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Overview Information
NameEVE Echoes
PublisherNetEase Games
Latest Version1.7.12
PlatformsAndroid 5.1
MOD FeaturesNo
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Based on the content of EVE Online game on PC, publisher NetEase Games has embarked on developing a mobile version for this popular genre of space war game with name EVE Echoes APK. At the moment, this game has not been officially released on Google Play and App Store because it is in beta. However, with the announcement of the arrival of EVE Echoes on the market, the gaming community and a large number of fans were excited.

It can be said that the success of EVE Online 16 years ago has brought to this fascinating series the reputation, status, and affection of the players. Therefore, its mobile version will undoubtedly be at the top of the hottest names in the near future. Overall, the gameplay of EVE Echoes is quite similar to Galaxy Mobile and Disorder. However, they differ in many ways and this makes it easy for players to make choices to experience. So, what is the difference? Learn about EVE Echoes a bit for an accurate answer.

  • I cannot find 'EVE Echoes' in play store in MuMu app player. It literally doesn't show up when I search for it in google play store. I tried downloading the APK file from the net and adding it to the emulator. I can see 'EVE echoes icon in the emulator, but upon clicking on it.
  • After the Open Beta Test in December last year, NetEase Games and CCP were planning to release ‘EVE Echoes’ in early 2020. But the developers have released an statement on the official EVE Echoes Twitter handle in which it has been notified that the release of EVE Echoes has been delayed till late 2020. ADVERTISING In this twitter post, they mentioned that they.

Introduce about EVE Echoes

Unlike conventional fighting games, the context of EVE Echoes is the future world, thousands of years from the present time. Over the centuries, human life on Earth has caused depleted resources, increased population and many other problems exist. Therefore, people have looked to other universes on the galaxy to search and collect resources, thereby leading to extremely fierce conflict between the planets.

In the game, you are free to join the fight, collect resources, produce, do commercial work … or anything on the thousands of different planets of the universe. Remember, your mission is to develop your own empire to attack or fight against hostile forces in outer space. Therefore, the fall or rise of an empire is entirely up to you. The history of EVE Echoes will be built on the experience of the players in this game. Tamil serial online today episode.

Join the fierce space battles

Instead of integrating an open world, EVE Echoes brings a vast space with thousands of galaxies and different stars. Besides building and manufacturing, players will also participate in fierce battles shortly thereafter. You should remember that this is the future EVE Echoes universe, which means that all weapons. And vehicles are extremely modern and have great destructive power. Therefore, you will not use the pistols to shoot each other. But instead, use spacecraft, artillery, drones … to fight the enemy.

Eve Echoes News

You can gather powerful fleet forces or hundreds of large spacecraft to increase destructive power. However, in order to do this, players need to conduct transactions at large commercials to own the many types of vehicles needed. Trading plays an important role in this game because this is an opportunity for you to make a lot of money. And materials – essential to the development of the army. Although you can steal resources from opponents, please consider the casualties and damage.

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Forming an alliance

In a prolonged fierce battle, of course, you can survive and fight alone if you want. However, forming and linking into alliances will be of great help to players in production, trade, and combat. Connecting with other players not only helps you avoid some unnecessary battles. But also makes your trading process with other planets easy. This will certainly create advantages to build and develop the player’s empire. However, do not be too subjective about your allies because. In the world of EVE Echoes, danger can come at any time and from anyone.

If you are a moderate player who hates war, you can refuse to fight with other planets. Instead, players can take part in cosmic adventures to explore, travel, and enjoy the beauty of the vast universe in EVE Echoes.


Although only a mobile version Online, EVE Echoes still owns a very prominent graphics platform. The details are extremely sharp with the 3D format, thereby faithfully describing the machines and vehicles of modern future technology. From there, players can easily visualize the universe world of EVE Echoes – a vast, modern space but constantly incurring great conflicts. Things that can only be seen in movies, players can experience honestly with this game right on your phone or tablet.

EVE Echoes APK Download for Android

EVE Echoes has been notified of the official release time on both IOS and Android platforms in early 2020. With the trial version released in some countries like the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Korea … The publisher NetEase Games encourages the community of players to make suggestions for improvements for the official game version. With exciting and new gameplay and excellent graphics platform. EVE Echoes promises to bring a great experience for players who love the space war genre that EVE Online has brought in the PC platform. Please wait some time to experience this game and after that, let us know how you feel.


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EVE Online, the online space simulator many have dedicated their lives to playing, has a brand new free to play a mobile game called EVE Echoes out today in open beta. You can download it right now for Android devices through the Google Play store and for iOS devices through the Apple Store.

The original developers for EVE Online are not directly working on the title. Instead,NetEase Games is working on EVE Echoes, the developers who are working on Diablo Immortal, and have done work on Knives Out, Westward Journey Online, and Rules of Survival.

Those who play the EVE Online version may notice a few differences. For example, the game takes place in an alternative universe, but several of the mechanics from the PC game have made their way to the mobile construct.

Players will find the same massive layers of menus and waiting time to reach destinations on their mobile devices, much like they would on the PC version.

Eve Echoes Google Play

If players plan to casually jump into the game on their way to work for their commute, they can expect to see their data being used for a good chunk of the journey while traveling from place to place. The need for a reliable internet may push away some players, especially those who have already dedicated a good chunk of their time to their PC.

Eve Echoes Play Stores

Anyone new the game keen on jumping into it should download the game and go through the tutorial, even if they have a basic understanding of EVE Online for the PC. By going through the tutorial, players gain access to a modified ship and learn about the small changes made to the game, along with the icon locations for their precious menus.

Eve Echoes Game

EVE Echoes is out right now, but it’s an open beta. All players can expect a variety of hitches, in-game issues, bugs, and new updates to help improve the environment.