needs especially I was focusing on catching smaller support craft like tackling frigates and covert ops boats.

The other useful thing about this ship is it’s aggressive scouting ability. Consider a roam group moving through lo-sec systems. You can warp to 100km on a belt, and practically insta-pop frigates ratting. The fit is a game changer. You can engage targets well out of their own range. The ship is also surprisingly agile, and can align and warp as fast or faster than some cruisers. I’ve been very impressed with it so far. It doesn’t quite have the speed to be a kite ship for something like a Curse, but many ships will succumb to your beam lasers before they realize what they’re up against. The real dangerous part of flying this ship is your lack of any kind of tank. Your control of range will nullify this in most cases, but unfortunately going through gates and holes will put you right were a waiting enemy wants you. I would strongly suggest flying this ship with a frigate scout to make sure gates are clear before jumping through.

Eve Online Sniper Ships

Oracle Sniper Fit:

8x Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I (Imperial Navy Radio L)*
*NOTE: Currently Vult does not have the skills for T2 large energy turrets, thus the T1 beams
2x Sensor Booster I
3x Tracking Enhancer II
Medium Energy Collision Accelerator I
Medium Ionic Field Projector I

Marauder Eve Online

I’m sad to say I’ve only been able to test this fit on rats so far, and one Curse who I kited for a minute or so just to harass him before running back to the safety of our tower. A few of these in a roam fleet will pay huge dividends if paired with interceptors though I have no doubt.