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Chribba Monument

Fame is…. well, fame is weird. Particularly when you aren’t trying for it. In writing about the things you can find across New Eden here, I find myself with a modicum of fame to deal with. I admit that there is something captivating about the way someone’s eyes light up when they recognize you, but I also admit that I seem to remain as tongue-tied today as I was the first time that someone recognized me for my writings. Of course, I’m not sure why I even remain surprised by this. Over the years, I have made somewhat of a name for myselfacross the GalNet and beyond, so I suppose I have no one to blame my tongue-tying on other than myself. Still, that doesn’t stop me from being flustered each time it happens anew (though that is not to say you should not say hello!). As I said, fame is weird!

It’s hard, but certainly not impossible, to be famous in New Eden. It is significantly easier, however, to be famous in New Eden for being a jerk than it is for being famous for not being one. Such individuals are rare across the cluster indeed, but if anyone has that reputation, it is certainly Chribba. I’ve written about Chribba before, of course, in the context of his still-trusty Veldnaught that can still be seen plying the asteroid belts in Amarr to this day. And it’s more than just a reputation! I’ve had the honor of meeting Chribba a few times over the years, as we’ve run into each other at a few capsuleer gatherings, and I can say with full honesty that he is genuinely a nice person. Hyken technical mesh task chair reddit. His reputation is well-earned.

In a cluster known for its backstabbing and devious ways, it’s genuinely refreshing to see someone getting honored for the good they have done across New Eden. Indeed, HZO Refinery and Upwell seem to be looking for some good-guy coat tails in having a statue erected in Chribba’s honor in his home system of Amarr. Here’s what they’ve written up with respect to the Renowned Good Guy:

Some know him as a GalNettoolsdeveloper, others as broker of high-value transactions, others still as a passionate Veldspare enthusiast. Most know him simply as the most trusted capsuleer in New Eden. [links added by the author]

Quite possibly the most famous capsuleer alive, Chribba has been a pillar of the community for many years. He can often be found in the vicinity of Amarr flying one of his non-traditional mining ships.

This statue was constructed in YC123 as a joint project between the HZO Refinery corporation and the Upwell Consortium in honor of his many contributions to the capsuleer community and the economy of New Eden.

Among a crowd of immortal warlords, Chribba stands out for building his legacy through trust and peaceful industry. His success stands as a testament that there are many paths to greatness in New Eden and Capsuleers should be bold in charting their own course.

Never let anyone else dictate your goals”. – Chribba

Matching the golden nebula that surrounds the Amarr system quite well, the Chribba monument stands several kilometers tall near Amarr VIII, about 180,000 kilometers from the main trading hub in the system. The statuesque pose has Chribba with one arm on his hip, and the other reaching out in a friendly way, seemingly ready to welcome anyone who comes near like an old friend. In front of him floats a holographic Veldnaught, probably the object he is most infamously associated with, that orbits a small cluster of asteroids, mining beams active. Appropriately, Chribba’s head is turned to look directly at the holographic Veldnaught, and you can almost feel the true affection he has for his ship, which goes to show the attention given to detail in the monument’s construction.

I’m truly pleased to see Chribba given recognition for his work. This isn’t the first time this has happened over the years, and I suspect it will not be the last either. And yet, despite all of his well-earned acclaim, he always seems determined not to let it go to his head. It’s a simple, unassuming but well-earned monument for a capsuleer who does so much for the community. And while fame may indeed be weird, it is good to see that not all capsuleers get caught up in it as the end-all be-all, and instead seem content to simply sit back and enjoy the ride that it brings.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Chribba Monument
  • System: Amarr
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

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Few games have developers as intimately connected with their players as EVE Online, the spacefaring MMORPG with a literally galactic scale. Developer CCP Games endorsed a major space battle for a terminally-ill player that had over 2,000 people taking part last month, and earlier this week it created a permanent monument to mark the site of a graveyard project started by a fan in 2007.

EVE Online player Azia Burgi began collecting corpses from destroyed ships in-game because, 'It was just something nobody else seemed to be doing, so I thought I'd have a go and see what happened,' according to a 2017 interview with PC Gamer. CCP Games first brought attention to the project in 2008, and soon thereafter it had to be moved 'above the first moon of Molea II' because the way loose items were anchored in space was changing.

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In the years since, the in-game cemetery has been kept up through spreadsheets and forums by the online community, and many have begun to leave memorials for real-world deaths at the site. Once again, changing in-game mechanics threatened to eliminate the graveyard, so CCP Games placed a new monument that will keep items from despawning so it can serve as a permanent in-game cemetery.

Today a new monument appeared in New Eden at a familiar location to many Capsuleers.
Should you wish to pay your respects, venture out to Molea and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to witness the ascension of light. #tweetfleethttps://t.co/Hcj6779bWQ

— EVE Online (@EveOnline) July 21, 2020Eve Online Monument

According to CCP Games' post on the new monument Tuesday, the site can still be destroyed or looted despite the monument, but that shouldn't stop players from going to pay their respects. EVE Online has been used for similarly altruistic purposes before, with CCP Games creating a minigame to further coronavirus research efforts earlier this year.

Eve Online Monument Iceland

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Eve online monument iceland

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Eve Online Monument

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