Eve Isk Per Hour

Name Mass as m³ Refining Size as Units Price per Refining Batch as ISK Price per Hour as ISK; Fullerite-C320: 5: 1: 35.658,07: 117.278.577,80: Golden Cytoserocin: 10. EVE Isk per Hour (EVE Isk Per Hour.exe). EVE - Isk per Hour is a game editor tool for EVE Online (a massive multiplayer online game). EVE - Isk per Hour is a Windows program that allows players of.


What is EVE-Cost?

Eve isk per hour 2020

R/Eve: /r/EVE is a place to discuss internet spaceships. I'm at a bit of a crossroads with EVE and not sure how much longer I'll sub. I may stay also but I'm trying to figure out if the industry program.

EVE-Cost is a third party web based tool for a game called EVE Online. EVE-Cost main focus is to help ease industry management in EVE.

Since EVE-Cost is a evolving project, there will be new features every now and then.
Some of the current features.

  • Manufacturing calculator with profit calculations
  • Research time calculations for blueprints
  • Invention calculator with chance percent and blueprint cost calculation.
  • Reprocessing and Refining cost calculators
  • API fetching in industry jobs, wallet journal, wallet transactions for Character keys and industry jobs support for Corporation keys
  • Warehouse feature to keep track of your items with prices and automatic warehouse update according to wallet transaction fetching from API
  • Shopping cart feature for building bigger shopping lists with manufacturing calculator and Queue for managing multiple shopping lists at a time
  • Time interval based wallet journal and transactions financial reports

Please post feedback to this EVE topic or send Acid Kanshi EVE-Mail in-game. In-game chat channel: EVE-Cost

Latest News


Updated data dump and images to Into the Abyss.


Updated data dump and images to Citadel.


Made some changes to server configuration.


Data dump updated to YC118 1.0.

Icons and Types images updated to YC118 1.0.


Data dump updated to Vanguard 1.0.

Icons and Types images updated to Vanguard 1.0.


Changed warehouse list url. They are now /warehouse/index/list/:id instead of /warehouse/custom_list/:id .

Warehouse settings button looks like the other settings buttons now. Settings saving is also with JS, like everywhere else.

Warehouse will now remember your last used list. So whenever you come back to warehouse page the last used list will be automatically loaded.


Lots of backend refactoring.

Donators list updates itself every 12 hours now.


Fixed bug on invention calculator where it would not show your saved skill levels.

Changed tool settings saving logic. Report if you discover a bug.

Misc backend updates.


Changed so that only http://www.eve-cost.eu is allowed now (with the www).


Removed teams from everywhere.

Invention calculator should be working again.

Fixed reprocessing calculator formula to match ingame quantities.

Misc backend changes.

If you find something broken, please send feedback.


Data dump updated to Mosaic 1.2.


Data dump updated to Mosaic 1.0.

Icons and Types images updated to Mosaic 1.0.


Data dump updated to Rhea 1.0.

Icons and Types images updated to Rhea 1.0.


Data dump updated to Phoebe 1.0.


Eve Online Making Isk

Fixed a bug in Active Industry Jobs where it would sometimes not show your previously fetched jobs.


Fixed a bug in saving Industry Jobs to database with wrong completedDate and pauseDate data. Fetching corp/char Industry Jobs History will fix current jobs in EVE-Cost which are in Ready status, but actually are delivered or in other status.


Introduced a workaround for 'Ready' status jobs on Industry Jobs fetching page since currently API has a bug where it does not change from In Progress to Ready. Ready jobs should appear with 'Ready' status now correctly.


Added Jobs input field to Manufacturing Calculator. With the new material calculations where doing many runs with one job have different material requirements than doing many jobs with one run. You can now calculate your T2 BPC jobs all together where the runs are limited.

Updated IndistryJobs fetching from API. They all should be working now.

Fixed a bug in Research calculator where it calculated wrong level research times.


Updated data dump and images to Hyperion 1.0.

Anyone who is using Thukker Component Array should use 0.85 in ME Slot modifier because currently on TQ it reduces 15% materials, even though the description still says 10%.


Fixed a calculation bug in Job Install Cost related to Facility Tax and Team Salary.

Added info tooltip to Station Owner Tax on Reprocessing Calculator to specify what it exactly is.

Added info tooltip for Manufacturing Calculator slot modifiers, explaining how they work.


Updated donators list. Sorry to all donators whos donation is not in the list (Mostly the donations long time ago). Some wallet rows got lost.

Improved Manufacturing Calculator manufacturing time calculation. It should be a lot more accurate now.

Updated Research Calculator to Crius release.


Data dump updated to Crius 1.6.

Reprocessing calculator should be now correct. Report to me if you find something fishy.

Added Reprocessing Implant option to Reprocessing Calc. settings (RX- implants). These affect only Ore and Ice Implants affect both Ore/Ice and Items.

Fixed Copy Parser on Reprocessing Calc. where it would not make a difference between Ore/Ice and Items (applying wrong skills to outcome calculation).

Fixed item reprocessing calculation bug on Reprocessing Calc. where it would read the user inputed 'Facility Base Yield %' although that is always static 50% for item reprocessing.

Added Station Owner Tax instead of Standing, this is the number you see as red in yield info tooltip ingame reprocessing window. Owner Tax works for both NPC stations and player outposts, which was the main reason why Standing did not work out, there are no standings in player outposts, only flat out Owner Tax.

Fixed further some calculation bugs regarding to Station Owner Tax vs. everything else. All calculations should be correct now.


Introduced system teams. EVE-Cost updates teams every cache timer (1hour). Teams are pulled to the calculator by the item groupID you are building and the solarSystemID you have set in settings (Manufacturing System).

Changed settings button graphics. Should be more clearer now.

Fixed team calculation bug where team bonus % would be calculated incorrectly if one team would offer multiple bonuses for same groupID, example HAC and Medium Ship.

Updated reprocessing calculator. Some of the calculations are a bit off. CCP is doing some magical roundings which must be investigated. Possible bugs on CCP part.


Introduced Total Job Cost calculation to manufacturing calculator. EVE-Cost updates system indecies and adjustedPrices on every cache time from API (23 hours for adjustedPrice and 1 hour for system index). Because of the cache times, the calculations will always be a little bit off. Removed the old Installation cost fields and replaced with build region/system for system index and facility tax field.

Fixed various bugs users have been reporting on manufacturing calculator.


Updated warehouse blueprints ME/TE settings to Crius for which is used on manufacturing calculator for BPCs.

Updated Advanced Industry skill percentage per level to 3% on manufacturing calculator which was introduced in latest patch.

Updated material calculation formula to retrofit with the latest patch rounding issue fix.

Eve Rorqual Mining Isk Per Hour


Fixed manufacturing calculator settings bug where it would not save the settings.


Crius Manufacturing calculator beta version released. If you discover a bug, please report.

Still working on all the other calculators.

Fixed Process to Warehouse on manufacturing calculator where it would not subtract materials from warehouse, but would still add the final product.

Added ME Team field to sub-materials on manufacturing calculator.


Working on Crius update right now.


Changed invention jobs processing to warehouse. It requires now number of successful jobs and runs per one T2 BPC. Price calculation for runs has been fixed. Previously it calculated the price of runs bigger than they actually were.

Update work for Crius release has also begun.


Data dump updated to Kronos 1.0.


Eve Isk Per Hour Chart 2020

Donators list is now fetched from API. Some donators names are lost because EVE API stores only 1 month of data in walletJournal.

February and March donations are the ones which are not in the list. Sorry to everyone who can't see their donation in the list. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Some of the bigger donations that got lost:

Yongtau Naskingar 530mil ISK
William Kappa 100mil ISK
Cardborg 100mil ISK
Fenix Levi 100mil ISK
Asterix I 150mil ISK

Thank you all donators, bigger and smaller, really helps a lot and motivates to update the site!


Changed API call caching a bit, they all use CCP API provided cachedUntil parameter if available now. Some cache timers might have different times now.


Changed the background image. (Refresh)


Data dump updated to Rubicon 1.3.



Happy new year!

List of players who have donated to support this project:

  1. David Storm
    (1 000 000 001.00 ISK)
  2. Baron Holbach
    (1 000 000 000.00 ISK)
  3. Smokingwolff
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  4. Stogmari Carbino
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  102. Find an agent

    Firstly you need to find a corporation having Level 4 agents within the Distribution division.

    There used to be three divisions that commonly gave hauling missions: Accounting, Archives and Production. Most agents with these divisions were converted to the Distribution division.

    You can find the agent of your choice by using the in-game The Agency.

    A good agent should be in high sec, and best in a lower security system (0.5 or 0.6) with high sec systems around him. Google photos import from camera. If you are not sure about the systems around an agent, either use the in-game map or check the 2D maps available at http://evemaps.dotlan.net/.

    For instance, if Aldrat were our system of choice and we wanted an agent in close proximity, our could be Hela Tashotsu from Caldari Business Tribunal in Urnhard I. This means you would need an effective standing of at least 5.0 with this corporation to run his/her missions.

    Raise your corporation standing to the required level

    Once a target corporation has been determined, you may have to increase your standing. You can either run Level 1/2/3 missions to raise your standing, or alternatively find a Unista already running missions for this corp. Level 4 combat pilots will get you up very quickly and you could offer the pilot in question to salvage his missions for him until your standing goals are achieved.

    Suggested ships for normal distribution missions

    The cargo volume in Level 4 Distribution missions measures between 0.1 m³ (Tidings of Conflict) and 8000 m³ (Beefing Up).

    The skills necessary to run the normal missions are pretty low. As soon as you can fly a reasonably-sized Industrial, you're good to go, within your first week of your EVE time even. And it's cheap.

    If you want to minimize travel time train for a Blockade Runner (Prorator, Crane, Viator, Prowler) and fit Inertial Stabilizers II and Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers II due to the fast align (around 3s) and warp speed (around 11 AU/s). If cargo capacity is not sufficient, swap lows for Expanded Cargohold II modules which brings their cargo capacity with skills above 8000 m³ for the larger missions.

    Suggested ships for storyline distribution missions

    An Industrial with some cargo rigs and cargo expanders can easily fit 20.000 m³ enabling Storyline Missions in two runs when splitting cargo. Some Industrials (Iteron Mark V,Bestower,Tayra,Mammoth) can fit more than 40.000m³ with Medium Cargohold Optimization II enabling the larger cargo storyline mission in a single run. Deep Space Transports (Occator,Bustard,Mastodon,Impel) have a 50.000 m³ to 62.500 m³ fleet hangar and can single run large storyline distribution missions too.

    Storyline missions

    There appear to be 3 types of Level 4 Storyline Missions:

    • The implant mission - You have to get 8000 Kernite to your agent to finish it and you get a +4 implant (20 mil) as reward. Most of the time you can buy the Kernite straight from the agent's station.
    • The 40.000m³ cargo mission - Usually the cargo is split into several sealed containers. Perform about 4 Jumps and you get a 5 mil time reward.
    • The combat mission - Fairly rare to occur. Should you be unable to perform it yourself, you may want to consider asking another Unista for assistance as the loot and salvage from these missions is very profitable. If not, you can always decline it (once every 4 hours).

    Profit and rewards

    With Negotiation V trained, the average reward is 400.000 ISK per Level 4 mission including time bonus in a 0.6 security status system. For Level 4 Distribution missions you will nearly always be sent to another constellation for delivery. However this can just be 1 jump away depending on constellation layout. The average mission round-trip seems to be between 3 and 8 minutes depending on the length of the route (as determined by constellation layout). Very rarely, the agent may send you to a destination within the same system e.g. Tidings of Conflict (2 of 2) Level 4 Distribution mission.

    As you run your missions, you will pile up LPs. These average about 450-1050 per mission in high security space depending on mission and security level of the agents systems. The LP payout can be increased via the Distribution Connections skill by up to 50%. You will also gain a Storyline Mission for every 16 distribution missions of the same level for the same faction. This is possible within about 90-120 minutes manually jumping with good skills and a fast Blockade Runner .

    Additional interesting points

    To get the most out of running these missions, you should increase the related Social skills increasing your rewards and Loyalty Points gain. Train Distribution Connections skill (around 25million isk) to increase the Loyalty Point gain.

    Always be aware the destination system's security status! It may happen that your destination system falls into low sec once in a while. You may want to risk running the mission if you are equipped for it, however under normal circumstances it would be safer to decline it (once every 4 hours).

    You can safely decline a mission every 4 hours without negative consequences; however sometimes you may be faced with 2 unsuitable missions in quick succession. You then have to sit out the countdown, run some hauling contracts as an alternative or use an alternative agent if available. Your choice.

    As a final comment, always be aware of the elementary safety rules during your hauling missions, such as never use Autopilot, and don't fly Industrial ships if you don't need the capacity. Shuttles and Frigates align and warp much quicker than Industrial ships, and therefore are more likely to escape before a warp scramble or disruption attempt by a hostile pilot is successful.


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