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I am a long standing player of eve. I started my adventure in eve back in 2003. I have been parts of many alliances in eve, most in many different coalitions.

I started an alt account a few weeks back. My objective this time around was not to get sucked into nullsec space politics.

I formed a high sec alliance a few months ago, with the objective of healing eve, and creating a good, supportive environment for new players, something like a mix between cva and eve-uni in high sec.

Eve Echoes P2w

Mean while, I am here advocating for change on the forums, being abused by members of the community, due to my positions of advocating for removal of non-consensual pvp in eve.

As a result of those positions, some of the members of the community followed me into game, and started attacking assets, that a group of happy, proud miners had just accomplished completing.

In plasma drive, we have many orca’s, and so it was fitting that we’d name our first station sea world. It was part of our culture to name our members orca’s, our friends dolphins, or enemies sharks (or seagulls), spies were cleverly named “mimic octopus’s” (if they were good spies) or “spy clams” (if they were bad spies).

Eve Echoes P2w

A war dec was brought about against our first station, known as “sea world”, with a letter following to the alliance shortly after called “seagulls are trying to ■■■■ on sea world”.

Eve Echoes Permanent Skins

a few days ago i received a war dec, and a demand to pay “3 billion, or the station dies”. I dont give way to extortion or intimidation tactics.

We decided to make a stand, we sought the military help of two entities in game, and later, a third entity that was lead by a friend of one of my corp members helped (who is a strong advocate against my positions on the forums put aside their personal feelings for me, and proved superior character) by leading a hand against this abuse.

There is no way an industrial alliance, who wants to mine and enjoy each other, will eve accomplish defeating this fleet (below) with brand new 2018-2019 toons who clearly injected to success (paid to win).

Eve echoes permanent skins

Mean while, the nullsec entities sit with all the supers, and all their power supporting, and being part of organizations like this, because it is “niche game”.

Is this the type of game you really want to have? Jiffy lube full synthetic coupon. Change it, or may the creator curse this project, and bring about its destruction swiftly, and with it, your company. I evoke his might, and power, for this judgement upon you all.

You are not worthy of this game, and are not worthy to work in the industry if this is the type of game play you will allow, while peddling it is good.

Iv said my peace on this topic now on the forums. If you players out there want to support change against this type of actions, rally behind me, i am running for csm, and i will fight with all my strength to stop this abuse. Something has to serve you, and do what is right for you, for us, and for ccp’s future, and the future of a game we all love.

Eve Echoes Powergrid Rigs

My posts will conclude here on these forums as of this point i will be taking my positions to my development block that has a fairly large backing, and my criticism of eve, and ccp will become publicly related. With any hope, i will force the change, or bring about the end of this game, and its company.