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In case you haven’t heard, Eve Online is now free-to-play, which means there’s never been a better time to try out the behemoth MMO. But getting to grips with Eve Online is no mean feat thanks. Eve Online is a free game that will have you driving your own spaceship from place to place trying to save space from epic demolition. The fleet is controlled by the community, so you must work together to get through the various battles that come your way. Not only is Eve online, free to play (for the most part—while much of the game is free to play, some of the extended game requires a subscription), but it is one of the best games around.

Eve online, freezes

EVE Online

EVE Online is a space-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). It is renowned for its scale and complexity, with over 500,000 subscribers!

As the Triglavian invasion looms on the horizon with EVE’s upcoming new expansion, get a flying start in New Eden with 7 days of Omega premium access, giving you double skill training speed and more.

Use this in combination with the Skill Points provided to develop quickly in desired areas and prepare for the imminent attack!


👈🚀 Start Playing EVE for FREE!Official gameplay video and introduction for EVE Online. Download and play for free, immersing yourself. Eve expansions are free that is great in comparison with Wow, a game that I played for years and I just did not play anything else either. It depends on how much you like to immerse yourself in this type of games.

You can use the Abyssal Filaments to gain access to Abyssal Deadspace, facing the Triglavians before they emerge from where they reside!

All this, plus ship SKINs and character apparel to ensure that you and your starter spaceships look the part, make this an essential starter pack for any pilot.

EVE Online Starter Pack

The EVE Online Starter Pack contains the following items :

  • 3 days of Omega, with Double Skill Training Speed and many other benefits
  • 300,000 Skill Points, giving you a head start in skill training
  • Standard Cerebral Accelerator, boosting training and damage
  • A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINS
  • Blood Raider apparel

Eve online, free Trial

Make sure you get it before the offer expires on 8 May 2020 at 1 AM!

EVE Online Starter Pack : How To Get It FREE!

This is important, because many people have complained that they cannot add the starter pack to their Steam account. They would get this error message :

An error was encountered while processing your request:

Eve online, freeEve

There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account.

This happens because you have NOT installed or added the EVE Online base game to your Steam account. So FOLLOW THESE STEPS :

  1. Go to the EVE Online page and click on Play Game to add it to your Steam account.
  2. You don’t have to install it yet, or even download it. You can close the installer after you click on Play Game and it pops up.
  3. Then go to EVE Online Starter Pack page, and click Add to Account.

That’s it! You can now install the game (if it’s not installed yet), create your account and start playing!

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Eve online, free

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