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Posts about POCO written by James Long. With the new Rubicon Expansion (some features of which are on SiSi right now) comes a cool new feature that has been available since the Crucible expansion for low sec, null bears and wormhole players and that is the ability for players to destroy and to anchor Customs offices (POCO’s), but now this has come to Hi Sec. Well, in typical Eve fashion, my return to wormhole space is marred by losing both my Legion and my pod, along with Nyslia in a Harbinger and her pod. I had returned to finish off the POCO we had reinforced with the same fleet, when a Devoter appeared on DSCAN. I started squad warp immediately, but the Dominix was the only ship that got away.

This is a deprecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.

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Class Information


This is a syllabus for a class provided by EVE University. This section contains information about this class and its contents. General Information includes materials to create a proper class listing on the EVE University forum. Additional resources and teaching tips are listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

Illustration links for class description on the Eve University forum:

This class is an introduction to bombers, maneuvering, and bombing runs.

  • Duration: 90 minutes/ 1.5 hours and does not include a practical. Time may vary according to the teacher.
  • Location: Docked up safely in a station

Class contents:

  • Bombers & Bombs
    • Bombers and how to fit them
    • Bombs and torpedos
    • Increasing bomb and torpedo damage
  • What to train to fly a bomber
  • Moving cloaked
  • Bombing setup, and runs
    • Bubbles and Anchoring
    • The bombing run
    • Ad lib bombing runs
    • The 5 R's of bombing
  • Q&A

Student requirements:

  • Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up.
  • Access to the 'Lecture.E-UNI' in-game chat channel

Additional information:
This class lecture is primarily delivered in the 'Class.E-UNI' channel in Mumble, followed by Q&A.

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

Eve Online Poco
  • Lecture.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links
  • List of Wiki pages to link Bookmarks, Bombs, and Cloaking
  • You will likely want links in your notes for all bombers, commonly used modules, bubbles, and skills relevant to bombers.

Class Contents


Welcome to Bombing 101 Hbada office task desk chair swivel.

This course is designed for maneuvering to bombing positions, and making bomb runs.

Over the 90 minutes give, or take, we shall cover bombers, bombs, moving cloaked, bombing setups, and bombing runs.

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.)

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on 'Push to Talk' if you have not already done so.
  • I'll be opening chat to questions after each main section. I'll let you know when. [At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.]
  • You should be [docked up safely in a station]

Eve Online Pocono Raceway

Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin..

Eve Online Poconos

Bombers & Bombs

  • Bombers
    • Hound - Minmatar. Bonused for explosive damage (Shrapnel Bombs / Nova torpedos). High mobility.
    • Nemesis - Gallente. Bonused for thermal damage (Scorch Bombs / Inferno torpedos). Tight fit but a good balanced ship. Fast but slow to align.
    • Manticore - Caldari. Bonused for kinetic damage (Concussion Bombs / Scourge torpedos). Easier to fit than the Nemesis but slow and large sig radius.
    • Purifier - Amarr. Bonused for EM damage (Electron Bombs and Mjolnir torpedos). Carries 3 bombs in cargohold but slowest of all the bombers
    • All bombers, unless under very specific circumstances, will fit 3 torpedo launchers, a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, a Bomb Launcher, a prop mod (Micro Warp Drive, or Afterburner, often depending on FC discretion) a Warp Disruptor and some form of EWAR (generally Target Painter or Sensor Dampener).
  • Bombs
    • You do not need to lock a target to launch a bomb.
    • Bombs launch in the direction your ship is facing and travel for 12 seconds, detonating 30km from the point of launch. Note that prior to the Phoebe release, bombs traveled the same distance but did so in 10 seconds.
    • The radius of a bomb's explosion is 15km, giving it a diameter of 30km.
    • Everything within the 15km radius will take bomb damage.
    • Bombs have 96 armour and 20 structure and 99.8% armour resist to their own damage type.
      • ONLY launch salvos of the same bomb type or they will destroy each other before they detonate.
      • ONLY launch up to 7 bombs in salvo or the unresisted damage will destroy some of the bombs before they detonate.
  • Increasing Bomb Damage
    • Covert Ops is the only skill that increases bomb damage directly.
    • Otherwise the targets sig radius determines the amount of damage the target absorbs.
      • The target can increase its own radius by 500% by running a Micro Warp Drive.
      • You (or someone in your fleet) can increase the sig radius by 25-30% using a target painter (or 3). Though this should be done carefully.
      • If a target is flying with Shield Extenders or Shield Rigs, it will passively increase its overall sig radius.
  • Torpedos
    • Most pilots fly with Caldari Navy variants for PvP (+15% damage compared with T1s) and T1 for PvE.
    • T2 torps (Rage and Javelin) require T2 launchers.
      • T2 launchers have the same stats at T1 launchers but require +20 CPU, this means a low slot will be needed to fit a co-processor (using up a vital slot).
      • In order to benefit from the range of Javelin torpedos, bombers will need to fit Signal Amplifiers and/or Sensor Boosters (again using up vital slots).
      • Pilots will generally need Long Range Targeting V to fully benefit from Javelin torpedos.
      • Apart from structure 'bash' events, T2 torpedos are therefore never used.

Moving Cloaked

  • Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, the only cloak you should ever use on a bomber.
    • A cloak takes approx. 2 seconds to take effect, but you will be visible immediately upon decloak, despite the graphics that show a slow removal of the cloak.
    • The CovOps II cloak allows you to move at maximum velocity (without allowing the use of prop mods), and you can warp while cloaked.
    • You will be decloaked when you come within 2 km of any uncloaked object in space. (A cloaked ship does not decloak another cloaked ship.)
    • The tactic commonly used in null sec when jumping through a gate is to burn in a random direction (away from the gate), activating your cloak, immediately followed by your prop mod. This is done to avoid being caught and decloaked in an interdiction bubble, as well as making sure your cloak is on before warping to fleetmates. Once your cloak is up, change direction to reduce the chance of a keen-eyed opponent managing to burn to within 2km of you in order to decloak you.
  • Use of Bookmarks
    • Bookmarks on grid, and at warpable distance with a gate are used both to observe the gate, and allow you to avoid bubbles (Mobile Warp Disruptors, and Warp Disruptor Probes).
    • They're also highly useful for making bombing runs, as we'll discuss shortly.
    • Bomber pilots should try to make as many bookmarks in their intended bombing areas as possible to ease their task.
    • When bombing in an area with no prior bookmarks, bombers can use fleetmates and celestials etc. to warp to a point, bookmark it, then warp off and warp back to is at range etc. in order to 'ladder' themselves to a suitable point to observe safely etc.
  • Wing Warping
    • Wing warping (or squad, or fleet) is often used by the FC while moving through systems to ensure the fleet lands at a predetermined bookmark off of a gate. This allows the FC, and scouts, to observe the gate for threats, while creating a quick movement through the gate once the situation is understood.
  • Scouts, scouts, and more scouts
    • The first value of the scout is they easily fit a Micro Warp Drive, making it safer for them to move through bubble gate camps, due to their high speed with one cycle.
    • Scouts are used to inform a fleet of incoming targets at a static gatecamp, find targets while roaming, and spot possible threats from incoming fleets, and hostile gatecamps.
Eve Online Poco

Bombing Setup & Runs

  • Bubbles (Mobile Warp Disruptors)
    • Anchoring
      • To anchor a bubble right click it in your cargohold (while uncloaked), and either launch for self, or launch for corporation. Launching for self means only you will be able to unanchor, while launching for corporation allows any corpmate to unanchor, and scoop to cargohold.
      • Once the bubble is launched, right click it on your overview, and press anchor. You do NOT need to remain at the bubble for it to anchor. Anchoring time will vary with size,and tech level. Once the timer runs down the bubble will be 'up'.
    • Positioning & Effects
      • While moving into position be sure to be cloaked.
      • The bubble should be in line with the arrival point of your target (where your bombing points are), and with the direction you wish to catch your targets from (generally a celestial, most commonly gates, and stations).
      • Bubbles can be placed between the objects (catch bubble), or behind the destination point (drag bubble).
      • A ship landing in line with the bubble will be caught as long as it lands on the same grid (at any distance). However it is best if the bubble is not more than 150 km from the destination object, as this prevents easy warping to said object. Common practice is 50-75 km from the intended destination (e.g. a gate).
  • Impact Points and Escape Points.
    • Pre-Impact Point (Pre-IP), Impact Point (IP), and Escape Point (EP) are the names of the points, or bookmarks used for Unibombers bombing run.
      • The Pre-IP is on grid with the target location, and at a warpable distance to the IP. This allows the bomber(s) to regroup, and observe the position from a safe distance. As well as avoiding any bubbles when returning from the EP.
      • The IP is approximately 35-50 km from the target area. This is where you maneuver to approach the target before launching your bomb(s).
      • The EP is an off grid bookmark / celestial (ideally in line with the Pre-IP and IP) used to warp to immediately after launching bombs.
    • Once at the IP with a target landing, the FC will call a target to approach, an approach speed, call his/her distance, and ask for the distances of fleet, or squad members.
    • The leader will inform fleet, or squad, at what distance launch will occur. Upon reaching that distance he/she will command decloak, launch bombs, and warp away. This leads to..
  • The Six 'R's'
    • RELEASE: Get you bomb heading downrange towards your target.
    • RUN: As soon as your bomb is released, warp away. With few exceptions the Stealth Bomber never remains on grid post bomb release. Uncloak - Bombs Away! - RUN AWAY!'
    • RELOAD: As soon as practical after launching your bomb RELOAD your bomb launcher. Many escape points are far enough away that you ought to be able to complete a 10 second reload prior to landing. A fully loaded stealth bomber has more utility than a half empty launcher. Plus, it frees up space in cargo for more bombs or even loot if your run was wildly successful.
    • RECLOAK: An SB that is not cloaked is asking to be hunted down and killed. RECLOAK as soon as you have reloaded.
    • REMOVE YOURSELF: After launching you will be warping to your EP. You should cloak up (and reload) in warp. However, upon landing at the EP, REMOVE YOURSELF from the place you just landed. Other members of your squadron may be landing there in short order and SBs in close proximity post-attack are a mistake. Your aim is to be at least 2,500 meters away from your landing point in case one of your fleet members has not cloaked up.
    • RESET: After reaching your escape point the bomber leader may have you RESET at an observation point. Being ready to go on command or even anticipating the reset may give your squadron the opportunity to restrike a target.. Be ready, immediately.

Class Wrap-up

  • Thanks for attending this class!
    • I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class
  • Questions ?
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