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A list of 3rd party Applications and Tools for the awesome Eve Online MMO. devfleet/awesome-eve. Eve Online — Developer(s) CCP Games Publisher(s) CCP Games. Eve Dallas — is the main character of the In Death series, a futuristic (circa 2058 AD). War thunder accounts for sale.

  1. Buy EVE Online and download.
  2. An EVE Online developer has created a native Linux launcher that will download a version of Wine built by the developer.
  3. The shape of New Eden has been altered forever in the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, so now it's time to rise from the ashes in 'Phoenix', EVE Online'.
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The essential app for the greatest Spaceship sandbox MMO around.

What’s there to say about the biggest and most popular open-world space-age game in the world that hasn’t already been said? Well, there’s some great news for all the EVE aficionados out there or even those who are just starting out and want to clock in more hours and improve faster.
The Eve Portal companion app is a great way to check up on your characters and your fleet while you’re away from the computer. This is a huge step forward from the initial version of the app form back in 2016, which simply failed to compete with some of the excellent third-party apps designed by players.
It’s currently just a companion app, but it may grow into something much bigger eventually. As for the functionality, you can swap between different characters and check up on the most relevant things.
The app lets you go over New Eden news, track your calendar, and see your skill training progress. You can get a quick look at your current ship and corporation, your home station and the balance in your wallet. There’s also a screen that shows your jump clones, as well as the implants you have and how they’re affecting your stats.
It’s a quick and easy way to check on things and make adjustments on the fly.
● Skill queue management
● Live activity feed
● Constant push notification updates
● Access to your personal wallet
● New things to check out in New Eden
● Access to New Eden Store
● Access to EVEmail and calendar
● A clock that displays EVE Time (UTC)
If you’re an industrious space explorer, you should install the EVE Portal app on your phone.


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DescriptionGlide across your carpet like you're on a skating rinkPerform quests, fight monsters and other playersThe best console FPS comes to the PCA vintage chess game streamlined and updated for modern technology
Downloads9,667 2,728 1,790 4,721
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