Eve Online Federation Grand Prix

Eve Online: Federation Grand Prix Live Event Posted on June 11, 2018 July 3, 2018 by Shipwreck Jones Well, we have another live event coming up, but I’m not too enthused about it. Tactical supremacy is victory with EVE Online's new 'Reign' Quadrant, the first in 2021! Reign brings with it exciting new updates to fleets and travel, continuous balance and meta changes, plus returning events such as the Guardian's Gala. EVE Online Pulse – Federation Grand Prix, Fleet Formations. Starting from Scratch with. Devtrackers.gg → EVE Online Federation Grand Prix Time Trials Contest YC123. About 1 month ago - CCPConvict - Direct link OP updated with the final results! Congratulations to the winners! About 1 month ago - CCPConvict - Direct link I’m sorry sir but Quafe are not currently hiring. I’ll be in contact to find out which account you would. The Federation Grand Prix Is Now Live! EVE Online Kick the tires and light the fires, the Federation Grand Prix is here! Check out this news item for more details on the latest event to come to New Eden, and how you can take part! Federation Grand Prix EVE Online Daily rewards, race event, and new landmarks. Federation Grand Prix was an in game event taking place from 12nd June to 26th June in 2018. Sisters of EVE Bureau Pashanai Pashanai Monument 2 9.

Well, we have another live event coming up, but I’m not too enthused about it. The event name insinuates that it’s a race, but I think of it more as a content boost for gate camps. Needless to say, expect increased risk and diminished rewards this go round.

How it Works

  1. Travel to the event beacon in Luminaire (1.0) in order to get randomly assigned one of a set of possible highsec or lowsec destinations.
  2. Travel to destination system and get awarded points based upon distance (and not risk).
  3. Travel back to Luminaire and repeat 20 more times, or whatever.
  4. Unlock Agency rewards as point milestones are reached (i.e. drugs, skins, accelerators, “trinkets”).

Note: You do not have to wait for the 4 hour timer to expire before starting another “race.” Simply travel back to the event beacon in Luminaire to start another one. However, if you don’t like your current race, you will have to wait for it to expire before you get assigned a new one.


Don’t Bling

For Highsec only races, your best defense is not to be an attractive ganking target. Limit your fits to T2 stuff, and you’ll be fine.

Eve Gatecamp Check & Other Intel Tools

Races that send you into lowsec require a little more strategy in order to minimize your chances of feeding the wolves. Furmax office chair parts. As such, I highly, highly recommend that you use Eve Gatecamp Check in order to gather intel on your route (don’t forget about zKillboard either). As long as you don’t lolly gag, you’ll have plenty of time to check your route for gatecamps.

Shaking the Bushes


If you know there is a gatecamp waiting on the other side of a gate, you can try waiting for another ship to pass through. If all goes well, the camp will engage the other guy, while you fly off. Just be aware that the more expensive your ship is, the more likely you’ll be prioritized as a target.

Assess the Situation

As long as you don’t move, you’ll have a 60 second invulnerability timer to assess the situation and formulate a plan. Depending on what’s around you, you may want to try to warp off, or you may want to crash the gate (Don’t forget to overheat your prop and/or tanking mods).

Travel Time

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of altering their play times, but if you can, try to travel during off-peak hours. Gatecamps like to set up shop when there is a high number of concurrent players in order to increase their content. Thus, traveling between about 0400 and 1100 Eve time minimizes the chances that camps will be active and at full strength. Check out Eve Offline if you want to see how player counts vary over time.


It doesn’t look like any of the possible destinations go into Nullsec; thus, you shouldn’t have to worry about bubbles.

Oh, and do make sure beacons are set to show on your overview (Open Overview Settings –> Tab Presets –> Types –> Celestial –> Beacon).


Well, I started working on a write-up, but I think I’ll be lazy and point you to Eve University’s write up on travel fits.

Destinations (Non-Inclusive)

  1. Charmerout (0.6) [1 Point – 5 Jumps Safer/Shorter – 5 minutes]
  2. Ienakkamon (0.1) [5 Points – 21 Jumps Safer/ 17 Jumps Shorter]
  3. Iyen-Oursta (0.8) [2 Points – 11 Jumps Safer / 9 Jumps Shorter]
  4. Lanngisi (0.5) [3 Points – 11 Jumps Safer/Shorter]
  5. Pashanai (0.5) [2 Points – 9 Jumps Safer/Shorter – 9 minutes]
  6. Pator (1.0) [2 Points – 11 Jumps Safer/Shorter – 11 minutes]
  7. Saminer (0.3) [4 Points – 19 Jumps Safer/Shorter]
  8. Shastal (0.5) [4 Points – 21 Jumps Safer / 16 Jumps Shorter – 16 minutes]
  9. Yrmori (0.6) [3 Points – 13 Jumps Safer/Shorter – 13 minutes]

Eve Online Grand Prix Route

  • I only collected time limits for a few of the destinations, but it looks like you get 1 minute per required jump along the shortest route.
  • The Highsec to Lowsec destination ratio looks to be about 3 to 1.

Eve Online Federation Grand Prix Tickets

Opinion – Poor Isk Efficiency

Eve Online Federation Grand Prix Game

I like that CCP is experimenting with other formats, but this event seems like a crap reward for the effort. For previous events, if you had good skills and the right ship, you could quickly collect a nice pile of goodies with minimum risk. This is not the case this time around. Rewards are through the Agency only (no event site loot drops), and running each race takes a relatively long amount of time. Moreover, when you calculate in return trips, you’re looking about 1 point rewarded per 8 jumps traveled. Not counting travel from home to Luminaire, expect to make approximately 720 jumps to unlock the final tier reward. In a Travelceptor with a 2 second align and 10 AU warp speed, expect it take about 30 seconds per jump, or about 6 hours to unlock the final tier reward. Considering this equates to approximately one loot drop per hour in a travelceptor, I doubt it would be controversial to make the assertion that the isk/efficiency of this event is straight garbage. That being said, it may help some carebears get out of their comfort zone and give extra content to the denizens of Lowsec for a couple of weeks.

Eve Online is a PvP-Centric MMO that has a non-exploitative free-to play model. Check out my videoWhat is Eve Online to learn more.

Eve Online Federation Grand Prix

Federation Grand Prix Starting Line

Eve online grand prix locations

I suspect none of my readers will be particularly surprised to learn that the Federation Grand Prix holds a special place in my heart. An event whose apparent purpose is to force capsuleers to visit and at least briefly consider major landmarks across high sec, low sec, and null? It’s like the Federation was specifically thinking of me when it decided to start holding the yearly event. The event, held for 2 weeks each year, has morphed from humble beginnings. Back in YC120, the event only involved flying to 1 of 13 different sites within 2 dozen jumps of Luminaire. This year, the event had capsuleers flying (at least) one of 3 long-distance routes across the North, South, and East of New Eden. Each route had numerous points of interest (most, if not all, of which have been covered elsewhere on Eve Travel!) along the way, and while there was no fixed route a pilot had to take (only key systems you had to fly through), even the shortest routes took over 100 jumps to complete, at least assuming that you didn’t luck out with some conveniently placed wormhole shortcuts.

Each of those routes, however, start from the same place: The Federation Grand Prix Starting Line in orbit of Gallente Prime in Luminaire. The starting line has grown over the years, and is now a permanent feature in Luminaire. Dominating the landscape by far when you first warp in is my favorite design of Gallente station. Aura tells me it is a Gallente logistics hub, but I always think of it as the tri-ring. If I’m not careful, I can spend quite a while watching the graceful rotation of those toroids. The tri-ring station serves as the administrative hub for the Grand Prix and its associated bureaucrats (because what kind of Gallente event doesn’t have an army of bureaucrats behind it?), but also serves as the backstop behind the true starting line.

In front of the tri-ring station, a few repair docks sit ready for ships that may need a last-minute tune-up before undertaking one of the routes. Immediately in front of those repair docks is the starting line itself. In true Gallente fashion, the starting line flag is a set of billboards constantly displaying ads from the many sponsors of the Grand Prix, as well as other organizations. The Caldari may be the ones known for megacorporations controlling every aspect of life, but trust me when I say that Gallente capitalism isn’t all that far behind. I have to admit that I miss the traditional checkered flags that should mark the start of the Grand Prix, but who am I to stand in the way of that advertising revenue.

Speaking of that special brand of Gallente capitalism, a number of sponsored viewing stands can be found to the sides of the starting line. Although the stands provide an expansive view of the area, with wide observation domes offering a 360-degree view, I can’t imagine there is actually all that much to see other than ships occasionally warping in, getting their routes, and then starting off again (indeed, viewers from these stands don’t even get to see the ships that finish: a more temporary Grand Prix finish line is generally set up elsewhere in the system to process the pilots that finish the race). I have little doubt that drinks and other substances flow freely within those observation domes, which perhaps adds to the excitement of the event. For those for whom the Grand Prix is even less interesting, a traditional Gallente pleasure hub also awaits to serve those needs.

The final sight at the starting line is the monument intended to commemorate the participants in the Grand Prix who completed the route the most quickly. The Champions of the Federation Grand Prix YC123 monuments is a traditional memorial plinth that stands opposite of the aforementioned pleasure hub. Although, as of the time of this entry, it has yet to be updated for the champions of the most recent Grand Prix, it still has a few things to say:

This monument has been erected to honor the Capsuleers who achieve the fastest completion times in the Federation Grand Prix courses.

Once the YC 123 Federation Grand Prix has finished this monument will be inscribed with the list of top ten racers for each circuit in this year’s event.

I’m particularly glad the Federation has taken to promoting tourism not just within the Federation, but across the cluster. There is a legacy in New Eden that reaches across both the capsuleer and non-capsuleer populations that deserves to be acknowledged, and taking a few weeks a year to let people discover that legacy for themselves, particularly when they may not otherwise, is a fine way to encourage us all to learn about our history. Again, it’s probably not surprising that I support initiatives such as these, but I always love opportunities for a new portion of the population to discover the past of New Eden. So for those of you who are new to exploring New Eden’s history or until now have not given it much thought: welcome! Let’s see what’s out there, shall we?

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Federation Grand Prix Starting Line
  • System: Luminaire
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Essence
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Gallente, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

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