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RIPNight of fireJohnny Fiasco - Conduction - Santiago & Bushido Remixsad violini guarantee you people are going to hunt me 24/7 now. Most Mimnatar ships are suited for hit and run tactics, and the Ragnarok is no exception. Eclipse development. Its shields, armor, and hull may not be as tough as some of the other battleships it faces, but it makes up for this shortcoming with powerful engines and heavy weapons mounts, including one of the highest damage ‘doomsday weapons’ in the universe of Eve Online. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf. Has granted permission to fuzzwork.co.uk to use EVE Online and all associated logos and designs for promotional and information.

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Eve online titan


  • Race: Minmatar
  • Tech level: 1
  • Base price: 48,678,402,000 ISK
The liberty of our people is solely our responsibility. Tempting as it is to foist this burden upon our well-wishers, we must never forget that the onus of our emancipation rests with us and us alone.
For too long, our proud people have been subjugated to the whims of enslavers, forced to endure relentless suffering and humiliation at the hands of people whose motivations, masked though they may be by florid religious claptrap, remain as base and despicable as those of the playground bully.
If ever there was a time to rise – if ever there was a time to join hands with our brothers – that time is now. At this exact junction in history we have within our grasp the means to loosen our tormentors' hold and win freedom for our kin. Opportunities are there to be taken.
Brothers, we must rise.
-Maleatu Shakor, Republic Parliament Head
Speaking before the Tribal Council
November 27th, YC 107

Minmatar Titan bonuses (per skill level):
  • 125% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret damage
  • 7.5% reduction in fleet members' signature radius
  • Can fit 1 additional Warfare Link module
Role Bonus:
  • Can fit Gjallarhorn doomsday device
  • Can fit Jump Portal Generator
  • Can fit Clone Vat Bay
  • Immune to all forms of Electronic Warfare
  • Turrets fitted to this ship will do reduced damage to small targets

uniformity *
Shield:630000 0.75 %
Armor:390000 0.75 %
Structure:280000 1 %

* Threshold below which damage starts 'bleeding' through to the lower level

Eve Online Titan Cost

  • Powergrid output: 965000 MW
  • CPU output: 1050 Tf
  • Calibration: 400 points
  • Capacitor: 125000 GJ
  • High slots: 8
  • Med slots: 7
  • Low slots: 6
  • Turret hardpoints: 6
  • Launcher hardpoints: 0
  • Rig slots (size): 3 (Extra large)
  • Max locked targets: 8
  • Max targeting range: 250000 M
  • Radar sensors: - points
  • Ladar sensors: 215 points
  • Magnetometric sensors: - points
  • Gravimetric sensors: - points
  • Signature radius: 22430 M
  • Scan resolution: 75 Mm
  • Scan speed: S

  • Mass: 2200000000 kg
  • Volume: 100000000 m3
  • Cargo capacity: 15000 m3
  • Maximum velocity: 80
  • Warp speed: 1.37
  • Inertia modifier: 0.036
  • 20533 5
  • 3345 1
  • Armor Reinforcement
  • Armored Command Bursts
  • Capital Projectile Turret
  • Capital Shield Tanking
  • Core Spaceship Operation
  • Jump Drive
  • Supercapital Target Management
  • Capacitor Capacity125000
  • Capacitor Recharge time6940000
  • Rig Slots3
  • Drone Bandwidth0
  • Drone Capacity0
  • Jump portal activation cost25000
  • Warp Scramble Status0
  • Heat Attenuation0.82
  • Ship Warp Speed1
  • Unused Clone Vats0
  • Power Load0
  • Fuel Bay Capacity60000
  • Capital Sized Vessel1
  • Banned in High Sec Space1
  • Gate Scramble Status0
  • Capacitor Warfare Resistance1
  • Sensor Warfare Resistance0.2
  • Weapon Disruption Resistance0.2
  • Target Painter Resistance1
  • Stasis Webifier Resistance0.2
  • Remote Logistics Impedance1
  • Remote Electronic Assistance Impedance0.2
  • Entosis Assistance Impedance0.00001
  • Item Damage0
  • Meta Level0
  • Maximum Operational Distance5000
  • Maximum Concurrent Operational Users2
  • Onboard Jump Drive1
  • Jump Drive Fuel Need17889
  • Maximum Jump Range3
  • Jump Drive Consumption Amount3000
  • Jump Drive Capacitor Need0.95
  • Ship Maintenance Bay Capacity5000000
  • Fleet Hangar Capacity100000
  • Maximum Jump Clones75
  • Capital Propulsion Engine: 556
  • Capital Turret Hardpoint: 556
  • Capital Sensor Cluster: 222
  • Capital Armor Plates: 333
  • Capital Capacitor Battery: 333
  • Capital Power Generator: 444
  • Capital Shield Emitter: 444
  • Capital Jump Drive: 556
  • Capital Computer System: 222
  • Capital Construction Parts: 222
  • Capital Jump Bridge Array: 556
  • Capital Clone Vat Bay: 556
  • Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount: 556
  • Capital Ship Maintenance Bay: 556
  • Capital Corporate Hangar Bay: 556
  • Blueprint: Ragnarok Blueprint
  • Tech level: 1

Eve Online Ragnarok Turrets

  • Capital Ship Construction: 5

Eve Online Titan

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