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EVE Online is a free MMORPG sci-fi strategy game where you can embark on your own unique space adventure. EVE's open world MMORPG sandbox, renowned among online space games, lets you choose your own path and engage in combat, exploration, industry and much more. EVE Online is 18! This is a massive milestone, marking 18 years since the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the launch of EVE Online for the very first time. History continues to be made every day in New Eden by players around the globe.

Highly active Capsuleers,

Eve Online Ru

Eve Online Rules

You still have time to celebrate all of your achievements and activities in EVE throughout 2020 and create your own, unique, 'My Year in EVE' video! In a year of broken records, landmark achievements, great changes, and vast amounts of activity in New Eden, you can choose elements of your exploits in space to feature in the video alongside the core information and statistics.

Our next big update to EVE Online will come with the Kronos release on June 3rd. The pirate factions are taking advantage of increased tensions between the waning empires and the growing strength of the capsuleers, who will in turn benefit from the new technology and ships produced.

Whether you've spent your time basking in combat glory, exploring the mysterious depths of wormhole space, making a killing in industry, or all of the above, active Omega pilots are eligible for a 'My Year in EVE' video. You will be able to choose which character to feature on your account, but keep in mind that only one character per account will get a video.

Get started and create your video today, share it with your friends and on social media using #MyEVE2020, then revel in their adoration! Or just do it purely for bragging rights. Whatever you do, don't miss this opportunity to immortalize your victories and milestones from a great year in EVE!

Eve Online Rules

Here at Macro Lab our mission is to provide you with software products that help you deal with the sometimes demanding and rigorous world of EVE Online. Our software programs known as macros or bots are designed to take control of EVE Online and perform tasks automatically for the user. Repetitive tasks such as mining or station-to-station hauling can be performed by our products 23 hours a day, allowing the user to leave the house while the macro has the ability to collect more ore than humanly possible.

The stability and efficiency of our bots are of most importance to our team. EVE Pilot, our bot designed for EVE Online, is based on advanced pattern recognition and visualization techniques that included optical character recognition, heuristics and non linear logic algorithms as well as simulation and modeling techniques. These advanced techniques allow our bots to handle any situation the game may present including connection losses, camera rotations or even changes in the color of the background. Each feature of our bots must undergo rigorous testing by our experienced bot development team to ensure that every time we update or improve our bots, we also increase the efficiency and stability of the program. This ensures that our eve online bots continue to become more productive, which means more ore and more ISK for our users.

Our mining bot, EVE Pilot, is able to support the needs of four actively playing people by providing the ISK needed for PLEX purchases and buying in game items. We are proud of what our programs are capable of and for that reason we offer free support for all of our products, free upgrades for life and a full no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Full support is provided through our private forums, live internet chat and through email. Our support team is directly linked to the development team and is capable of handling all our users needs. We invite you to read more about our EVE Online bot. See you in space!

The Macro Lab Team

We are proud to announce the start of the EVE Pilot - multiclient mining, planet interaction and station-to-station hauling bot.

EVE Pilot is a bot for use with EVE Online that is capable of running multiple EVE clients, performing many tasks at once! EVE Pilot has been in development since September of 2009 and is based off Simple Miner (SM) by Gold Harvest Macro Solutions. EVE Pilot is a highly improved rewrite of SM using the C# programming language.

The first version of EVE Pilot was released on 26th May after the Tyrannis EVE Online expansion and only had a mining function. Since then the basic functions of the bot have been replaced and advanced features have been added, such as:

- Survey scanner support is a replacement of the empirical, asteroid size vs asteroid content estimation used in the old Simple Miner macro. The miner now knows exactly what the content of asteroids are and doesn't waste time at the end of a day when most of asteroids have less ore.

- Recognition of ore mining bonuses for a 5-10% increase of your profit.

- Multi functionality of the bot and the ability to edit the algorithms. Built-in algorithms that come with EVE Pilot enables; mining, station-to-station hauling, planetary interaction automation, bookmark creation for the miner and a combination of mining and planetary interaction. EVE Pilot's algorithm editor allows the user to create their own custom algorithms or edit algorithms created by other users including MacroLab's built-in algorithms. This new feature greatly improves the efficiency of the macro by allowing the user to have unlimited control over the way the mining bot behaves and acts.

The Ribbed Task Chair will bring a trendy, modern look to your home or office. Armless chairs lend an upscale, designer feel to the conference or board room or your home office. The streamlined silhouette allows more room for members and guests while the armless design lets you roll further under your desk or table to get closer to your monitor. Black ribbed desk chair.

Starting from 10th version of EVE Pilot (December 2020) a group of four combat type bots released under the same hunt bot license.

Abyss Hunter bot was developed to run abyssal deadspace missions. These missions drop matherials and BPCs used to construct triglavian ships and modules. Income of this bot will depend on mission level you run. The higher level of a mission the better reward, the more dangerous NPCs and more expensive fit you need to survive. Check abyss tracker website for loot table and other usefull information. Abyss hunter is fully automatic bot. If necessary it can replace and fit new ship, optionally insure ship and inject implants. After mission completed and loot is collected abyss manufacturer addon can analyze your BPCs, find most profitable BPC to craft and install manufacturing jobs. Finally bot can sell your crafted items to generate income! Check manual to get familiar with bot. Use forums to ask questions.

Faction Warfare Bot bot is collecting Loyalty Points as a reward for capturing FW complexes in low security systems for attacking or defending side. Loyalty points can be exchanged for datacores, implants, modules using store at particular stations. FW bot is most profitable bot for use with alfa clone. There are manual and video demonstration To share your experience use our friendly forum

Anomaly and Belt Hunter collect NPC bounties while hunting in anomalies or belts in zeroes. Sniper and speed tank techniques supported. Can be used with any fits. Bot can loot faction wrecks, avoid neutrals, avoid dangerous NPCs and bookmark wrecks for looter - another eve bot used to loot and salvage wrecks. Anomaly hunter can use several anomalies sorted by priority while filter out other. Belt hunter can level NPC rewpawns in your system - erase cheap respawns and leave a few ships from most profitable respawns. Manual, forums