Eve Online Evemon

Simple overview with all necessary information for all of your characters on a single page.

Detailed information about every space pilot you want to manage using EVE-Skillplan.net.

Eve online evemon replacement

A lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression. Jiffy lube inspection. For complete info on How To Contribute please visit the wiki section. Maintainer of the ESI fork: EVE:Peter Han (GitHub) Owner: EVEMonDevTeam (GitHub) EVEMonDevTeam (Bitbucket) Website: EVEMon. Documentation: EVEMon Docs. My other Eve Online Videos - me, email me, find me, or support me: http://www.

Manage as many skill plans for every single EVE pilot on your accounts.

Use simple drag & drop sorting to manage all the different skills in your plan and view training duration, end times and missing requirements in a simple overview.

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Eve Online Evemon

Import your existing training plans from EVEMon, create plans to suit a certain ship fit or share plans easily with your friends and corporation.

Export your training plan to EVE Online's in game client skill queue or to EVEMon with a simple click.


Use our built in remapping feature and get the optimized attribute remaps for your skill plans.

Edit you implant set for each skill plan and see how much difference it will make to upgrade your implants to a specific level.

Ever wondered how long it would take to train for a certain ship type? Just use our 'Ship Progress' feature for an easy overview of all ship types, your character's progress and missing skills for any faction available in EVE online.

Eve Online Evemon

Eve Online Evemon Replacement

Eve online evemon

Simple tooltips on mouseover display important information for each ship type and you may add all required skills to fly a certain ship to a training plan of your choice.

Sick of not having a single solution for your character skill plans regardless of wether you are on your home PC, work place or using your tablet PC?

EVE-Skillplan.net is optimized to be available on most devices using a simple web browser.

Eve Online Evemon Alternative

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