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This blog post will show you how to inject your own python script into the game engine.


It’s not a trivial task to inject into the python interpreter embedded in libengine.so. Steps I’ve applied are:

  • First injecting my own dynamic library into the game process (root access is required on Android)
  • Within that library, say libhook.so, we load the python script and evaluate it with the interpreter within game engine (this is important, there’s no point if you are using interpreter other than ‘that one’)
  • Now in the python script we can literally do everything we want, say touching game state, listening to a tcp port and serving as http server

Eve Echoes Pc Client Windows 10

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Eve Echoes Pc Client

I’ll explain these in details.

Injecting dynamic library

  • You can skip this part if you’ve already figured how to do this
  • One side note: For me, I am not familiar with Android when I started working on this, and I had zero knowledge on the thing called libhoudini, which is used as a library to run arm native code on x86 arch. And for modern emulators like BlueStacks, apparently it’s running on your x86 pc processor, and libraries with machine_type of arm will be dynamically translated. Also, ptrace is not properly implemented on these emulators. These two combined has created certain obstacle if you are trying to dynamically analysis the program, either you cannot disassemble properly, or you cannot see the correct values from cpu registers.
  • There are many ways of doing this:
    • LD_PRELOAD trick: https://cedricvb.be/post/intercepting-android-native-library-calls/ (unfortunately on my BlueStacks, it won’t work due to an android bug, which has been later fixed but not on my image)
    • ptrace to the process and call dlopen (again not working with BlueStacks as ptrace is not properly implemented)
    • Manually modify an existing dynamic library which will be loaded by the game itself, by adding custom logic (dlopen your desired library)
    • the list goes on and on
  • Just make sure you are cross-compiling your library with proper android-ndk and ARCH options, and this part should be easy

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Invoking python interpreter

  • In the case of onmyoji, libclient.so was shipped with python symbols exported (surprise!). So it’s pretty trivial, just find the symbol, such as PyRun_StringFlags, call it and bingo
  • However, in our case, these python symbols are no longer visible
  • So the approach I’ve ended up with, is to do static analysis on libclient.so, with IDA Pro
  • Finally I’ve uncovered these function address belonging to python interpreter, which should be just enough for us to run the whole thing:
  • The first argument is an offset based on base_address of libclient.so. Second argument is name of the function. Third argument is type of return value from that function. Other argument(s) are types of arguments used when calling the function.
  • Thus, a simple procedure for invoking interpreter can be similar to the code below:
  • Pretty clear, isn’t it?

What’s next?

  • Next you’ll need to touch the game logic, which, again, is not trivial. I’ll show you how to do it in the next post. Stay tuned.

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(To be continued…)