Eve Online O7

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Freeburn - EVE Online Route Builder Fly safe o7. You should be logged in. Developed by Alexander en Tilavine. The final o7 show of the year! We had a visit from Content Designer CCP RedDawn, we spoke to Nashh Kadavr about an exciting in-game event hes involved.o7: The EVE Online Show recorded live from CCP HQ in Iceland, shining a light on the actions of players and developers alike. On this episode we talked to.o7: The EVE Online Show airs live from CCP HQ in Iceland and shines a light on the. 7o is the BNI o7. O/ is waving your hands. All could be used interchangeably. I traced it of an image I found! I play eve echoes, but an Ibis is an.

I was introduced to Eve in a Veterans Hospital whilst convalescing. I played on a crappy laptop, settings all set to potato. It was invaluable escapism during a painful time. A few years latter I came back to Eve whilst studying at Uni. I love playing Eve and its community. However it is addictive like a drug.

Current RL time pressures prohibit more than forum reading at work, but even that is unprofessional, and the Forums are addictive in their own right.

I have enjoyed conversing with you all, even Codies. And respect Falcons moderation reference the last thread I created in Out of Pod Experiences. ( it was as if my subconscious was saying I have to go, RL is calling )

This is my main, I will be closing all five omega accounts and selling my Big Toys in Low.

Eve online 07

Someone deserving in the next few weeks will have a few iskies dropped in their account. Enjoy the surprise.

A big plug for the veterans Discord Channel and Vet Incursion groups, I valued chewing the fat.

I tried to play in the spirit of Veers (but without his gud nature on the Forums). I hope another Pale Rider arrives in C&P to take his place. War thunder vs world of tanks reddit.

What does o7 mean

All players must leave Eve eventually, like faint memories of daring do in locked forgotten threads.

Best wishes. Hope Eve gets bigger and better in the future.

Eve Online O7


There are a number of keyboard shortcuts / keyboard controls that offer alternatives for mouse control of the Eve client. These can be found in the client's Configuration menu and can be re-assigned to suit a player's preference.

  • 1Defaults

The defaults listed are current as of Odyssey 1.1.1. Bindings listed with the are not able to be modified.


Force fade from blackShift-Backspace
Manage Nearest Control Tower(None)
Open Agent Finder(None)
Open AssetsAlt-T
Open Bounty Office(None)
Open Calculator(None)
Open Calendar(None)
Open Capital Ship Navigation(None)
Open Cargo Hold of Active Ship(None)
Open Certification Planner(None)
Open Channels(None)
Open Character Re-customization(None)
Open Character SheetAlt-A
Open Compare Tool(None)
Open Config Menu(None)
Open Contracts(None)
Open Corp Deliveries(None)
Open Corporation Panel(None)
Open Drone Bay Of Active Ship(None)
Open EVE Menu
Open Factional Warfare(None)
Open Fitting ServiceAlt-F
Open Fleet(None)
Open FPS MonitorCtrl-F
Open Fuel Bay Of Active Ship(None)
Open Hangar FloorAlt-G
Open HelpF12
Open Insurance Outlet(None)
Open InventoryAlt-C
Open JournalAlt-J
Open Log(None)
Open Loyalty Point Store(None)
Open MailAlt-I
Open Map BrowserF11
Open MapF10
Open MarketAlt-R
Open Medical(None)
Open New Message(None)
Open Noble Exchange(None)
Open Notepad(None)
Open Ore Hold Of Active Ship(None)
Open Overview Settings(None)
Open People And PlacesAlt-E
Open Repair Shop(None)
Open Reprocessing Plant(None)
Open ScannerAlt-D
Open Science & IndustryAlt-S
Open Ship Config(None)
Open Ship HangarAlt-N
Open Sovereignty Dashboard(None)
Open Station Management(None)
Open Training QueueAlt-X
Open Tutorials(None)
Open WalletAlt-W
Set Chat Channel FocusSpace
Set Overview FocusAlt-Space


Activate Defense ModeShift-1
Activate Propulsion ModeShift-3
Activate Sharpshooter ModeShift-2
Align toA
Decrease Probe Scan Range(None)
Dock/Jump/Activate gateD
Increase Probe Scan Range(None)
Keep at RangeE
Lock targetCtrl
Look atAlt
Show infoT
Tag item as: 11
Tag item as: 22
Tag item as: 33
Tag item as: A4
Tag item as: B5
Tag item as: C6
Tag item as: X(None)
Tag item as: Y(None)
Tag item as: Z(None)
Tag item from sequence: 1 through 9(None)
Tag item from sequence: 1, 2 or 37
Tag item from sequence: A through I(None)
Tag item from sequence: A, B or C8
Tag item from sequence: X, Y or Z9
Toggle lock target(None)
Unlock targetCtrl-Shift
Warp toS


What does o7 mean
Browse Window Menu UpwardsCtrl-Shift-Tab
Browse Window MenuCtrl-Tab
Close Active WindowCtrl-W
Close All WindowsCtrl-Alt-W
Close modal windows and open config menuEsc
Enter Captain's Quarters(None)
Enter Ship Hangar(None)
Exit Station(None)
Hide Mouse CursorAlt-F9
Log off(None)
Minimize Active Window(None)
Minimize All Windows(None)
Next stacked windowCtrl-Shift-Page Down
Next TabCtrl-Page Down
Open MonitorCtrl-Alt-Shift-M
Previous stacked windowCtrl-Shift-Page Up
Previous TabCtrl-Page Up
Quit GameAlt-Shift-Q
Radial Menu(None)
Reset MonitorCtrl-Alt-Enter
Select AllCtrl-A
Tab between edit fieldsShift-Tab
Tab between edit fieldsTab
Toggle AudioCtrl-Alt-Shift-F12
Toggle effectsCtrl-Alt-Shift-E
Toggle turret effectsCtrl-Alt-Shift-T
Toggle User Interface VisibilityCtrl-F9
Toggle WindowedAlt-Enter


AccelerateNum +
Broadcast: At Location(None)
Broadcast: Cycle Fleet Broadcast Recipients(None)
Broadcast: In Position At(None)
Broadcast: Jump to Beacon(None)
Broadcast: Need Armor(None)
Broadcast: Need Backup(None)
Broadcast: Need Capacitor(None)
Broadcast: Need Shield(None)
Broadcast: Request That the Fleet Hold Position(None)
Broadcast: Spotted the EnemyZ
Broadcast: Target (Selected)X
DecelerateNum -
Save LocationCTRL-B
Select next targetAlt-Right
Select previous targetAlt-Left
Set Full SpeedAlt-Ctrl-Space
Stop ShipCtrl-Space
Toggle AutopilotCtrl-S
Toggle show all bracketsAlt-Z
Toggle show no bracketsAlt-Shift-Z
Toggle Special Bracket DisplayAlt-Shift-X
Toggle tactical overlayCtrl-D
Tracking Camera: Toggle point camera to selected itemC
Zoom In(None)
Zoom Out(None)


Activate High Power Slot 1F1
Activate High Power Slot 2F2
Activate High Power Slot 3F3
Activate High Power Slot 4F4
Activate High Power Slot 5F5
Activate High Power Slot 6F6
Activate High Power Slot 7F7
Activate High Power Slot 8F8
Activate Low Power Slot 1Ctrl-F1
Activate Low Power Slot 2Ctrl-F2
Activate Low Power Slot 3Ctrl-F3
Activate Low Power Slot 4Ctrl-F4
Activate Low Power Slot 5Ctrl-F5
Activate Low Power Slot 6Ctrl-F6
Activate Low Power Slot 7Ctrl-F7
Activate Low Power Slot 8Ctrl-F8
Activate Medium Power Slot 1Alt-F1
Activate Medium Power Slot 2Alt-F2
Activate Medium Power Slot 3Alt-F3
Activate Medium Power Slot 4Alt-F4
Activate Medium Power Slot 5Alt-F5
Activate Medium Power Slot 6Alt-F6
Activate Medium Power Slot 7Alt-F7
Activate Medium Power Slot 8Alt-F8
Reload AmmoCtrl-R
Toggle Overload on High Power RackCtrl-3
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 1Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 2Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 3Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 4Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 5Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 6Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 7Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 8Shift-F8
Toggle Overload on Low Power RackCtrl-1
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 1Ctrl-Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 2Ctrl-Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 3Ctrl-Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 4Ctrl-Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 5Ctrl-Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 6Ctrl-Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 7Ctrl-Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 8Ctrl-Shift-F8
Toggle Overload on Medium Power RackCtrl-2
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 1Alt-Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 2Alt-Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 3Alt-Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 4Alt-Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 5Alt-Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 6Alt-Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 7Alt-Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 8Alt-Shift-F8


Move BackwardS
Move ForwardW
Move LeftA
Move RightD


All Drones: EngageF
All Drones: Return and OrbitShift-Alt-R
All Drones: Return to Drone BayShift-R
Drone Settings: Toggle Aggressive/Passive(None)
Drone Settings: Toggle Focus Fire(None)
Fighter Settings: Toggle Attack and Follow(None)
Launch Drones(None)
Reconnect To Lost Drones(None)


Deselect All Fighters(None)
Launch All Fighters(None)
Launch Selected Fighters(None)
Recall All Fighters(None)
Recall Selected Fighters(None)
Select All Fighters(None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 1(None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 2(None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 3(None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 4(None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 5(None)
Toggle Ship Selection(None)

O7 Meaning

Character Creation

Eve online oni
Pick Portrait 1F1
Pick Portrait 2F2
Pick Portrait 3F3
Pick Portrait 4F4

Eve Online O7 Meaning

Start by pressing 'Esc' to access the in-game menu

O7 Salute

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