Eve Online Haunted Yard

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Complex Details
Haunted Yard
Signature Strength20.0%
DED ratingUnrated
Known RegionsTash-Murkon, Genesis, Domain, The Citadel, Kador, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Verge Vendor, Essence
Pirate typeRogue Drones

General Info

Only Destroyers, Frigates (including Tech 2 variants) and Tech 1Cruisers may enter.The complex consists of a single room.

NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information

Eve online haunted yard combat site

Room 1

Eve online haunted yard
'Rogue Drones are fickle creatures, little is known about them and explorers are advised to tread with care when encountering these machines.'
Initial group
3 x (Frigate) Drone Defender
4-6 x (Frigate) Splinter/Render/Raider (Stasis Webifier, Warp Scramble) (Trigger)
Possible reinforcements (60s Timer spawn or Destroy Initial group)
5-13 x (Frigate) Sunder/Raider/Render/Splinter/Decimator/Strain infestor Alvi
Wave 2
2x (Frigate) Sunder/Raider Alvi (Trigger Wave 4)
Wave 3 (?unknown Trigger)
6x (Frigate) Decimator/Sunder/Raider Alvi
Wave 4
3x (Frigate) Splinter Alvi (Trigger Commander Wave)
Commander Wave
3-4 x (Destroyer) Barracuda/Devilfish Alvi
1 x (Frigate) Sentient Sunder Alvi (may drop drone components, faction modules and produce T2 salvage)
1 x Beacon
1 x Depleted Station Battery
1 x Drone Post
1 x Spaceshuttle Wreck
1 x Ghost Ship
4 x Leaking Cask (Lootable Container -- 1st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects & Scratched and Dented Keycard), (rarely contains faction modules or meta modules.)
1 x Ruined Stargate
1 x Scanner Sentry

Possible faction loot

Eve Online Haunted Yard

Sentient Drone Navigation Computer [12.01.2014]
Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Link [09.01.2015]
Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier [09.19.2014]
Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer [01.30.2015]
Dread Guristas Small Shield Booster [01.23.2015]
Dred Guristas Rocket Launcher [04.22.2015]
Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler [28.11.2015]
Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip [02.07.2015],[17.10.2017]
Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip [07.28.2015]
Dread Guristas 125mm Railgun [12.12.2015]
Sentient Signal Amplifier [06.02.2017]
Dread Guristas Light Missile Launcher [26.03.2017]


May escalate into Pulverize The Pioneers.

'Throughout this last fight, your radar equipment has been busy chewing on information about incoming and outgoing vessels and it seems it has traced a very large group of ships that left this place few minutes before you arrived. You have no clue why they left, were they fleeing? Or was it a coincidence? Either way, there is only one way to find out.'

Eve Online What Is A Haunted Yard

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Eve Online Haunted Yard Combat Site

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